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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Top 10 football players kids

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It’s ‘Bring Your Kid to Work’ Day at Ultigamerz and today we look at some of the cutest boys and girls accompanying their daddies on a day of work, whether it is in his arms, or on the stands cheering their father on, they’re adorable and we just can’t keep our eyes off them.  Now, it was definitely not easy to narrow this list down to just 10 children but nothing is impossible.
Here is a list of the 10 most lovable, show-stopping, jaw-droopingly delightful kids in the world of football. Guess researchers have got their work cut out for them; because it seems that footballer’s have the cutest kids ever. Let’s start numbering 10 to 1.

10. RAFAEL VAN DER VARRT (SON: - Damian Van Der Varrt):
Birthdate: 28th May 2006
"Little Damian is the best thing in my life," said Rafael Van Der Vaart and it is not hard to see why. He is one of the cutest boys out there. Often seen with his dad, he is shy and sweet and utterly adorable. Damian is loving, and delightful. The camera loves him, people around him love him and he is just one of those kids, who you instantly fall in love with, What a lucky man Rafael is... and he knows it.

9. KUYT (DAUGHTER: - Noelle Kuyt):
Birthdate: 29th October
This young Dutch girl is seen all dressed up in orange in support of her father at the Euro’s in 2008. She was definitely a lucky charm that night as Netherlands went on to won 4-1. With little smudges of face paint on her cheeks and the cuteness she exemplifies, Noelle is one hell of a stunner and is undoubtedly going to be gorgeous when she grows up making Dirk Kuyt one proud papa!

8. CARLOS TEVEZ (DAUGHTER: - Florencia Tevez):
Birthdate: 1st April 2005
Seen sporting a very similar smile to her father, Florencia seems to be a younger version of her daddy Carlos Tevez . Dressed in an Argentinian team kit, she looks adorable and ready to cheer on her father! Carlos Tevez says that his daughter, Florencia is much better at English than he is and even calls him a "moron"; Is it true that the only person who can shut a man up, is his own daughter?!

7. LUIS SUAREZ (DAUGHTER: - Delfina Suarez):
Birthdate: 5th August 2010
This picture has the highest “aw-factor”.  Tiny Delfina fits perfectly into the arms of Liverpool striker, Luis Suarez and seems to be nothing but a bundle of joy. While she’s content in daddy Suarez’s arms, he seems to be the happiest person on earth. It is one of those pictures where you can’t help but notice that in all her tininess, she is the cutest little girl in the arms of an even cuter father...

6. JOHN TERRY (SON: - Georgie John):
Birthdate: 18th May 2006
Little George was in tears when John Terry gave his shirt away to a fan at Wembley. His father then had to promise to bring his shirt from his Everton clash for the young boy. With all the rumors and drama surrounding the Chelsea man, his devotion to his children remains intact. It is obvious that his son adores him and looks up to his father, possibly hoping to be like him some day.  He is often seen training, warming up or playing with John Terry and is a much cuter replica of the Blues captain making him the third cutest kid in our top 10.

5. DAVID BECKHAM (SON: - Romeo Beckham):
Birthdate: 1st September 2002
Romeo has one of the biggest names in football as a father, yet according to mum, Victoria Beckham, he is a bigger fan of Justin Beiber. She says that Romeo even wanted to name his sister Justine Beiber Beckham, and asked if he could have a play date with the popular singer. Whilst people all over the world sport David Beckham shirts, will his son be sporting an “I Love Beiber” one instead?
Romeo is the middle of the three sons and resembles Becks the most. The boyish smile that his father has been so famous for can be often seen on the face of Romeo as well. Beckham is a committed father, and the joy on Romeo’s face when around his father proves to us that not only is Beckham a legend in football, but a great father as well.

Birthdate:  8th July 2009
She’s seen two sides to the Premier League, The Reds and the Blues, this miniature Fernando Torres, sporting a similar pouty look except with a sadder face is an undeniably adorable sight. Similar features that made many a girl swoon, is destined to bring daddy Torres a bout of trouble over the years, but the look of devotion on Nando’s face and concern for his daughter, says this Chelsea man surely won’t mind! Nora Torres, decked in Blue stands looks as smart as her father on a match day!

3. DAVID VILLA (DAUGHTER: - Zaida Villa):
Birthdate: 12th July 2005
The cutest, most adorable girl on our list is the daughter of Spanish footballer David Villa.  She is the female version of Villa but even more beautiful. The slightly oversized Spain shirt and cute hairstyle makes her look even more delightful, if that is even possible. It is hard to describe this gorgeous little Spanish girl, because her cuteness transcends words!

2. CRISTIANO RONALDO (SON: - Cristiano Jr.):
Birthdate: 17th June 2010
Same name, similar features and almost the same expression. A celebrity before he even spoke his first words, Cristiano Jr, is believed to be a replica of his father, right down to his dress code.  Fashionable at a young age, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to deem him cuter than his father, who has more than hundreds of fan pages on the internet and thousands of girls chasing after him! This young boy will definitely be one to keep an eye out for and Cristiano is said to be dedicated to his son, whilst his family adores Junior to death, after all, which wouldn’t...?

1. ROONEY (SON: - Kai Rooney):
Birthdate: 2nd November 2009
The most adorable thing about Kai is his resemblance to his father Wayne. Decked in a Manchester United kit, he could almost pass of as his father, if only he were a bit taller. His eyes and mischievous smile reminds one of Wayne Rooney.

What do you think about this post? Who do you think top of the list? Share your comments to us.. 

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