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Tuesday, 19 June 2018

PES 2017 SMoKE Patch Update 9.8.4c (19 June2018)

Main Changes:
– reworked the system files
– reworked compatibility files (game stability)
– reviewed and updated world cup teams
– added new teams and updated more faces
– various fixes and enhancements

This version includes the teams newly added to the database:

ACL teams:
Vissel Kobe – Japan
Sanfrecce Hiroshi – Japan
Cerezo Osakama – Japan
Al-Wasl – UAE
Sydney FC – Australia
Madura United – Indonesian

Libertadores teams:
Bolívar – Bolivia
Delfín SC – Ecuador
Club Libertad – Paraguay
Cerro Porteño – Paraguay
Defensor SC – Uruguay

Some faces needed fixing because some tattoos files were still present in the face file, this now is fixed, we had some requests to remove the tattoos but keep the updated faces, this was done and many players have faces updated without the presence of any bugs.

World cup squads:
all world cup teams are updated and have correct squads following the official team callups made by the respective teams.

– Be sure you have full patch 9.8 (inside)
– Download update and extract the installer, run Updatesmoke984.exe then finish.

* nothing else is required, this can be applied for any version starting with 9.8, no need to remove or install previous updates.


PES 2017 PES Colombia Patch Edition v1.1 + Fix

Contenido Versión 1.1:

– Liga Aguila full plántillas y equipaciones
– Actualizados los escudos de Envigado FC y Deportes Tolima
– Muchas nuevas faces reales a la liga aguila y otras ligas
– Super Liga Argentina full plantillas
– Equipos europeos actualizados hasta la fecha
– Kits actualizados temporada 18/19 de equipos europeos y de todas las selecciones
– Actualizados y agregados los equipos ascendidos y descendidos hasta la fecha de las ligas europeas (algunos toco crearlos desde cero por no estar en el juego)
– Nuevos equipos agregados para la Copa Libertadores (Otros equipos latinoamericanos)
– Convocatorias actualizadas en las selecciones nacionales
– Balón Euforia 2.0
– Balón Telstar FIFA 2018
– Marcador Win Sports
– Menu actualizado

Contenido Fix 1.1

– Se agregaron jugadores en la liga águila que faltaban
– Transferencias hasta la fecha
– Se arreglaron Stats en la liga
– Actualizados los kits Deportes Tolima (2 estrellas)
– Se agregaron más faces a la liga águila
– Kits 18/19 europeos

Password: 100%colombiano


PES 2017 Option File World Cup 2018 for PTE 6.1

CREDITS: Pro Games


Saturday, 16 June 2018

PES 2019 Edition Mini Patch For PES 2017

Features :
Last summer transfer 2018/2019
More than 100 new Kits 2018/2019
More than 150 new faces
Update leagues new season 2018/2019
New graphics & menu and more
Update world cup 2018 national teams
More than 1900 minifaces
La Liga scoreboard
New turf for camp nou stadium
More than 50 new balls
And more


How To Install : Setup Patch Into Your Main Game Folder, Move “KONAMI” To “Documents”.

Credit :
Eno Patch e Gameplay


Thursday, 14 June 2018

PES 2017 Next Patch 2019 - Released (14-June-2018)

Summer Transfers Update 18/19
Updated Kits for the 2018/2019 season
Update World Cup 2018 Formations
New Faces & hairs 2018/19
Add the Caf champions league 2018
Update the Egypt Premier League 18/19
New graphics ( menu , startscreen , and more )
New boots and balls and gloves 18/19
new u19 players for some teams
And more . .


You don't need previous Versions


How To Install
1- Move Files Inside THE PATCH Into Your PES 2017 Main Folder
2- Move KONAMI To Your “Documents”

Download option file
Some updates and fixes
( copy EDIT to Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\save )

Thanks For torrent uploader
Eno Patch e Gameplay


Wednesday, 13 June 2018

PES 2017 PES Professional [ All Versions ] Option File (13-June-2018)

CREDITS: Hatem fathy

Features :
+46 New Transfers
Update Some Powers
Correct Unfixed Things


PES 2017 Ecuadorian League Patch for Professional Patch 4.3

– Current kits.
– Templates to full.
– Integrated faces.
– Integrated Minifaces.
– Billboards.
– Integrated Cup.
– Argentine league updated at 30 %.
– Legendary Ecuador 2006 added.

Yeison Dominguez

Credits by material:


Tuesday, 12 June 2018

PES 2017 PTE Patch Unofficial World Cup Option File 6.5.2

Features :

- Update national team squad of all 2018 fifa world cup contestants
- All national team players use real id


1. Install PTE Patch 2017 Unoffficial by Tauvic99 ( required ! ).
2. Choose your preferred EDIT000000 file, and copy it to the location below :
C:\Users\Your PC Name\Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\save
3. Done.



PES 2017 PESEdit Patch v1.1 World Cup 2018 Update

CREDITS: Minosta4u

Features :
Adding new kits to national teams 2018.
Adding kits for some teams 2018/19.
Updating the 2018 World Cup: Intro, Graphic, Ball, Stadiums, Cup, Scoreboard, Font, Adboards.
Updating the lists of teams participating in the 2018 World Cup.
Add new faces.
Debugging last version errors.
Add new players.
Update ability for some players.
And More …


2. Install PESEDIT PATCH V1.1
3. Copy EDIT00000000 to “C:\Users\***\Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\save”.
4. Enjoy.

Important Notice: You must run the "Sider.exe" file that is included with the Patch as an administrator before running the game.

Credits :
Sameh Momen
King PES
Facemaker Huseyn
H.S.H EditMaker
Mo Ha

File Size: 750 MB


Sunday, 10 June 2018

PES 2017 Option File (10-June-2018) for SMoKE Patch 9.8.3


Option File
1-The latest transfer summer of the day (9-6-2018)
2-Modify new Trainers for Some teams
3-Update Play Plans
4-Update the World Cup lists


Repair And Update
1-Update and Repair Boot Pack
2-Add NEW MiniFace WC2018 (Germany_Egypt_Spain_etc)
3-Add photos of new trainers


PES 2017 Option File (10-June-2018) for PES Professional Patch v4.3

Contains Updates For :
– nations squads
– power ups of some player
– the transfers of some teams

Credit : Mohamed Ezzeldin and Amir Kaseb.


Thursday, 7 June 2018

PES 2017 Option File (07-06-2018) For PES Professional [All Versions]

CREDITS: Hatem Fathy

Features :
– Update & Correct All Missing Data
– New 3 Transfers
– Correct Brazil NT Some Numbers


Wednesday, 6 June 2018

PES 2017 Ecuadorian League 2018 Addon for PES Professionals Patch 2017 v4.2

This is an addon Ecuadorian League Copa Lubricantes Havoline 2018 by LPE for PES 2017 PES Professionals Patch 2017 v4.2. It includes latest updates & transfers for Copa Lubricantes Havoline 2018.


- Updated Kits 2018
- Updated Transfers 2018
- Added Faces for some players Ecuadorian League
- Added Mini faces.
- Added Adboards of Ecuadorian League Copa Lubricantes Havoline 2018

Make sure you installed PES 2017 PES Professionals 2017 v4.2 before using this patch !


Tuesday, 5 June 2018

PES 2017 PES Professionals Patch World Cup 2018 Edition (Update 4.3)


Added Datapack 3.0 and patch 1.04
Compatible with original game and pirated game
Compatible with online
Updating plans and formations
Add the Egyptian league as a whole
Full Bundesliga
Add national songs to all teams
Summer transfer 2017 for the European and Egyptian league
Add some PES wallpapers
The addition of InterPace 18, and the modernization of the Inter-African Champions League
Converting the energies and abilities of PES 2018 to PES 2017
Update the Egyptian league ads
Update all teams of Egyptian league teams
Adding the rising teams of the Egyptian and German league
Updating the coaches' transitions
Changing Pak stadiums and adding the latest stadiums Estarlen Silva
Updating some patrol scourges and adding new scourboards
Updating the lists and formations of the teams
And many other features ..

Installation : 

1. Extract the .RAR file with Latest WinRAR.
2. Turn off your AV, run the installer v4.0 AIO as admin, put the installation location to your PES 2017 installation folder.
3. Do the same thing for update v4.1 & Update v4.2 & v4.3
4. Done ! Don't forget to run sider before you start the game !

How to Install Tunnels

1. Extract all files with WinRAR
2. Copy all extracted files to your PES 2017 game
3.  Done ! Don't forget to run sider before you start the game !

Problem with Transfers

If you're having a problem with updated transfers, do the following steps.

1 - Open the Folder game
2 - Press the "PES Professionals Patch Selector 2017.exe file"
3 - Click on the tab Others
4 - Click on the Setup Option File


Changelog v4.2 :

Full Winter Transfers 2018
Add new faces ( Ronaldo , Isco , Mahrez , Kane )
and more

Note :

- Important Notice: The Sider.exe file 'attached to the Patch' must be run as an administrator before running the game, before you complain of a problem, make sure you are the sider engine.

- Use latest WinRAR v5 to extract the file !

Important !!! Run Sider.exe as administrator before starting the game



Monday, 4 June 2018

PES 2017 SMoKE Patch 9.8.2 WC Edition Patch Update

9.8.0 Main Changes (from previous version):

– database from smoke patch X20
– added new national teams
– updated a lot of kits
– updated ball models
– updated gloves models
– updated boots models
– updated face models
– added players tattoos
– updated squads (prevision)
– added a lot of youth players
– a lot of fixes and enhancements

Update 9.8.1 corrects some important issues, this includes all fast fixes previously made for patch 9.8.0 mostly following the fans valid reports.

Main fixes in update 9.8.1:

– Fixed double teams:
due to a conversion mistake, some teams in Italian and Spanish leagues are missing or duplicated, this is now fixed and restored to default, if you started ML with 9.8 then you might have to start a new one after installing this software for the changes to take effect, if you started ML before 9.8 you can continue normally.

– Fixed some faces:
due to the big number of faces we couldn’t test all of them, some reported faces needed immediate fixing that this update will make.

– Fixed some kits:
some kits have a collar problem (Argentina home kit and others), this is because new collar from pes 2018 might not be present in 2017, this is fixed in this update.
also created kits for Paris FC, their kits where not correct.

– Fixed some tattoos:
tattoos are newly added and might need some tweaking, this update applies some corrections following reports.

– Fixed emirates stadium:
some reports of bug at the end of a game in the emirates stadium, this should be corrected now.

PES 2017 update 9.8.2 it is very important to install to fix some issue with the patch mainly with MEDIUM quality settings, fixes described below:

– Graphics Enhancements:
fixed some various minor issue, added some new features most notably added FIFA world cup real trophy.

– Fixed Medium quality tattoos:
since this is the first time we add tattoos in smoke patch 2017, it was expected to have some rough edges, some faces had some deformation and now they are fixed, but the biggest problem was that the tattoos works only with high quality, when playing medium or low quality the players with tattoos will get error (arms shows like long sleeves) when they are far from the camera, we have created a new tattoos system files that works with medium and low as well as high quality.

– Fixed problem with ACL competition:
it was reported that the Asian champions does not continue when it reaches the knockout faze, this was due to a small problem with the acl system file, it is now fixed and works as it should.

– Fixed occasional crash at the end of game:
we got reports about the game not being able to finish when playing at anfield or Emirates stadium, after many tests, this is now fixed and the game starts and finishes as it should.

Thanks to all patch fans and anyone who contributed to the patch.

9.8.0 + Update 9.8.2 * this includes 9.8.1:


PES 2017 NSS Database For All Patch / Untuk Semua Patch

New Database, New Game #SensasiIndonesia

– Free Update (sampai tutup bursa transfer musim panas 2018-2019)*
– Update Stats PES2018 & FIFA18*
– Update kits Liga 1 2018
– Update Face Liga 1
– Update Structure 2018/2019*
– 60++ Other European Teams
– 20++ Other America Teams
– 70++ Other Asian Teams
– 23 Classic Teams
– AFF National Teams
– AFCON National Teams
– Add Wydad AC Team (Replace Pleasure Horn/Other Africa)
– Total 600++ Club & Nationals
– Add Bahasa Indonesia 99% Update*
– Add Rupiah
– Add Bundesliga, MLS, Liga 1*
– No Fake Team
– Real Manager & Photos*
– Fix Rival Club*
– Fix Homeground AzMods Stadium*
– Fix Tattoo
– etc

* : Update Berkala (Free Update sampai tutup bursa transfer musim panas 2018-2019)

Cara Instal :
1. Copy ke folder download lalu generate (generate dibawah file patch & diatas cpk stadiumpack)
2. Hapus Edit00000 di document
3. Buat Edit.bin baru di Menu Edit dalam Game
4. Enjoy


Sunday, 3 June 2018

PES 2017 PES Professional [All Versions] Option File Updated (June 2018)

Features :
– Last Transfers For 3 Jun 2018
– Correct Positions
– Make Iniesta & Toress & Teago Motta Free
– Fix Poweres Problem
– Captains Last Transfers

CREDITS: Hatem Fathy


Saturday, 2 June 2018

PES 2017 Mini Patch V2 Released 02-June-2018 (Full Updates)

CREDITS: Hatem Fathy

Features :
HD Grounds For All Stadiums
Make Grass More Really
Tight Kits As PES 2018
Dirty Kits When Player Fell
World Cup 2018 Menu
PES 2018 Power Bar
PES 2018 Power Team Bar
Outside Shots For All Stadiums
New Kits For Clubs & Nations
New Gameplay From PES 18
New Mini FacePack
+233 New Faces 2018
+344 New Tattos
SmokeParty For Some Stadiums
And Many More …


How To Install :

Collected By : Hatem Fathy

Supported By : Beingames4u Site


Friday, 1 June 2018

PES 2018 Gameplay Convert For PES 2017

CREDITS: Adham Ehab

Features :
Passes & Shots More Really
Make Conflicts As PES 2018
Make Through Lop More Better
Add Captains Moves
And Many More …