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Tuesday, 19 June 2018

PES 2018 PTE Patch World Cup 2018 Mode - RELEASED

This mode includes:
- World Cup themed menus
- Scoreboard
- New logos and country flags
- Official intro video
- Wolrd Cup adboards and stadium boards

- Only compatible with the latest PTE Patch (5.0)
- Don`t reupload in others links. Use the original ones, respect our work.
- Frequently Asked Questions - F.A.Q.
- About PTE Patch

Txak (scoreboard, font), majuh (adboards), strickeruser (replay logo)
Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup design | designed by Vexels


PES 2018 SMoKE Patch Update X23 (10.2.3) [RELEASED - 19 June 2018]

Main Changes:
– reworked the system files
– included compatibility files
– reviewed world cup teams
– added missing players
– fixed some kits and faces
– various fixes and enhancements

Changes in previous updates (included with this update)
– updated world cup squads
– added new teams
– updated more kits
– added more faces

Update X23 version (10.2.3) is made for patch X20, it can update any version you have starting with X20, no need to remove or install older versions.

Compatibility Issues:
Konami released multiple data packs and game versions lately, every time this happens some files have to be modified to accommodate these updates, this would also result in malfunction with some game version.
Update X23 have a reworked system files included to make sure all games are compatible without any additions.
latest DP version: 4.01 and 1.05.02

Fixed reported Issues:
In previous versions we got reports about some bugs in the game (examples: Nigeria crash when making a sub), these issues is now resolved.
other enhancements regarding players attributes, bugged faces, missing kits and similar issues is now resolved.

World cup squads:
Some players where not present in our database for the world cup, now they are added to smoke database and assigned to their respective national teams.

Classic players in master league:
Reports about some of the classic players appears in master league even with the option is turned off, this issue happens if the master league started with version X21, and should not happen with this version after the teams system files is reworked.
Please note that editing the patch with an external editor will result in this issue, external editors are made to work with standard game teams and would not correctly configure the classic teams and results in classic players appearing in master league, using external editor is not recommended.

– Be sure you have full patch X20 installed
– Download update X23 and extract the installer, run UpdatesmokeX23.exe then finish.

* nothing else is required.

* no need other updates, only full patch and this update


PES 6 Neymar Face-Pack World Cup 2018 v2

CREDITS: Dewatupai PES 6


PES 2017 SMoKE Patch Update 9.8.4c (19 June2018)

Main Changes:
– reworked the system files
– reworked compatibility files (game stability)
– reviewed and updated world cup teams
– added new teams and updated more faces
– various fixes and enhancements

This version includes the teams newly added to the database:

ACL teams:
Vissel Kobe – Japan
Sanfrecce Hiroshi – Japan
Cerezo Osakama – Japan
Al-Wasl – UAE
Sydney FC – Australia
Madura United – Indonesian

Libertadores teams:
Bolívar – Bolivia
Delfín SC – Ecuador
Club Libertad – Paraguay
Cerro Porteño – Paraguay
Defensor SC – Uruguay

Some faces needed fixing because some tattoos files were still present in the face file, this now is fixed, we had some requests to remove the tattoos but keep the updated faces, this was done and many players have faces updated without the presence of any bugs.

World cup squads:
all world cup teams are updated and have correct squads following the official team callups made by the respective teams.

– Be sure you have full patch 9.8 (inside)
– Download update and extract the installer, run Updatesmoke984.exe then finish.

* nothing else is required, this can be applied for any version starting with 9.8, no need to remove or install previous updates.


PES 2018 PTE Patch 2018 v5.0 AIO - RELEASED (15/06/2018)

– Updated all World Cup Russia 2018 national teams squads
– Update kits for all in-game national teams, including real fonts for must of them.
– New tattoos added
– New stadium/teams adboards
– National team-anthems
– Update team lineups and transfers (based on the latest KONAMI Live Update 26/04/18)
– Updated managers (based on the latest KONAMI Live Update 31/05/18)
– Compatible with the latest KONAMI Data Pack 4.0 and KONAMI Patch
– Latest Live Update (31/05/18) fully implemented


– If you find some error, please report
– Don`t reupload in others links. Use the original ones, respect our work.
– Don’t use any of our work without permission (For add ons, you dont need to ask)

Tunizizou (tools), zlac (tools), PES Logos (Logos), Cesc (Minifaces), (Minifaces), Sho9_6 (tattoos), Hawke (Referre kits, tattoos, balls, kits), Ginda (Selector), PES World (kits, bundesliga), Prince Hamiz (tattoos, faces), Marcéu (tattoos), Amir.Hsn7 (tattoos), DrDoooMuk (adboards), Txak (adboards, laliga 123 kitpack), Ketchup Gamers (Brasileirao players fake names), rkh257 (minifaces), 4N63L_77 (laliga 123 kits), ggblues (laliga 123 kits), Buffon99 (Serie B Kits), chosefs (adboards), majuh (adboards), Rob Kenshin (tattoos), Volun (faces), Lucas Facemaker (faces), its999maggle (scoreboard), Sofyan Andri (Tattoos), predator002 (national anthems).


PES 6 Neymar Jr Face-Pack World Cup 2018 v1



PES 6 World Cup Face-Pack 2018 (19 June 2018)


Faces: Carlos Salcedo, Carlos Vela, Jerome Boateng, Simon Kjaer, Gabriel Gomez, Roman Torres, Dries Mertens & Dedrycle Boyata


PES 2013 PES-ID Ultimate Patch v5.3.0 World Cup 2018 Update

Update Log :
World Cup 2018 squad, player numbers correct
World Cup 2018 kits for all 32 contestants
World Cup 2018 Scoreboard(Credits to Micano4u)
New national team : Iceland
New players

This is update for WORLD CUP RUSSIA 2018 only.
Leagues and clubs update for new season(2018/2019) is coming soon(v6.0). This update will includes all of the new season update, kits, faces, balls, and new feature that is still secret for now. (Note: v6.0 will be A.I.O)
v6.0 will be a huge update.
Probably squad is not updated for some national teams, we will update it as soon as possible.

.Net Framework(minimum 4.0)
PES-ID Ultimate Patch v5.0 (IMPORTANT)

Note : You don’t need the v5.1, but you might need the 5.2.0 version to prevent bugs.


Put "pesidv5-3-0-updater.exe" and "ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll" into your PES 2013 folder
Run "pesidv5-3-0-updater.exe" as administrator
Click "Update my PES-ID"
Wait until the button text changed into "UPDATE COMPLETED"
Close the application, open the launcher, and enjoy the game!


It is not necessary have the previous versions of the PES-ID Patch installed
If you find some error, please report  .
Don`t reupload in others links. Use the original ones, respect my work.
Don't use any of my work without permission (For add ons, you dont need to ask)


PES 2018 EGY Super Patch World Cup 2018 Edition

– Updates all new transfers and formations for all Clubs and Nationals Teams.
– Added 4000+ Minifaces For Players in Game Plan Mode.
– Corrected Callnames For All Unlicensed Clubs.
– Updated Kits Config for Too many Teams.
– Updated Some Graphics For Better Atmosphere.
– BundesLiga 2017/2018.
– Egypt PL 2017/2018.
– all National Teams.
– all Spanish La Liga Clubs 2018.
– all Spanish La Liga 2 Clubs 2018.
– all Portugal Primeira Liga Clubs 2018.
– Juventus Club 2018.
– 19/22 Serie B Clubs 2018.
– and more


– Added Latest Ballpack & Bootpack Season 2017/2018.
– Added Many Faces for Classic Players.
– Update team lineups and transfers.
– Updated Many Kits Configs.
– Compatible With Datapack 4.01.
– Compatible With Online Mode.
– World Cup themed menus.
– World Cup Scoreboard.
– New logos and country flags.
– World Cup adboards and stadium boards.
– Updated All National Teams Kits.

CREDITS: Tunizizou, zlac (tools), Arthur , Hawke (Referre kits, balls), Angel Torero (Kits)

Super Patch… Super Pes
Presented By MODY 99, 2009-2018


PES 2008 World Cup Russia 2018 Patch

PES 2008 World Cup Russia 2018 New Patch By Canal Virtual

How To Install:

Credits: all and original patchmakers.