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Tuesday, 22 October 2019

PES 2020 / PES 2019 PES Ultimate Mod Manager v1.0

This is a powerful tool to easily manage your Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 and 2020 mods. Its purpose is to create an universal easy way of sharing and installing patches, and provide an intuitive platform to make your own sets of mods.


Download the latest version of PES Ultimate Mod Manager
Extract it anywhere you want
Run PUMM.exe
Click on “Browse PES download folder” and select the folder “download” inside your Pro Evolution Soccer directory

.NET Framework 4.6.1 is required

Sunday, 16 June 2019

PES 2019 Kitserver v1.1 (Sider Module)

This has a bit of nostalgia. Kitserver for PES 3 was my first contribution to PES modding. It sorta worked... and sometimes it crashed. But i guess it was good/interesting enough to be noticed and some folks found it useful. Started making kits for it, and reporting bugs. That was in 2003. Since then, Kitserver had grown to a more generic tool (kinda like what sider is now), but the original name stuck to it, even though not all of the versions throughout the years were equal in terms of features around kit manipulation.

This sider module, written in Lua, is a new take on that original idea of Kitserver. It allows a lot of freedom in managing kits (uniforms), and also makes it very simple for anyone to draw their own kit and add it to an existng collection. This overall hierarchy of kits - we call it “GDB” (again an old name, which some of you might recognize :) ) - is really just a way to organize kits into folders with a structure that hopefully makes sense and is simple enough to navigate.

Kitserver is brought to you by a team of people:
@zlac, @Hawke, @Cesc Fabregas, and myself.

We have also used information and reverse-engineering efforts of many folks over the last couple of years that helped to understand the format of UniformParameter.bin and other related files. So... without further ado:

Go on, download, and give it a try. The archive includes two sample kit collections: for Arsenal and Manchester City, prepared for you by our kit masters: @Hawke and @Cesc Fabregas. (There is work in progress also right now to create more kit collections - for a lot more teams)

PES 2019 Live CPK Sider 5.4.2 (Supports PES 2019 v1.06.00 + DLC 6.00)

- allows to play longer (or shorter) games: set match time to any number of minutes between 1 and 255. (in sider.ini)
- LiveCPK (see example of new Champions League ball by @Hawke)
- free side select : move controllers freely in all game modes
- camera.lua : allows to tweak ranges of zoom, height, and angle for custom camera. See camera.ini - for the settings. All credit to @nesa24 for camera research!
- Lua scripting support with various game events, such as "set_teams", "set_conditions", "set_match_time", and "trophy_rewrite".
- Trophy server
- Interactive overlay with keyboard and gamepad controller support
- support for kit manipulation (for Kitserver module)
Changelog :

Thursday, 6 June 2019

PES 2019 PTE Kitserver v1.0 (Sider)

CREDITS : Cesc Fabregas

What is this?
This is a complete GDB structure of all teams included in PTE Patch, even all original Konami teams and Fake Teams, including every ftex file. You don’t need to worry anymore about uniformparameter files, cpk files etc., everything is in Kitserver module now. Updates can be easily made and new GDB folders can be shared.

Sunday, 26 May 2019

PES 2019 KitServer v1.0 (Sider Module)


Features :

- Unlimited kits for players and goalkeepers ( teams must be licensed! Unlicensed teams cannot use Kitserver kits)
- Visual reference in pre-match menu: you see your selected kits, and you can also switch between "Player" and "Goalkeeper" mode
- In Edit mode, Kitserver provides a simple but powerful "Editor" of all supported attributes of a kit. So you can fine-tune the exact position of number on shorts, or size of the number on the back, etc.
- Support for CompKits (competition kits), where Kitserver will load competition-specific kits, if they are specified for a given team for current competition.

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

PES 2019 Editor v3.0

With this tool we will be able to see ID of players, Teams, DTs, Stadiums, etc. A brief explanation to then be able to use in future tutorials.

CREDITS: ejogc327

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

PES 2019 [Sider module] Common Library v1.0 + v1.1 for Sider

Current version: 1.1
Minimum version of Sider required: 5.1.5+

Quick Start section:
How to use:
Unpack v1.1 archive and copy the contents of the unpacked modules folder into modules folder of your sider (overwrite if asked)
Add lua.module = "lib\CommonLib.lua" as the top-most lua.module entry in sider.ini file

This is not a traditional module that adds new content or does any switching. It is a utility library, containing some common pieces of code that are (for the moment) useful for Scoreboard Server, Ball Server and Referee Kit Server scripts.

Currently, it only has the code which checks if two teams selected in exhibition mode belong to the same league, so that e.g. their league's ball (or scoreboard or referee kit) can automatically be selected in exhibition match.

Important: Since this is a library, which is used by other scripts, it needs to be listed as the first lua.module entry, so that it gets initialized before other "normal" scripts do!

Friday, 5 April 2019

PES 2019 LiveCPK Sider 5.2.3 (Support PES 2019 v1.05.00)


A small tool from Master Juce for Pro Evolution Soccer 2019. LiveCPK Sider allows you to  organize the content in folders and files, without the need to package them into cpks. Files can be edited "on-the-fly", and for some of the files - if the game reloads them - the changes will be visible right away, without restarting PES, just like the good-old kitserver ! but you need to start LiveCPK Sider before starting the game !

Sunday, 24 March 2019

PES 2019 Evo Switcher v3.0 AIO + Update 3.1 Fix for CPY Version

CREDITS: Rean Tech, MjTs-140914

Features v3.0 AIO:
Added Entrance & Winner Celebration: (Bundesliga, Brasileiro, Community Shield, Copa del Rey, Coppa Italia, DFB Pokal, DFL Supercup, FA Cup, LaLiga, Serie A and Supercopa de Espana, Supercoppa Italiana and Trophée des Champions. @FuNZoTiK @ginda01 @G-Style), (Copa Argentina, Supercopa Argentina, Superliga Argentina @nahue), (Copa Chile, Campeonato Scotiabank @BenjaDiaz), (FA Cup, Premier League @MJTS-140914), (Ligue 1, UCL Cupstand @watermeloo).
Added ML Graphics: (Ligue 1 @FuNZoTiK & Copa Chile, Campeonato Scotiabank @BenjaDiaz).
Added Manager Kits: Liverpool @fifacana .
Added New BallPack @Hawke .
Added New ComKitServer @Cesc Fabregas.
Added Press Room: @Ivankr Pulquero (Atletico Tallares, CSKA Moskva, Chelsea, Feynoord, Fiorentina, Olympiacos, PSV).
Added Referee Kit: Campeonato Scotiabank @BenjaDiaz
Added Scoreboard: (Copa Chile, Campeonato Scotiabank @BenjaDiaz), (Serie A TV logos (DAZN, Sky Calcio), Coppa Italia and SuperCoppa Italiana scoreboards @tabs78), (UEFA Europa League scoreboard v2, Bundesliga, DFB-Pokal and DFL-Supercup scoreboards v2 @1002MB), (Ligue 1, Sky Sports TV logo to UEFA Champions League @FuNZoTiK)
Added Trophy (FA Cup, LaLiga, Premier League @MJTS-140914, UEFA Euro, UEFA Champions League (fix) @FuNZoTiK)

Features V3.1 Update :

Fix anthem for latest KONAMI Update
Included "sider.dll latest version 5.1.4, EvoReferee.lua, EvoScoreboard.lua, EvoEntrance.lua, EvoCornerFlag.lua, EvoBoard.lua"
All lua module just fix conflict with stadiumserver

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

PES 2019 Sider v5.2.2 by Juce


– maintenance release, with some fixes and Win7 support
– stability fixes: and no longer change page protection attributes, which was causing crashes in some situations.
– better logic for polling controllers for their state.
– using XInput 1.3: sider now works again on Windows 7
– gamepad support in camera.lua (use right stick)

Saturday, 9 March 2019

PES 2019 Sider 5.2.0 by Juce


What’s new:
– overlay can now be controlled by gamepad: Lua modules can use new “gamepad_input” event. Press “RT+LT” to toggle the overlay on/off. Press “LT” to switch to next module in the overlay.
– new “livecpk_read” event for examining the data as the game reads it. Also new library available to Lua modules: “zlib” – for compressing/uncompressing data. See doc/scripting.txt – for all the details on this.
– now using LuaJIT 2.1.0-beta3. This allows Lua modules to use all RAM available.

Friday, 8 March 2019

PES 2019 Face / Hair Modifier Tools v1.1b



-Import/Export face_high.fmdl
-Import/Export hair_high.fmdl
-Import/Export oral.fmdl
-Pack .FPK in Blender

Change ID in blender available

Change ID in face_high.fmdl
Change ID in hair_high.fmdl

Thursday, 21 February 2019

PES 2019 Stadium Server For Smoke Patch

What is (Sider) ?
sider is a small tool made by (juce), allows more things to be injected directly into the game such as more stadiums or automatic scorecards or others, bypassing any game limits.

How does it work ?
simply run (sider.exe) BEFORE starting the game, it will automatically be running.

What is Stadium server ?
this is a server that enable us to add much more stadiums than we can include in the patch, the stadiums will not show in edit mode and they will not be selectable in select stadium menu, however they are all linked to their respective teams, when you select (home ground) for a game, the stadium linked with that team will be selected, in master league and bal modes all the teams that have their stadiums in the server will play all their games in their stadium.

Monday, 18 February 2019

PES 2019 Sider 5.1.4


– fix for “3-subs-only” bug. Previously, if you had set the number of substitutions to any value other than 3, it would cause some of the sider events not to trigger. That would break StadiumServer in exhibition mode, for example. Fixed now. Big thanks to @Cesc Fabregas for finding this!
– tweak to LuaJIT to use wide-char filenames. This makes it possible to use folder names like “Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán” or “Стэмфорд Бридж” in your content, and they will be handled correctly by Lua modules. (new lua51.dll)
– support for rendering images in overlay. Can be useful for showing previews in modules like BallServer, StadiumServer, ScoreboardServer and so for. Supported image formats are: DDS, PNG, JPEG. See doc/scripting.txt for full explanation of how to use it. (see @zlac ‘s post #733 in this thread – for how it looks)

Saturday, 9 February 2019

PES 2019 DpFileList Generator 2019 v1.1 + DLC 4.00


– Generate automatically DpFileList.bin with maximum of 47 CPKs
– Select needed cpk-files
– Sort selected cpk-Files (if needed) via Drag&Drop
– Read already existing DpFileList.bin
– Updated GUI using modern material design
– improved automatic update of dlc.csv (even periodically every week or every two weeks): no need to manually update your dlc.csv or re-download this tool again! (auto updating not supported anymore)
– [NEW] copy CPK list as string to clipboard
– [NEW] Tool can be now used in offline mode

Friday, 8 February 2019

PES 2019 Broadcast Camera ZOOM Disabler v1.4.0.0 DLC 4.0

New tool from nesa24 & digitalfoxx. This tool will help you to disable or enable Broadcast Camera zoom in PES 2019. Tool  Only works with Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 STEAM Release [ FULL Version ] !

How to Use :

1. Extract PES2019_ZOOMPATCH.7z and copy to folder where pes2019.exe is
2. Run PES2019_TOOLBOX.exe and Click DISABLE or ENABLED

Credits : Digitalfoxx, Nesa24

*Works with latest update of PES 2019 STEAM / DATAPACK 4.0.0


PES 2019 Stadium Server v1.25 for Sider 5.1.2

No more limitation, now you can add many stadiums in PES 2019 by using Stadium Server by Zlac. Sider 5 is needed to use this tool.

Current version: 1.25
Minimum version of Sider required: 5.1.2+

Friday, 21 December 2018

PES 2019 Sider v5.1.2 by Juce

– added new Lua events: “set_stadium_choice” and “get_stadium_name”.
(this is mainly useful if you manipulate stadiums, as a stadium server would, for example)

Size: 2.98 MB

Just a little tip for less experienced users:
If you’re updating your existing sider 5.1.1 – skip copying the sider.ini from 5.1.2 .zip file, since it does not contain anything new.

This way you’ll preserve your custom configurations from sider 5.1.1 for various servers and for EvoSwitcher ;)

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

PES 2019 DpFileList Generator


Simple DpFileList editor that does not require Internet connection. Supports all DLCs.