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Sunday, 16 June 2019

PES 6 UEFA Champions League 2000-01 Mod

CREDITS: PES 6 Shah Ruud Deen Edition

Main Info:
-Based on PES 6 CL Play-Off Season 2001 by AlterEgo.
-Modified & Customized by Shahruddin Lahading.

-Menu graphics & music sountracks of UEFA Champions League.
-12 clubs of UEFA Champions League season 2000/2001 (8 quarter-finalists).
-All kits & alternate combination.
-Faces & hair for most players.
-Correct boots for most players.
-Fixed formation & player stats.
-Champions League stadiums for each team.
-UEFA Champions League Finale venue (San Siro, Milan).
-Balls for each teams.
-UEFA Champions League Adidas Finale ball.
-UEFA Champions League scoreboard.
-UEFA Champions League trophy.
-UEFA Champions League opmov.

Thursday, 13 June 2019

PES 6 PES VOX Patch v3.5 (Winter Transfer 2019)


Full English Text & Arabic Commentary Language
- new Callnames & Goal Sounds
- new Menu Music with correct Tracklist
- Chants for each Team are 100% original from PECH Patch
- new Fonts & Colours
- new ingame Stadiums for the best Teams with HD Turf, suitable Nets & Adboards
- newest Balls with HD Preview
- new Referee Kits
- new Trophies, Cups & Teamlogos
- new Menu, League & Cups Backgrounds
- new Scoreboards with correct Extra Time and now with a Match Preview
- new Formation Screen, Replay Logo & Loading Icon
- newest Kitserver Version

PASSWORD: seifelislam

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

PES 6 Irmandade Patch 2020


New Option File
New Kits 2019 Seaso
New faces and boots 2019
HD Stadiums for each team
New Updated Leagues
New formations screen
New startscreen and menu
Many More...


Thursday, 6 June 2019

PES 6 GREEK Revolution Patch 2019 v3


All Greek Super league faces made (!!!!)
139 new players faces from Greece and Cyprus
imported many young players from Greek SL (each player who have played even a minute is in)
fixed bodies types for many players
fixed ML salaries for many players
accurate boots (at least we've tried xD)
missing kits for Cypriot teams
a lot of updated stats (mostly Greek Super League)
new formations screen


Add more real youngsters for better ML experience
Fix Players crazy salaries for more players
Add classic players as hidden for ML (Greek knowledge and more)
Lamia stadium
update graphics
update NT's rosters
add missing nationalities
add Greek referee


PES 6 UEFA Champions League Mod 2019 HD

CREDITS: AlanEdits

Sunday, 2 June 2019

PES 6 Full Game Season 2019-20 (Portable AIO)


- New Season 2019-20
- Complete leagues of England, Spain, Italy, Germany
 - New Kits 2019-20 Season
 - New faces and updated boots
 - National teams updated
 - New graphics mode
 - Update database
 - New Stadiums


Tuesday, 28 May 2019

PES 6 Supersonic Patch 2019 (Copa America 2019)

- Winter Transfers 2018/19
- New graphic menu
- Added new faces, boots, gloves, hairs 2019
- Updated teams 2018/19
- Updated Player statistics, formations, and ability 2019
- Updated Premier League, Serie A Italy, La Liga Santander, Superliga Argentina, Bundesliga, and rest of the world teams 2019
- Updated Copa America 2019 National Teams
- Added new kits for all clubs & national teams 2019
- Updated Scoreboards, Balls and many more !


Friday, 24 May 2019

PES 6 Masters Patch 11 Season 2019-20 v1.6

Libertad, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Mexico, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Porto, Athletico Paranaense, Palmeiras, São Paulo, Leicester, Juventus, Flamengo, Ajax, LAU, Racing, Estudiantes, Fiorentina, Cerro Porteño

Premier League 2018-2019;
Brasileirão Assaí 2019;
Brazilian Series B 2019;
Series A TIM 2018-2019;
The Santander League 2018-2019;
Champions League 2018-2019 (The 22 other clubs in the group stage, apart from the leagues above);
Libertadores 2018 (There are 18 updated clubs, all of this edition).


Saturday, 11 May 2019

PES 6 Patch Edit v1.0 Beta 2019 Season

English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, main clubs of the champions league, some of the sulamericanos in the libertadores and last the league that is not 100 % the brasileirão.

The reason for the brasileirão is not completed is why it's league was the last to start and the transfers wouldn't stop

Therefore, this beta patch should please those who like a well-disputed game because the skills were extracted from FIFA (EX: goalkeepers are not skilled, defenders in most situations are slow and with little skill, just for you to have an idea).

Stay tuned and just wait!!! * and this patch logo should be provisional...

Monday, 29 April 2019

PES 6 UEFA Champions League Mod 2019

CREDITS: Alan Designs

Here I leave the mod of the UCL; not this 100 % finished but I will finish editing PES 6, and I wanted to leave what I promised you a long time ago, thank you

Monday, 15 April 2019

PES 6 Infinitty Patch 2019 vol.1 - RELEASED


* Option File updated, with best in numbers and alignments, the equipment updated practically to 100%
* The stadiums, real and updated stadiums in terms of turf and textures
* Real faces and hairstyles
* Licensed and updated kits
* Upgraded Balls, including all competitions and patch leagues
* Selector with more than 40 MARKERS to toggle, with just one click!
* New updated chants
* Real trophies for all competitions
* Real flags and banners for ALL teams
* New skin texture for players and referees
* Real Referees
* Corrected physics (many are still missing but we are getting better)
* Real Stats for all teams
* and many more......

Thursday, 11 April 2019

PES 6 PECH Master Patch Update April 2019

√ Real cups for all competitions.
√ New graphics in the purest style that only PECH could deliver.
We have as a novelty the creation of two s_text; one in PES2019 version and the other in FIFA19 version with graphic movements of the menu as close as possible to the current reality. Credits: alex jovis
√ Unlicensed kits updated and configured in the internal editor + correct colors of the fans. Credits: Fabián, camilomax & luxo_xxx
√ New songs with great audio quality + new music pack. Credits: luxo_xxx & Jorito
√ Canvases of the collected and
relinkered equipment Credits: luxo_xxx
√ Executable version Normal Camera and Remote Camera. Credits: luxo_xxx
√ Option File 100% updated, with many improvements over previous patches in Stats, Dorsal, Alignments and more.Credits: Fabián & camilomax
√ New Markers, Shields and Teamnames totally updated + new screen and loading logos. Credits: alex jovis
√ New compilation of Faceserver 100% updated, with the best version of each player. Credits: Fabián & camilomax
√ New Balls compiled by Alex Jovis and created by DaveBecce, hayate, PesLogos, among others.
√ The best collection of kits, new and updated. Credits: P17
√ The most complete collection of Stadiums.
Credits: P17 & Previous stadiums by Jorito
√ Corrected
physics of in-game players Credits: camilomax & Fabián
√ Stats updated to date according to Pes Stats Database and Pes Kings Edition
Credits: camilomax & Fabián
√ The best stadiums in the world now come within the 0_text, compilation and relinkeo like never before !.
Credits: luxo_xxx
√ Exclusive Opmov for PECH Master Patch 2019.
Credits: GohikariCL
√ Extra Content, compiled by luxo_xxx:
- Improved sounds (Pause the game, error sound, choose some mode, change option, etc)
- Atmosphere
- New skin for players and referees
- New public
Credits: STEGRA, saborio, Lesoj, kingsley813, jasarsoft and ThanhCFC.