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Saturday, 15 February 2020

PES 6 PES VOX Patch Update v4.5 Season 2020

After a long patience and wait we come back to you again in January 2020 under the name pesvox v4. 5
Releasing includes the following
Make more than 95 % of the winter transfers
Update more than 420 faces
A very large number of crews have been updated ((the Liverpool kit has been added with the world cup logo))
New form of notifications with the logo update of Belgium and Austria for new notifications
Replace the team of Egypt with the Arab contractors team
Add option optimistic energies 99
Update online files
Releasing size 580 MB


Thursday, 2 January 2020

PES 6 ES IBERIA Patch 2020


Designed for any type of PC, both to play 4K and on computers with XP installed.
Patch completely designed in Spanish .
Updated to play the 2019/2020 season .
It includes the Premier League , LaLiga , LaLigaSmartBank , Serie A and Bundesliga leagues as well as the combined UEFA A, UEFA B and CONCACAF-CONMEBOL.
Including in this way all the UEFA Champions League teams, as well as two UEFA teams where the rest of the best teams in Europe are located. CONCACAF-CONMEBOL combined includes the main teams from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and the USA.
Full list of patch equipment:
One of the most important aspects of the patch are the stats. A converter has been created from Sofifa for PES6 that is available to everyone: In addition, this will allow the patch stats to be updated weekly via the launcher.
The online community works through telegram groups (Friendly, tournaments, problem solving, ...). It is very important that depending on your location you enter the correct group:
South America:
Remember to give "You must show us that you are not a bot" in the welcome message of telegram to start writing on telegram chats!


To play online it is necessary to create an account on the server website with SERIAL K7URDJNALJV3SSLMATK6. To enter the online mode of the game, you will be required a password. That password is User-Password with which you have registered on the server ( ). For example: Your nickname is Lampard and your password is chelsea, you must enter the password: Lampard-chelsea.

Saturday, 28 December 2019

PES 6 GREEK Revolution Patch 2020 v1.0


All rosters updated (also available for online)
new teams added (Apollon Larisas, Karaiskakis, RB Salzburg and Slavia Prague)
ALL Greek Super league faces MADE !!!
brand new graphics for Greek Superleague
fixed bodies types for many players
fixed ML salaries for many players
accurate boots
a lot of updated stats (mostly Greek Super League)
new backgrounds
added more real youngsters for better ML experience
added classic players as hidden mostly Greek knowledge and more (Enable/Disable for ML)
added missing nationalities for all players

Future Features: 

Add more real youngsters for better ML experience
Fix Players crazy salaries for more players (you can report them here :D )
Add more classic players as hidden for ML (Greek knowledge and more)
Lamia stadium
add Greek referee

Tuesday, 10 December 2019

PES 6 INFINITTY Patch 2020

• Stats adapted from FIFA and PES 2020
• Selections updated to the FIFA date of November 18
• Improved player physics and corrected skin tones
• Boots and gloves manually updated daily
• Rotations and ball speed were slightly modified to give more realism to the level of play
• Online version
• MOD Copa Sudamericana
• MOD Super League Cup
• MOD Copa Libertadores
• MOD Champions League
• Classic balls
• Fantasy stadiums added in the form of extra content
• Classic kits on some computers
• Stories of Rodolfo de Paoli and Diego Latorre / Stories of Sebastian Vignolo and Diego Latorre. They can be chosen and changed whenever they want since the files were edited at the same time so that both stories can mention the players
• All this and much more!


Thursday, 5 December 2019

PES 6 FIFA World Cup 1994 Mod

Main Info:
-Extracted & modified from PES 6 History of Euro & World Cup's '88-'06 patch by chule&duzizou.
-Customized by Shahruddin Lahading.

-Menu graphics & background music from FIFA World Cup 1994 video games.
-All 24 national teams participated in 1994 FIFA World Cup.
-Teams location sorted according to actual groups.
-All kits & alternate combination.
-Faces & hair for most players.
-Boots for all players.
-Fixed formation & player stats.
-1994 FIFA World Cup scoreboard.
-1994 FIFA World Cup venues (9 stadiums).
-1994 FIFA World Cup ball (Adidas Questra).
-1994 FIFA World Cup referee kit.
-1994 FIFA World Cup opmov.
-HD FIFA World Cup trophy.

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

PES 6 PECH KING Patch 2020 Update v3.0 (December 2019)

: Stats updated in the Option File.
: New faces and hairs added to faceserver.
: New Shoes added to the boots folder.
: New uniforms added to the Uni folder.
: Callnames added and assigned in the Option File.
: New players created and added to their teams.
: New uniforms licensed and updated in the edit mode of 0_text.
: New gloves, numbers and fonts added in the edit mode of 0_text


PES 6 Colombia Patch v8 Season 2019-20


- Update all summer transfers 2019/2020
- Leagues & Competitions updated 2019/2020
- New Kits 2019/2020 Added for top teams
- New Faces Added 2019/2020
- Uefa Champions League Mod 2020
- New Natioanal Teams Added
- New Graphic Menu Like PES 2020
- New Scoreboard Like PES 2020
- New PES 2020 Adboard
- New HD turf 2020
- New Camera Like PES 2020
- Update Players Ratings
- New Young Players
- Update Players Ages
- Update Teams &National teams formations


Wednesday, 27 November 2019

PES 6 Peru America Patch 2019-20

We present the American version 19/20 of PES6PERU in its FINAL version.
This patch is updated to NOVEMBER 2019.
Thanks to all the collaborators of the group and honorable mention for the editors of the various pages dedicated to PES6.

It contains the following leagues:

Argentine Tournament
Aguila League
League 1 Movistar
Combined Conmebol
Rest of america
League 2 Movistar

Monday, 25 November 2019

PES 6 Shollym Patch America 2019-20 Patch

This patch has one important features that previous versions did not have:
- it was created from zero, over the original version of the game,
it took me a lot of work but I had to do it because I wanted to have a game that does not have any bugs,
the previous patches had a glitch with low transfer activity in Master league, I could not find what was
the reason for that, so I decided to create a completely new patch, so I can fully enjoy ML experience.
This version is with South American clubs, I have planes for creating a version with European leagues again,
but I cannot promise when would that be, most probably after season 2019/20 ends, so next summer.
Until then it's time to play with South American clubs :)

- Clubs from all South American leagues + Mexican league
 - National teams in default PES6 slots
- Option file with all transfers done until June 2019 - only transfers in from Europe done after that
- Next transfer update in February 2020
- body type revised for all players, the players don't look so fat as they did before because
  I changed body type of all players, so they now look more realistic, and more proportional
- correct squad numbers and fully updated first lineups, player age correct
- There are 6 versions of Option file, Normal and 5 Option files with changed gameplay (the game physics are closer to real football game) + a bonus Option file with Futsal teams.
- All Classic players removed
- IMPORTANT!! WHEN PLAYING MASTER LEAGUE TURN OFF "SHOW CLASSIC AND PES SHOP PLAYERS" - this has to be turned off so that Master league has no bugs
- 100% accurate squad numbers
- Deeply covered squads, important young players are created
- National teams roosters updated with according to the qualifiers games played in recent months
- Updated formations of all club and national teams
- 2019 kits for most teams
- player stats are fully updated
- Real life Referees patch
- New looks for menus and cup, league and ML backgrounds
- Real trophies patch included
- HD Flags for all teams in the game
- updated Ballserver and Bootserver with current boots and balls
- Fully updated Face & hair Server - MANY teams wiht 100% faces
- High quality chants for all club teams in game, and many chants for national teams,
  combined chants from all chantmakers to make the best and most complete chantpack ever.
- Completely new music background ih the whole game (Soundtrack list is inside text files)
- Realistic ball sound, referee whistle, sound of ball hitting the post and crossbar
- Scoreboards for all game modes updated
- Better looks for crowd - updated crowd textures by Stegra
- New colour style for PES6


Thursday, 21 November 2019

PES 6 eFootball PES 2020 Mini Patch (125 MB) AIO

- Update all summer transfers 2019/2020
- Leagues & Competitions updated 2019/2020
- New Kits 2019/2020 Added for top teams
- New Faces Added 2019/2020
- Uefa Champions League Mod 2020
- New Natioanal Teams Added
- New Graphic Menu Like PES 2020
- New Scoreboard Like PES 2020
- New PES 2020 Adboard
- New HD turf 2020
- New Camera Like PES 2020
- Update Players Ratings
- New Young Players
- Update Players Ages
- Update Teams &National teams formations


Saturday, 9 November 2019

PES 6 Firebird Patch Season 2019-20

Its an unofficial ptch made by Kevin Brüser & thanks to Ahmed R Genius

What is new:

* All Clubs are actual by now. I will give you the biggest squads.
* Many hundred new faces and players!
* All Club Players are edited detailed. I looked for the correct ages, size, weight, foots for every player (Many players did have false dates in the old patch)

Many hours were spent for that to give you the most detailed patch on the optionfile that is ever made.



* Download all files
* Copy OF file to c:/my documents/KONAMI/Pro Evolution Soccer6/
* Copy and paste Kitserver folder to Pro Evolution Soccer6/
* Copy and paste uni, faces & hairs to Pro Evolution Soccer6/Kitserver/GDB
* Copy dat folder to Pro Evolution Soccer6/dat
* Copy and paste PES6.exe to Pro Evolution Soccer6/
* Now Enjoy Playing....