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Tuesday, 5 February 2019

PES 2013 PES-ID Ultimate Patch Option File Winter Transfers 2019

This is the new option file for PES 2013. This option file works with PES-ID Ultimate Patch v7.0. It includes latest winter transfers 2018/2019.

1. Install PES-ID Patch Ultimate
2. Extract the file with WinRAR, and copy to Edit.bin file to
C:\Users\Your PC Name\Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2013\save
3. Done !

Saturday, 26 January 2019

PES 2013 PESEdit 6.0 New Option File Released 25-1-2019 By Micano4u

Notes :
Complitable With PESEdit 6.0 & Next Season Patch
Size : 5 MB

Preview :

How To Install :
Copy ''Edit'' to Documents & Accept The Replace

Credit :

Friday, 18 January 2019

PES 2013 Next Season Patch 2019 v7.0 (17-01-2018)

- Update Last Transfers January 2019
- +50 New Face 2018/2019
- HD Pitch For All Stadiums
- PES 2019 Scoreboard + Replay Logo
- Update Serie A Full Kits 2018/2019
- New Ballspack 2018/2019
- New Graphic (Menu, Backgrounds . . )
- New Startscreen
- Update Players Rating
- Update Adboard Like PES 2019
- And More

Thursday, 10 January 2019

PES 2013 PESEdit 13.2 Patch Option FIle (10-01-2018)

- Updated Transfers 10 Jan 2019

– Murillo To FC Barcelona
– Djilobodji To Guingamp
– N. Muller To Hannover96
– Fernando To FC Porto
– Rode To E. Frankfurt
– Nasri, Holgate and more transfers …

Option File Compatible With :

PESEdit 13.2 Patch Minosta4u

How to Use :

Backup your EDIT.BIN file first !!!!

1. Install PESEdit 13.0 Patch Minosta4u ( Required ! ).
2. Extract the file with WinRAR, and copy to Edit.bin file to
C:\Users\Your PC Name\Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2013\save
3. Done !

Wednesday, 26 December 2018

PES 2013 Specific Patch v4.0, v4.5 & v4.6 - RELEASED

Credits: specificfootballTR

Compatible with DLC 6.
All leagues updated.
All transfers have been updated.
Analig and tournaments were set to start in the 2018-19 season.
Many teams added to the cheer.
3 big players to the current field entry and goals were added to the music.
Many of the team’s current jerseys have been added.
Approximately 4000 faces were added.
9 classic teams added.
Turkish announcers and voices have been added.
Gameplay has been leveled.
National team cadres were leveled.
About 45 stats added.

Thursday, 22 November 2018

PES 2013 Egyptian Premier League Patch 2019

CREDITS: Minosta4u

– Update and Add All Egyptian Premier League 2018/19
– Update All Kits and Faces For Season 2018/2019
– All Summer Transfers 18/19
– And More Suprises.


Compatible With PESEdit 13.0 By Minosta4u (Only)

Tutorial Video: 

How To Install :

1 - Install PESEdit 13.0 + PESEdit 13.1 + PESEdit 13.2 Before Install This Patch
2 - Now Move kitserver13 To PES 2013 Folder Game
3 - Move Edit.bin To " Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2013\save "


Sunday, 21 October 2018

PES 2013 PES-ID Ultimate Patch 2018-19 v7.0 AIO

Updated kits and squads for 2018-2019 season
New faces for some players
Simple menu design
New Boots and Balls
Indonesian League [Liga 1 – Liga Indonesia]
Updated teams, game plan, captain


What’s the differences between v7.0 and v7.0 Lite?

Faces and Kits are not as complete as v7.0 full version
Removed Scoreboards
Small Size, only 1.2 GB
No Wanda Metropolitano
No HD Skies and Turfs

Patch Requirements:
– Original PES 2013 game
.NET Framework (4.0 minimum)
– DLC 6.0

Credits: original patchmakers, Starfall.

SIZE: 1.2 GB


Monday, 15 October 2018

PES 2013 PESEdit 13.2 Patch 2018-19 RELEASED

Update All Transfers Season 2018/2019
Update Champions League Teams 2019
Add New CL Graphics, Scoreboard, Ball 2019
Add All New Players 2018/19
Update All National and Clubs Game Plan 2019
Update All Squad Numbers 2018/19
Add New Faces 18/19
Add All Eredivisie Kits 2018/19
Add New Teams (Red Star, Young Boys, etc)
Add PES 2019 Graphics and more suprises …

– Necessary : INSTALL PESEdit 13.0 And PESEdit 13.1
– Extract PESEdit 13.2 And Move “img” & “kitserver13” Folders To PES 2013 Folder Game
– Move Edit.bin To Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2013\save

Credits : Minosta4u Team. Thanks To : Uefa Website, PES Patch, Alionp, DavidBraz, Auvergne81, AbdoLGR, all face makers and patch makers.



Tuesday, 2 October 2018

PES 2013 PESSmart'13 v4 Patch 2018-19 (AIO)

• All leagues updated.
• All teams were licensed.
• All leagues and cups were licensed.
• 4372 player faces added.
• EnglishSpiker has been added.
• EnglishSpiker added more name voiceover.
• 197 voices were added to the game (Pogba, Diego Costa, Depay, Harry Kane etc.)
• A total of 42 stadiums, including 22 drawing stadiums and 20 editors, were added.
“Ulker Stadium (Fenerbahce SK), Turk Telekom Stadium (Galatasaray), Vodafone Stadium (Besiktas JK), Medical Park Stadium <-> Avni Aker Stadium (Trabzonspor),
Timsah Stadium (Bursaspor), Kadir Has City Stadium (Kayserispor), Antalya Stadium (Antalyaspor),
Kazim Karabekir Stadium (BB Erzurumspor), Folkart Altay Alsancak Stadium (Altay),
Emirates Stadium (Arsenal FC), Anfield Stadium (Liverpool FC), Stamford Bridge (Chelsea), Etihad Stadium (Manchester City FC),
Parc des Princes (PSG), Stadium Olympique Lyonnais (Lyon), Wanda Metropolitano (Atletico Madrid FC), Stadio San Paolo (Napoli FC),
Signal Iduna Park (B. Dortmund), Bay Arena (Leverkusen), Red Bull Arena Leipzig (RB Leipzig), Amsterdam Arena (Ajax).

Thursday, 27 September 2018

PES 2013 Professional Small Patch 2018-19

CREDITS: Minosta4u

Update All Leagues 2018/19
Update All Summer Transfers 2018/2019
Update All Kits 2018/2019
Change Graphics And Menu To PES 2019
Fix All PES 2013 Errors
Add New Faces 2018/2019
Update Gameplay 2019
Change Fonts For PES 2019
New PES 2019 Scoreboard
And More Suprises

Compatible With PESEdit 6.0 Only.

Video Preview: 

How To Install :
Install PESEdit 6.0 (Necessary)
Move kitserver13 To Folder Game
Move Option File (Edit.bin) To Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2013\save

Credits : original patchmakers, ,


Wednesday, 26 September 2018

PES 2013 PES-ID Ultimate Patch 7.0 (AIO) (Summer Transfers 2018-19)

CREDITS: Starfall

Differences 6.0 vs 7.0:
– The design of the menu, graphics, etc. are the same. We maintain the simple and elegant design of the v6.0 graphics, yet there are lot of others difference.
– Transfers – The v7.0 version transfers is final for almost every team.
– Squad – v7.0 squad/rosters in every team is fully updated.
– Indonesian League – v7.0 presents you the new updated 2018 Indonesian League, what you guys have been waiting for after this long time.
– Kits – We updated lot of new kits, sponsors, for european teams and Indonesian teams for the 2018-2019 season.
– Turfs – We changed our turfs, some might say the turfs are bad, so from now on we are using TopHardSoft turf pack (we were using ForzaMilan turf pack before). We understand every of these turf pack got their own – and +, we will make it more realistic ASAP.
– Stadiums – Vicente Calderon is replaced by Wanda Metropolitano.
– Faces – We added new many faces in v7.0 (Guendouzi, Lautaro, Politano, some Indonesian League players, etc.)
– Fixed bugs – There were lot of bugs/glitches in v6.0 patches, we fixed almost every bug.

PES-ID General Features
Corrected transfers and kits for 18-19 season
Stand alone patch (will not disturb other patches or getting disturb by other patches)
DLC 6.0 Included
Updated boots
Indonesian League (Note: We haven’t do an update for Indonesian League yet, we might inform again soon)
2nd Divisions for european leagues : La Liga 1|2|3, Serie B, 2. Bundesliga, more

Monday, 24 September 2018

PES 2013 Next Season Patch 2019 (Update 25-09-2018)

Features :
Last Summer Transfers 2018-19
All Leagues Update 2018
New Kits 2018 For All Clubs
World Cup 2018 Kits For All Nations
+1700 New Face 2018
+10 New Stadiums With HD Grounds
Selector With Huge Updates 2018
PES 2019 Full Graphic – Menus & Wallpapers
New Updates For Gameplay
And Many More …   (+ new: update released 23.09.2018)

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

PES 2013 Maystro Patch Vol.3 Released 2019


Features :
Last Transfers For New Season 2019
New Plans & Ages & Powers 2019 For All Clubs & Players
PES 2019 Full Graphic + Intro
New Ball Pack 2019 [ Includes PES 2019 & WC 2018 ]
Last Kits 2019 For All Teams & Nation
New Faces For All Players 2019
New +40 Stadium With HD Grounds
PES 2019 Scoreboard & Reply Logo
PES 2019 New Adboards
New Gameplay [ Lite Edits ]
And Many More …

Important: Not Compatible With Any Other Patches

Notes : Game Must Be Without Any Patch Before This One | ize : Only 1 GB !

How To Install : Move Files Inside “MAYSTRO V3 PATCH” In Your Main Game Folder, Move Files Inside “MYSTRO V3 OF” To “Documents” File.

Credit : Original patch makers, Hano Modes.


Sunday, 26 August 2018

PES 2013 Pro Team Patch 2019 Mini-Patch

Features :
Summer Transfers Update 23.08.2018
New Kits Update Season 2018/2019 For All Clubs and National Teams
New Faces 2018-19
PES 2019 Graphic for PES 2013
Update all Leagues with new teams 18-19
New balls and boots and gloves 2018-19
New stadiums with new turfs HD 18-19
PES 2019 Adboards and Scoreboard
And more …


Compatible With PESEdit 6.0 [ In Download Link ]

Installation Method
1. Download & Extract File
2. Setup the patch by setup.exe application
3. Move ''KONAMI'' Folder to Documents

Notes If the Patch Not Work
1. turn off AntiVaitus before Download & Extract Patch
2. Download & Install PESEDIT 6.0 Before Install Pro Team Patch
3. Go to Pro Evolution Soccer 2013\kitserver13 and Attach manager.exe
4. Run Game by Administrator

Credit : MISSING. Patch by Micano4u


Tuesday, 21 August 2018

PES 2013 PESEdit 13.0 Patch 2018/19 Season

CREDITS: Minosta4u

Features :

Update Latest Summer Transfers 2018/2019
Update All Leagues Season 2018/2019
Update National Squad Teams 2018/19
Update All Kits For Season 2018/19
Add New Players For Season 2018/19
Add New Bootpack For Season 2018/19
Add More Faces & Update Old Faces
Update Stadiums & Add Pitch HD 2018/19
Add New Gameplay Professional
Chaange Graphics Menu To PES 2019
Change And Add New Scoreboards (+10 Scoreboards)
Add PES 2019 Soundtracks For PES 2013
And More Surprise ...

Installation : 

1. Extract the file with WinRAR copy all files to your PES 2013 folder
C:\Program Files\Konami\Pro Evolution Soccer 2013\
2. Copy KONAMI folder to
3. Done


Saturday, 11 August 2018

PES 2013 Option File Update Latest Transfers 11/08/2018

CREDITS: Micano4u

Update All Squad Number Season 2018/2019
Update All Summer Transfers 2018/2019
Add New Players For New Season 2018/2019
Add New Teams For Season 2018/2019
C. Ronaldo To Juventus FC
Arturo Vidal To FC Barcelona
Weitsel To Bor. Dortmund
Mahrez Riyad
Higuain To AC Milan
Bonucci To Juventus
Alisson To Liverpool
Naingolaan To Inter
Lemar To Atl Madrid
Malcom To FC Barcelona
Vinicius JR To Real Madrid
Fajr To SM Caen
And More 3000 Transfers …


Tuesday, 7 August 2018

PES 2013 Next Season Patch 2018/19 v4.0


- Update Summer Transfers 6-8-2018
- Update Kits For All Leagues 2018/2019
- More than New 30 Face
- New Scoreboard Like PES 2019
- Anfield Stadium Version 2018
- Update Liga NOS New Season 2018/2019
- New Other European teams (FC Lokomotiv Moscow, SK Slavia Praha)
- Fix Arabic Language



1. Install Patch 6.0 first
2. Extract the rar file with WinRAR, copy all content to you PES 2013 installation folder.
C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2013
3. Copy KONAMI folder to :
C:\Users\Your PC Name\Documents\
4. Play !


PES 2013 BombPatch Update v4 2018/19


- Transfers Updated until 04.08.2018
- All the leagues are settled - relegated teams are set
- Teams Game Plans set
- Players' Form Numbers are set
- Overaller has been improved
- Fixed the problem that the player's tattoos are 2 Kolda Silent Stop
- Altay, Afyonspor and Hatayspor'da Da Tezahüraat added
- Tigres Team Added
- Analig Date Adjusted for 2018 - 2019 Season
- Added a Multi-Team 2018 - 2019 Formats
- Main Menu Music Changed
- New Faces Added
- Intro Changed
- Menu Graphic Changed
- Mixed League Teams Updated
- Added TSC
- Some teams' logos have been renewed
- Ali Koç Face Added



Saturday, 4 August 2018

PES 2013 New Face-Pack Update 2018/19 for PESEdit (All Versions)

CREDITS: Micano4u

New Faces For :
Cristiano Ronaldo
Matteo Guendouzi
Matteo Politano
Abdou Diallo
Marwin Hitz
Cuco Martina
Joao Moutinho
Daniel Wass
Leo Dubois
Kenny Tete
Tanguy Ndombele
Danny Ward
Leonardo Ullou

Compatible With PESEdit All Versions and Next Season Patch 2019

Credits :
Maddah Facemaker