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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Top 10 Accidents of Footballers

Footballers are crazy with luxury and sports car. So many footballer's have car collection. They have control in their legs on football, but they don’t have control in wheels. Here we take Top 10 Footballer's Car Accident.


Car: Ferrari 599GTB

The famous Real Madrid player Cristiano Ronaldo met with an accident with his Ferrari 599GTB sport car in a straight tunnel. His car was out of control. The E200k Ferrari 599GTB car loves him because it did not make any injury for Cristiano Ronaldo, although he shaken a bit and after he say bye to his car and gone for his training later.


Car: Audi RS6

Now it is the chance for David Beckham he is on 2nd position in our list. This time he was not alone, his son Brooklyn also involved in this accident. After picked up son Brooklyn from Arsenal, on the way David lost his control and crashed with another car. David had injury on his shoulder and Brooklyn escaped with injuries.


Car: Audi

Karim Benzema join 3rd position in on the list. The Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema lost his control and his Audi got wrecked on the smash. Karim Benzema left Lyon for Real Madrid. He lost his control even though he was driving less than 40 mph. He has ability to control his hand on stirring. The Audi cars provided more safety with air bags and other features so he escaped without major injuries.


Car: Mercedes Benz SL55 AMG

Fabregas famous Spanish player involves in a car accident. Fabregas crashed his Benz SL55 AMG into an Audi 3. Audi car owner felt very happy when he saw Fabregas. But Fabregas was very sad when he saw the condition of his cute Benz. Then after both cars were taken to workshop and he later tweets that he was fine.


Car: Audi R8

Now it is the turn for Mario Balotelli with his beautiful E 120 k Audi R8. Liverpool forwarder Balotelli was enjoying with his drive he forgot that he was a soccer player not a Formula 1 driver. His car crashed into a BMW in Manchester, but both the Audi and bmw did not make any major injury for their owner's and Balotelli and bmw driver safely return back to home.


Car: Aston Martin

Nicklas Bendter El 60 k Aston Martin car is totally wrecked. On the way to his training car hits on a fence and into a tree. Nicklas Bendter was very lucky to escape with minor injury. Aston Martin cannot be used anymore. As you can see in the picture it looks like the car's new home is will be the local scrapyard.


Car: Audi R8

This time Anderson is very lucky to be alive; His car Audi R8 cheated him after the accident because he got some major injuries. Anderson was pulled unconscious from his car. The witness Almeno Antunes dragged him out from his AudiR8 before it caught fire at the Sardinha Biba night club in Portugal.


Car: BMW

This is the major accident on the list mainly because Marcos Alonso crashed his car into a female passenger and leads to her death. She was not breathing after the accident being pulled out from Marcos car. Before arriving at the hospital her death was pronounced. Alonso is not lucky at this time he and his friend Real Madrid team-mate Jaime Navarro were taken to the hospital with major injuries.


Car: Mercedes Benz

Jermaine Pennant's violates traffic rule and crashed his car into a lamppost. Police report says that he is dunked while driving as well as has no insurance and his driving license was banned. He was taken to jail as per as three-month term.


Car: Ferrari 360 Spyder

Ian wright is very disappointed when he annoyed that he met with an accident with his favorite Ferrari 360 Spyder car. The Arsenal player Ian wright not forgot about to make goals while driving during the match, but forgot to find brakes while driving. He safely reaches home without no injury after the smash.

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