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Friday, 2 November 2018

PES 6 Crowd Chants for PES Firebird Patch 2018-19 Beta

CREDITS: Akig666 (Crédits also to secun1972 and chuckbass)

You just have to replace 0_sound.afs and e_sound.afs in Program Files (x86)/KONAMI/Pro Evolution Soccer 6/dat


Thursday, 25 October 2018

PES 6 Classic Decades Era Patch

I created this new patch with clubs and national teams divided for decades (years 60, 70, etc, up to the years 2000 up to 2010 max)
I worked on the the Classic Patch Shollym and I thank you very much for his wonderful work.
Patterns , formations and squads of the teams were taken from PESMITIDELCALCIO , PESSTATSDATABASE and PCSDFORUMFREE.

Teams' list:


Brazil, Sweden, France, Hungary, Italy, Uruguay, Argentina, Austria, England, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Soviet Union, Yugoslavia

Barcellona, Benfica, Bologna, Fiorentina, Inter, Juventus, Manchester United, Milan, Real Madrid, Torino, Santos, Botafogo, River Plate, Penarol


Netherland, Poland, Scotland, West Germany, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Peru

Ajax, Anderlecht, Bayern Monaco, Borussia Moenchengladbach, Cagliari, Feyenoord, Inter, Juventus, Lazio, Liverpool, Milan, Torino


Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Soviet Union, England, France, Netherland, Uruguay, West Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Italy

Ajax, Anderlecht, Ascoli, Atalanta, Avellino, Barcellona, Bologna, Bordeaux, Cesena, Como, Dinamo Kiev, Empoli, Fiorentina, Flamengo, Inter, Juventus, Lecce, Liverpool, Milan, Napoli, Pescara, Pisa, Porto, PSV Eindhoven, Real Madrid, Roma, Sampdoria, River Plate, Torino, Udinese, Verona


Bulgaria, Croatia, Norway, Rumania, Sweden, Yugoslavia, Spain, Netherland, Denmark, Nigeria, France, Germany, England, Colombia, Italy, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil

Ajax, Arsenal, Atalanta, Atletico Madrid, Barcellona, Bari, Bayern Monaco, Benfica, Bologna, Bordeaux, Borussia Dortmund, Brescia, Cagliari, Chelsea, Cremonese, Deportivo La Coruna, Fiorentina, Foggia, Cruzeiro, Genoa, Inter, Juventus, Lazio, Manchester United, Milan, Monaco, Napoli, Flamengo, Olympique Marsiglia, Boca Juniors, Palmeiras, Paris Saint Germain, Parma, PSV Eindhoven, Real Madrid, River Plate, Roma, Sampdoria, Schalke 04, Sao Paulo, Stella Rossa Belgrado, Stoccarda, Torino, Tottenham, Udinese, Valencia, Vicenza, Corinthians, Vasco da Gama


Czech Republic, Grece, Netherland, Portugal, Spain, France, Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Germany, England, Sweden

Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, Barcellona, Bayer Leverkusen, Bayern Monaco, Brescia, Chelsea, Deportivo La Coruna, Monaco, Fiorentina, Inter, Juventus, Lazio, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Milan, Olympique Lione, Paris Saint Germain, Parma, Porto, Real Madrid, Roma, Schalke 04, Valencia, Villareal

Allstars Team

Pre war, '50, '60, '70, '80, '90, '00, '10

To install this patch version you first need to have the Bonaz Classic Patch.
Thanks to Sany023

Then replace these files in the installed patch


Monday, 22 October 2018

PES 6 New Season Patch 2019 v5


* New Season Option File October 2018
* New Faces & Hairs
* New Boots, Balls, Etc
* New Stadiums
* New Menu and Startscreen
* Scoreboards and Adboards


Video Preview: 

CREDITS: LEO98HD for the patch & Ahmed.R.Genius for Graphic Menu.


Thursday, 11 October 2018

PES 6 PECH Master Patch 2018-19 V1


√ Copas reales para todas las competiciones.

√ Nuevos gráficos al más puro estilo que sólo PECH podría entregar.
Créditos: alex jovis

√ Kits sin licenciar actualizados y configurados en el editor interno + colores correctos de las hinchadas.
Créditos: Fabián, camilomax & Luxo_xxx

√ Nuevos Cánticos con gran calidad de audio + nuevo pack de música.
Créditos: alex jovis & Fabián

√ Lienzos de los equipos recopilados y relinkeados
Créditos: Luxo_xxx

√ Ejecutable versión Cámara Normal y Cámara Alejada.
Créditos: Luxo_xxx

√ Option File 100% actualizado, con muchísimas mejoras respecto a parches anteriores en Stats, Dorsales, Alineaciones y más.
Créditos: Fabián & camilomax

√ Nuevos Marcadores, Escudos y Teamnames totalmente actualizados + nuevos logos de pantalla y carga.
Créditos: alex jovis


Wednesday, 10 October 2018

PES 6 Pro EvoColombia Patch V6 - Season 2018-19

Official product of Colombia for the world.
South American edition and contribution for one of the best virtual football games ever created; supports the content to continue editing and keep it up through the years as it has been, thanks.


Premier League (FA Cup), Eagle League (Eagle Cup), Serie A TIM (TIM Cup), Bundesliga (DFB Pokal), LaLiga Santander (Copa del Rey), UEFA Combined, Combined Eagle Tournament and Combined Conmebol.

* New Updated Faces & Hairs
* New Boots and Balls
* New Stadiums
* New Kits
* New Scoreboards
* New Adboards and turfs
* Added New SweetFX


Saturday, 6 October 2018

PES 6 Firebird Patch Update v3.1 2018-19 (October 2018 Fix)

*New Option File, Faces, Hairs, Etc
* Includes Option file for both Firebird and Non-Patch
* Non Patch Option file made by Beingames4u

CREDITS: Kevin Bruser



Thursday, 4 October 2018

PES 6 Last option File Update (04-10-2018)

CREDITS: Beingames4u

Features :
Last Transfers For 2-10-2018
Correct All Numbers For New Souads
Official Plans For All Teams & Nations
Add New Players 2019
And More Find It Yourself

Compatible With Original Game Without Patches


Sunday, 30 September 2018

PES 6 Option File 2018-19 (Ocotber 2018 Update)

CREDITS: Trapos y unis para pes 6 - Raros

New updated transfers till 01-10-2018
New Kits for Teams
New Squad lists


Wednesday, 12 September 2018

PES 6 ESS-NODRESS 2018-19 + Legends Patch




PES 6 Super Star Patch 2019 - RELEASED (12-09-2018)

Features :
Update Latest Summer Transfers 2018/2019
Update All Leagues Season 2018/2019
Update National Squad Teams 2018/19
Add Egyptian League 2018/19
Add CAF Cup / CL Cup 2018/19
Update All Kits For Season 2018/19
Add New Players For Season 2018/19
Add New Bootpack For Season 2018/19
Add More Faces & Update Old Faces (+4000 Face)
Update Stadiums & Add Pitch HD 2018/19
Add New Gameplay Professional
Chaange Graphics Menu To PES 2019
And More Surprises …

Credit : Original patch makers, PES Motaz


Sunday, 9 September 2018

PES 6 PES Firebird Patch 2018-19 Update 3.0 (Unofficial Patch)

CREDITS: Kevin Bruser

Kevin Brüser shared a link.
9 hrs
New Update 3.0!


New teams AEK Athen & Glasgow Rangers (replaced Trabzonspor & Legia Warschau)
Over 100 new Players
Many new Faces & Hair
Updated all National Teams (only China is not updated)!!!
Many new Kits (which are available at the moment)

If you find mistakes like wrong faces or something, let me know it!

Replace the old files with the new ones. Put unknown_00535 and 536 in the correct file.

Have fun with it!!


Wednesday, 5 September 2018

PES 6 PESVOX Patch 2019 (PES 2019 Version)


- Full English Text & Arabic Commentary Language
- new Callnames & Goal Sounds
- new Menu Music with correct Tracklist
- Chants for each Team are 100% original from PECH Patch
- new Fonts & Colours
- new ingame Stadiums for the best Teams with HD Turf, suitable Nets & Adboards
- newest Balls with HD Preview
- new Referee Kits
- new Trophies, Cups & Teamlogos
- new Menu, League & Cups Backgrounds
- new Scoreboards with correct Extra Time and now with a Match Preview
- new Formation Screen, Replay Logo & Loading Icon
- newest Kitserver Version


Team List: https://pastebin.com/DnDz6Yb4


Tuesday, 28 August 2018

PES 6 Option File 27 August 2018 Season 2018-19

Matheus Aguiar Rede SharedPDonwloads

New option file for Pro Evolution Soccer 6. It includes the latest transfers of 2018/2019 Season. Includes updates for Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga, La Liga Santander, Serie A Brasilerao

Installation :
1. Extract all files with WinRAR, Copy KONAMI-WIN32PES6OPT to
Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 6\save\folder1
2. Play !


Tuesday, 7 August 2018

PES 6 [ONLINE/OFFLINE] Greek Revolution Patch 2018 (07-08-2018)


NEW name of the patch
WC UPDATE (new NTs Panama and Iceland)
new scoreboards (WC by ET1, OTEsports)
exclusive faces (+HD, kitserver update)
more than 70 body types updated
updated menu graphics
new boots and linked to players
All Greek Stadiums (in kitsever)
more then 1000 updated stats
Ergotelis instead of Panegialios

Full EPL, LaLiga, Serie A, Superleague Greece
Best 8 from Bundesliga and Ligue 1 (16 teams in total)
8 clubs from Cypriot League
10 clubs from Greek Football League
8 clubs from Latin America
18 other EU clubs
Greek Commentary (Sotirakopoulos by Etherovamon)
Player Stats (attributes) We create our own stats
more than 2.000 players recently updated
mainstream menu's music
Online Compatible (global adjust +3 for all stats)


Add more real youngsters for better ML experience
Fix Players crazy salaries
Add classic players as hidden for ML (Greek knowledge and more)

you dont need to install previous versions
but if you have it is strongly recommended to delete your kitserver folder
download all 12 parts
extract into your PES6 directory
before start PES6 delete your current Option File

Faces Pato_Lucas18
Gabo CR PES 6 faces
PES Logos
PES6 Faces by BR92
Portal das faces PES6 by Alemoarts
Pro Evolution Chile
Pro Evolution Soccer 6 Colombia
Victor Dutra
WindowOp Kitmaker - PES 6


Friday, 20 July 2018

PES 6 Next Season Patch 2019 - Update v2

- Update all Leagues with new teams 18/19
( Real Valladolid , Frosinone )
- Summer Transfers Update 20-07-2018
- More Than New 20 Face
And more


Before Download Update v2.0
You Must Download & Install:
PES6 Next Season Patch 2019
PES6 Next Season Patch 2019 v1.0

How To Install
1- Move Files Inside “THE PATCH” to Your Main Game Folder
2- Move “KONAMI” To Your “Documents”