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Friday, 23 September 2016

PES 6 Most Realistic Graphics Ever - SweetFX + Red Expert Mod v2.6

* SweetFX Configurator
* SweetFX Realistic Setting
* Red Expert Mod v 2.6

INSTALLATION: Extract the downloaded rars into your main

PES6 folder.

Credits: Firebird

SweetFX Configuration_Standalon_1.3.3

SweetFX Configuration_1.3.3 (Installer Version)

SweetFX Realistic Settings:
v1.2 Small tweaks in technicolor and lumasharpen, add chromatic aberration and border. v1.1 More natural colors. DOWNLOAD LINK: (SweetFX files by Omnipotus)

With Letterbox

Without Letterbox

In game brightness - 100. TURN OFF DPX IF THE GAME ITS TO DARK ON YOUR SCREEN! Without DPX game have less contrast. You can add more curves (#define Curves_contrast) or turn on DPX again, but with less blend (#define Blend). With this preset the game is a little darker, but on a properly calibrated screen, everything is visible. DONT FORGET TO CLOSE FRAPS ETC BEFORE START THE GAME!

Red Expert Mod v2.6

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