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Wednesday, 18 July 2018

PES 6 PES Colombia Patch Option File + Database 2018/19

Welcome again to an update of PEC.
Please read everything.


The following content is only compatible with the Pro Evolution Soccer 6 Colombia patch in its latest versions 5 and 5.5 (Russia 2018).

And well, those who do not have any patch because "c suck", because it should also serve.


We are aware of the mistakes that are made, and that more than a BETA is a BETA BETA because the day of publication this, tomorrow there will be dozens of new signings.

Being nothing more than an Option File, you will only find updated signings. That is the special dish.
Being a BETA product has many shortcomings among which are:

1. The lack of bibs (the season has not yet started, not all, but obviously the majority) Christian has already the "7".

2. Errors in some players with different faces to who they are, since they take other "ID" of retired players or promoted clubs to create new youth and signings from other places previously not available in the patch. So in case you see a youngster with the face of De Rossi, you should understand that it is normal for now because it is not a final version IS JUST AN OPTION FILE! and these errors will be corrected when the FINAL PATCH is released.

3. Existing players already existing (CR7, Shaqiri, Buffon etc ...) in previous versions if they will come out with their corresponding face because their "ID" already existed and only the club transfer was made.

4. There are still no promotions, when releasing this OF, I release myself with the followers and I will start to give it the maximum with the signings that come and the update of leagues that include their new promotions.

5. Do not wait for uniforms or other modifications.

Forgive me that I take the trouble to make these notes, but I have the need to make this clear to the community before they speak things that are not and take them as mistakes and so on.

What does it bring then?

Updating of "name" signings and not so recognized, be clear that we always update all the clubs in our patch, not only the big ones, thus having an improvement over other updates without destroying jobs. So that one that another signing that is not so much sounded and they know, they will realize it.

Alignments of some World Cup selections with their starting players, although there was a detail of what they should have been when the patch came out before the World Cup started, many teams decided to make room for other players who are now also part of the holder of the patch.

The same holds the online file (BD: database), which is a vivid mirror of the Option File.
They must all have the same file to play online.

Next, previous of the highlighted.


Friday, 13 July 2018

PES 6 Option File Update 2018/19 for PES Firebird Patch

CREDITS: Mohamed Saleh

All transfers Updated until today.
Transfers List:
Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid to Juventus
Achraf Hakimi from Real Madrid to Borussia Dortmund
Axel Werner from Atletico Madrid to SD Huesca
Nani from Valencia to Sporting Lisbon
Ricardo Alvarez from Sampdoria - Without Club
Angus Gunn ( New Player ) to Southampton
Miguel Layun from Porto to Villarreal
Romulo ( New Player ) to Genoa
Andriy Yarmolenko from Borussia Dortmund to West Ham
Riyad Mahrez From Leicester City to Manchester City
Daniel Wass From Celta Vigo to Valencia
Bremer ( New Player ) to Torino FC

And many more for more Transfer Lists click here


Wednesday, 11 July 2018

PES 6 Option File Season 2018/19 (No Patch)


Update the latest players of the national team
Last transfer of season 2018/2019
Update player abilities based on
English Premiere League full update
Ligue 1 full update
Serie A full update
Bundesliga full update
UEFA other club full update
Top 4 2nd division club full update to complete your master league mode
Available countries participating AFF Cup 2018
Young players in some clubs and master league
Update jersey and club formation
Update the face and hair of players

New Club:
Cardif City FC (England)
Wolvermampton (England)
Fulham FC (England)
Nimes Olympique (France)
Stade Reims (France)
Parma AC (Italy)
Empoli (Italy)
Frosinone (Italy)
Fortuna Düsseldorf (Germany)
FC Nürnberg (Germany)
Lechia Gdanks (Poland)
Legia Warsawa (Poland)

New national team:
Boznia and Herzegovina (UEFA)
Serbia (UEFA)
Iceland (UEFA)
Montenegro (UEFA)
Egypt (CAF)
Morroco (CAF)
Senegal (CAF)
Algeria (CAF)
China (AFC)
Indonesia (AFC)
Thailand (AFC)
Vietnam (AFC)
Singapore (AFC)
Malaysia (AFC)

All player ability copying from PESSTATSDATABASE.COM if there's nothing we convert from PESMASTER or PESKINGEDITIONS

Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1, Serie A, Bundesliga, UEFA Other Club A, B, C


1. Download e_text, 0_text, PES6.exe and Option File by following download link above
2. Extract using WINRAR or WINZIP
3. Put e_text.afs and 0_text you have downloaded into C:\Program Files (x86)\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 6\dat (replace your old e_text.afs and 0_text)
4. Put PES6.exe to C:\Program Files (x86)\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 6 (replace your old PES6.exe)
5. Put KONAMI-WIN32PES6OPT to C:\Users\your computer name\Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 6\save\folder1 (replace your old file)


Sunday, 8 July 2018

PES 6 PECH Ultimate Patch World Cup 2018 Edition

Features : 

- Updated World Cup 2018
- Updated Premier League 2017/2018
- Updated Serie A 2017/2018
- Updated Bundesliga 2017/2018
- Updated La Liga Santander 2017/2018
- Added New Logos & Emblems.
- Updated Chants.
- New balls, boots and adboards updated 2017/2018
- Update hundred of faces for 2017/2018
- Updated stats according PESStats Database.
- New skins, new graphic menus and many more !


Thank you to everyone who supported this project from the beginning to be economically as with material, to all the publishers who created exclusive material, to the staff of pech for the tremendous management and to all our faithful followers who were present with their likes in the Previous publication. Thank you very much!! :D

Now just enjoy this excellent update mundialera!! A pity for Chile, but with all the desire to enjoy ultimate patch wc2018.

Installation: Just Run the Installer and wait for it to finish, and then enjoy. (NOTE: Use a clean full PES 6 Game Original version before installation)

Credits : Sany023 for the automatic Installer, Daniel_Juve, WindowOp, Villapilla, FacaANgel, Edisson96, PotroKits, Juako.Temuko, nicomoya, HenryJr, Jailson, AnsokBeatZ, AlehTrumpet, Hayate, skills_rooney, Weezer, albo-95, Locopro, PedroRamone24, jopistola, Gabriel-CAI, felotheone, eddie_215, solo_1200, Adam & TheKid, koolpro, Jerson, Alegor, pablo-uc, k4os, Edisson96, Lerp90, Nico98, World Stadiums PES6, PES STATS DATABASE, Pes Kings Edition, STEGRA, saborio, Lesoj, kingsley813, jasarsoft y ThanhCFC, P17, Alex.Jovis, camilomax, Fabian, luxo_xxx, Bustinhoo, MatigolAGB, jaimeriffo, Dibu Kits, Brayan, Shoot, JeremySvr, Luispes, LilAlvaro, Tha_Trxth, Under, PES Logos, LIAM, Zurdock, Stalker28, Eddy65, Sweettly23, benja, Anthrax, gonzalo27, Paatoo99, Valz67, JAMES17, don_rxf, GutiCHILE


PES 6 PESFan Argentino FIFA World Cup 2018 Patch


- Updated 32 Squads of FIFA World Cup Russia 2018
- Updated all teams of FIFA World Cup Russia 2018
- Added new graphic menu FIFA World Cup Russia 2018
- Added new scoreboard FIFA World Cup Russia 2018
- Added new faces, hair, boots & balls
- And many more features !


CREDITS: Pesfanargentino2018

Like their FB Page:


PES 6 Super Star Patch v7 World Cup 2018 Edition


- Added World Cup 2018 Update
- Club Competitions :

Premier League
La Liga
European League 1
European League-2
Added some arab clubs
- Added new Faces & Latest Hair
- All transfers
- Added new latest kits 2017/2018
- Latest Shoes & Kits for Some players and teams 2017/2018
- HD Stadium & Crowds.
- New Commentator.
- New Adboards ( PES 2018 & FIFA 18 )
- Many more !


Installation :

1. Extract the file with WinRAR.
2. Copy KONAMI Folder To Documents
3. Run Registry File From PES 6 Super Star Patch Folder
4. Play !


Thursday, 5 July 2018

PES 6 Mod Selector FIFA World Cup 2018 Update



* This new update adds a new WC Mod tab
* WC Mod "feel the excitement inside and outside the field", with the official graphics of the FIFA World Cup.
* Official typography, menus and personalized backgrounds to achieve unmatched quality.
* Graphics based on the FIFA World Cup broadcasts offer a genuine football experience.
* New entry scene for the group stage.
* Increase the experience with the official FIFA World Cup marker, is not it enough? opt for the options No radar and Plates.
* Putin Team Selector chooses one of 32 countries classified to live the dream of the FIFA World Cup and write a new story from the group stage to the final in Moscow.




Sunday, 1 July 2018

PES 6 Firbird Patch 2018/19 (World Cup Edition) Beta Version Installers


Installer of the full version of 'PES 6 Firebird 2018-2019 World Cup Edition' as a separate independent game (by Sany)

NOTE FROM The Admin: 
This update is based on Firebird Patch 16/17. There might be bugs and/or mistakes on the Option File or somewhere else, remember this is a Beta Version!


Saturday, 23 June 2018

PES 6 Firebird Patch 2018/19 World Cup 2018 Edition (BETA)

CREDITS: Kevin Bruser

NOTE FROM The Admin: 
This update is based on Firebird Patch 16/17. There might be bugs and/or mistakes on the Option File or somewhere else, remember this is a Beta Version!
If you do not have the original Firebird files download link on below.

Based on this, you just have to replace:
pes6.exe (EXE)
Face - Hair - Uni folders from GDB.rar
Option File

NOTE FROM Kevin Brüser:
Hello Guys, spent many weeks of work to make this announcement, new patch is almost ready!
New Clubs, all Transfers, WC Squads 99% and many new Players, still to be updated!
Biggest Roster in PES History!
Also, new menu music included!
All popular Teams have their new Kits, WC Squads 100%.
Updates are still to come!
Download the files and replace the old ones:


PES 6 Option File 2018/19 New Transfers (23 June 2018)

- Update all transfers 23-06-2018
Andriy Lunin to Real Madrid
Emre Can to Juventus
Kluivert to Roma
Leno to Arsenal
Funes Mori to Villarreal
- Updated ages, positions, Rate, . . .
- And more.

Compatible with:
Next Season Patch 2019
PES 6 Original Game

Installation Method
1. Download & Extract files
2. Copy ''KONAMI'' to documents
Play & Enjoy

CREDITS: Micano4u


Saturday, 16 June 2018

PES 6 Stonecold Patch World Cup 2018 Edition

This is a complete update of the patch stonecold 17/18
I am proud to present the new update for the 32 nations playing the world cup in Russia!

All new features details here :
* New backgrounds menus world cup edition
* +300 new players faces/hair added
* new boots nike and adidas 2018
* All 32 new kits fifa world cup (except 3 teams)
* all players for the 32 national teams
* official ball adidas world cup
* stats improved after the season
* gameplay (speed max 70 and agressivity+90)
* new fonts for menus
* new scoreboard for exhibition games WC 2018 style
all previous details from the season 17/18 included

Tutorial installation infos:
--If you already have the patch stonecold 2018 ,replace all files and delete the old kitserver except your stadiums --

/ thanks to all facemakers and kitmakers for the contribution to pes6 community
the option file and kitserver update for the world cup needed more than 20 hours of hard work !


Thursday, 14 June 2018

PES 6 Infinity Patch World Cup 2018 Russia Edition

∞ Some characteristics of the patch:

∞ The 32 selections of the World Cup updated to 100%, 5 leagues licensed, leagues, with many improvements in numbers, alignments and skills of players!
∞ New league, the German Bundesliga!
∞ Stadiums for all teams, including some of Russia 2018!
∞ Real faces and hairstyles!
∞ T Shirts licensed and updated! Including all the sets of the Russia 2018 World Cup!
∞ Updated balls for all available competitions of the patch, in addition to the World Cup!
∞ MORE THAN 30 MARKERS! New marker selector, referee uniforms, loading screens, music, etc!
∞ New graphics and backgrounds!
∞ Champions League and Copa Libertadores in real format!
∞ Botines updated to 100%!
∞ New music!
∞ Updated Mariano Closs stories, with callnames!
∞ Real chants for the most important selections, Argentine soccer teams, etc!
∞ Real trophies!
∞ Rags and suspenders for all teams!
∞ Corrected physicists! (We will keep improving)

Video Preview: 


⚠️ ATTENTION! You need to have PES 6 FULL installed so that the patch works correctly. Look carefully at the video to not have any problem!


Tuesday, 12 June 2018

PES 6 Next Season Patch 2018/19 Update (11-June-2018)

Features :
Mmore than 500 new faces and all the faces of the 2018 World Cup teams complete
More than 600 new shoes for all players
More than 100 new balls for the season 18/19
Fix Lag
New Gameplay
Update the transfers (Fred, Nabi Keita and Fabinho – Liverpool, Pepe Reina – Milan … and more
Linking the stadiums teams
Updating Referee With New Faces And Kits
New entertainment
New sound effects in the game
And more …

First, Download Full Patch. Then , Download New Update:

How To Install : Move Files Inside “THE PATCH” Into Your Main Game File, Move “KONAMI” To Your “Documents”.


Monday, 11 June 2018

PES 6 PES Colombia Patch - World Cup 2018 Russia Version


* Full World Cup 2018 Teams
* World Cup 2018 Faces, Kits, Boots, Balls, etc
* World Cup 2018 Stats, etc
* New Season 2018/19 Teams, Kits, Faces
* New World Cup 2018 and 2018/19 Update Option File
* EPL, FA Cup, Eagle Cup, Serie A TIM, Bundesliga, LaLiga, Uefa, etc



Staff oficial:

The Punisher 22
PES 6 Faces by Roni
FacaA/Ngel Kitmaker PES 6
Gabo - Facemaker PES 6-

Colaboración y alianzas:

Pro Evolution Chile

Externos, públicos y recomendados:

By Roony 18
Dibu Edition
El Sergio Jr
Pato_Lucas 18
PES Logos
World Stadiums
 Slim's Dark
Alegor PES 6 Faces
 Adam & The Kid
 Matty Rockers
 Alessandro Edition
Jerson Facemaker
Update Faces