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Thursday, 15 November 2018

PES 6 Adidas Initiator Boots-Pack 2019



PES 2017 Option File Update Professionals Patch V5.1 (16-11-2018)


Option File 14-11-2018:

1 – Modify and update game plans
2 – Fix some players
3 – Review all summer transfers

PES 6 UEFA Fix Face-Pack 2019


Faces: Defrel, Fellaini, Piazón, Juanmi, Luis, Agüero

PES 2013 PESEdit v13.2 Patch 2019 Option File (November 2018)

CREDITS: oussama KE

– Correct some gameplans

PES 6 Aymeric Laporte (Manchester City) Face

CREDITS: Abdo Facemaker

Winning Eleven 9 / PES 5 New Season Patch 2018-19

CREDITS: Thanks to Lord Play for the share

Features :

- Winter Transfers 2018
- New faces, balls, boots 2017/2018.
- Updated top leagues to 2017/2018.
- New kits for 2017/2018.
- Updated latest transfers 2017/2018.

PES 2019 [Sider Module] Gameplay Loader V1.4 by Baris

Current version: 1.4
Minimum version of Sider required: 5.1.0
Other System Requirements: Windows (using the “dir” command to read folders)

– Injects a gameplay mod per game start
Reads all folders in “content/gameplay-loader” and injects randomly one gameplay mod while starting PES 2019 (only per game start, not per match!)
Add unlimited gameplay mods
– You can add as many gameplay mods as you want! Just extract the contents of the modded “dt18_x64.cpk” e.g. with CRI Packed File Maker and put it in “content/gameplay-loader/your-gameplay-mod”. Take a look at the gameplay mods located in content/gameplay-loader as reference.
– Configure default gameplay mod in config.ini
It is also possible to disable choosing a gameplay mod randomly by setting the value “default_gameplay” in gameplay-loader/config.ini to a specified value. However if no default_gameplay is set, it will randomly choose one)
Example 1: default_gameplay = vanilla
Example 2: default_gameplay = dt18_x64_modded_original_2015_1_NEW_Tweaked_Shooting

1) Install sider 5.1.0 (or higher)
2) Copy folders “content” and “modules” to your PES2019 directory and overwrite the directories. No files of sider will be overwritten.
3) Add the following line to your sider.ini:
lua.module = “GameplayLoader.lua”

Credits: (I believe you know it already :D)
juce and nesa24 for sider
zlac and Hawke for writing lua modules (which have inspired this module)


PES 2018 [ANDROID] Liverpool FC Patch (PES 2018 v2.3.3)

This patch for pes 2018 with version 2.3.3(newest)
Liverpool menu an startscreens


+Update several jersey season 18-19
+New updated mini faces
+new update hair such as messi, neymar, mctominay, bechkam, griezmann, pogba, mahrez, ozil, rakitic etc
+ new grass and adboard
+new logo for Barcelona

PES 6 Serie A Unmades Face-Pack 2018-19

CREDITS: PES 6 Facemaker Дзмітрый Русак

Faces: Andrea Favilli, Marko Pajac, Musa Juwara, Riccardo Daga, Sergej Grubac, Simone Aresti

PES 2017 Cristiano Ronaldo (Juventus) Face (16 Nov 2018)

CREDITS: Solo Facemaker