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Friday, 20 July 2018

PES 6 Arabic Commentary (FIFA 18 Version)

CREDITS: ??? Thanks to PES Firebird

new arabic commentary of Fares Awad
Mohamed Sobhi offers you the second version and the legendary update to comment faris awad evil 6 of FIFA 18 by adding new sentences
And the surprise.
The comment includes the names of the players for the 14 major teams and attached with comment names for installation from inside the game
Comment is very realistic and tragic


Sunday, 10 June 2018

PES 6 Nike Vapor Grip 3 Glove World Cup 2018 (+ More Gloves Pack)

CREDITS: Alessandro Edition

Save Png file from below link (Copy and Paste the link)

PES 6 Puma One Grip 18.1 Glove World Cup 2018 (+ More Gloves Pack)

CREDITS: Alessandro Edition

Save Png file from below link (Copy and Paste the link)

Thursday, 7 June 2018

PES 6 New Tools Mini Pack


With this tool can export-reimport 3d model for edit, like: kit for referee, all other kits models,face,trophy (at trophy, we can make and light map with vertex color)
fef scripts for blender: Skunk
source for new_P6: karbonio72
source for zlibtool 1.0 for pes10: Juce
zlib library: Jean-loup Gailly, Mark Adler


Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

PES 6 New Ball Physics Update v1.0

CREDITS: Kingsley813
Increased the ball movement at player's feet. Ball rolls away more, and sticks less to player's feet.
Slightly more bounce in the ball, noticeable in passing.
Crosses and lobs travel further
Slightly better shooting
Reduced the stick of the ball to the ground


1. Install PES 6.
2. Extract PES 6 Ball Physics Update with WinRAR and put it to your PES 6 installation folder ( Replace / Overwrite ).
3. Done ! now see the difference !


Friday, 11 May 2018

PES 6 E_Text PES 2019 Version

CREDITS: Micano4u

The upcoming PES 2019 Game E-Text
* New HD Logos
* New PES 2019 Menu
* Etc

Installation: Just put the e_text.afs to PES 6 \ Dat Folder


Tuesday, 24 April 2018

PES 6 New Kitserver 6.7.1 by Juce


Version 6.7.1 released
NEW in 6.7.0:
- HD faces and hair (experimental)
- internal resolution modifier
NEW in 6.64:
- now *really* fixed problems with afs2fs module
- rebuilt all DLLs to ensure compatibility with new kload
NEW in 6.6.0:
- AFS2FS module (same functionality as in Kitserver 7 and 8, but with multiple roots support)

- kits support for licensed/unlicensed (including "Other C") teams. Kit format: paletted or truecolor (PNG or BMP). HD-kits supported.
- 3rd,4th,etc. (extra) kits selection using "1" and "2" buttons (for both players and gk)
- kit parts mixing is possible, and also no shared palette headache.
- all kit attributes supported (model, collar, number/name placement). New attribute: "shirt.number.location" to set where number on the front of the shirt (for national teams) appears: center or topright.
- Faceserver (with hairserver)
- Bootserver (unlimited amount of boots: each player can get its own)
- Ballserver
- LODmixer (LODs, camera-fix, aspect ratio correction, attendance settings, etc.)
- Stadium Server
- AFS2FS (with multiple roots support)
- gamepad/keyboard hotkeys support


Thursday, 12 April 2018

PES 6 UCL Graphics Pack 2018

CREDITS: Pato_Lucas18

I also corrected some errors in the tool to edit the game plates, DOWNLOAD the Tools to edit:


Wednesday, 28 March 2018

PES 6 All Editing Programs - Big Tools Pack

CREDITS: collecting this tools go to: Whan & kristian826

Included programs:

Files Import Tools:

-Dkz Studio
-AFSExplorer 3.7

Graphics Editors:

-OEdit Faceedit Tool
-WE10 KitTool
-Game Graphic Studi 7.4.0.msi
-WEPictureDecoder 1.95.exe


-GBD Manager 6.2
-Kitserver 6.6.4
-PES 5 to PES 6 Stadium Conventer
-Pro Evolution Tool 1.0

Optionfile Tools:

-EPT PES6 Of Manager
-PES Save Converter 6.0
-PESFan Editor 6.0.6

Other Tools:

-FM to PES Stat Conventer 1.2
-PES6 Multimanager 1.1.1
-PES6 T&S Exe Editor 1.0
-Selector 0.2
-3dAnalyzer 2.36.exe
-Adx Converter 5.19.10.exe
-Afs Backuper 1.0.exe
-WE10 Set Default Color 5.2.0.exe
-NoMad DBEditor 0.6

PES Stadium Importer Tools:


Video Capture Tools:

-Opmov 0.1
-Taksi 0.5.1
-Fraps 2.8.1.exe
-VirtualDub 1.7.0.exe


Sunday, 18 March 2018

PES 6 Full Teams Mega Banners Collection

CREDITS: Shollym PESerbia


* Includes almost all league's team's banners
* EPL, LaLiga, French Ligue 1, Eredivisie, Serie A, Bundesliga 2, Serie B, Portuguese League, Brasileiro, Argentina League, Etc
* International Team's Banners
* Includes 256x256 and 512x512 size banners


Mediafire link by UltiGamerz