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PES 2013 James Rodriguez & Ramsey White Hair Facepack

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Credit : Arvin


PES 6 LA Galaxy 2016-17 GDB Kits

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PES 6 New York City FC 2016-17 GDB Kits

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PES 2013 Sevilla 2016/17 Full GDB Kitpack

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PES 2016 UEFA FacePack Vol. 6

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PES 2016 Francesco Totti Young Classic Face

Totti classic face and MarioMilan hair, the hair was Michel Salgado, just change the hair style and color of this. Greetings.

Install: The id is 101705 Silvio of Chapecoense in the Brazilian league. you can rename to 970 for real id Totti.

Credit : NEEST, Michel Salgado, MarioMilan


PES 2016 FIFA WC Russia 2018 Scoreboard & Replay



PES 2013 Joe Hart (Manchester City) Face New



PES 6 Cristian Pavón (Boca Juniors) Face & Hair 2016



PES 2013 Topper Carbon KV 12 Ball



PES 6 Talleres De Cordoba 2016-17 GDB Kits

PES 6 Belgrano De Cordoba 2016-17 GDB Kits

PES 2017 Seeks to become The Most Realistic Soccer Game Ever

Plot the progress of the Pro Evolution Soccer series onto a graph and its trajectory wouldn't look drastically different to that of Liverpool FC. From humbler beginnings, both PES and Liverpool have experienced once-unimaginable highs that eventually nose-dived into unthinkable lows.

Where Liverpool were once the untouchable champions of Europe and England, Manchester United stepped up to take their place. PES, whose releases throughout the PS2 era saw it revolutionize the game of digital soccer, dropped the ball with the onset of the PS3 and Xbox 360 and allowed EA Sports' FIFA run away with title after title.

Thanks to Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool, however, and the masterful outing that was last year's PES 2016, the outlook for these two former champions is looking brighter than it has in a decade.

PES 2017 is setting out to offer its players a more realistic form of play, rather than relying on incorporating new game modes.

Both club and game are seeking to build on recent gains in confidence by focusing on the style of soccer on the pitch, rather than the elements surrounding it. In the case of PES 2017, its dev team is setting out to offer its players a more realistic form of soccer, rather than focusing on new game modes or official player and team licences.

Presumably in an effort to galvanize itself an ever stronger and more committed niche within the sports gaming space, PES 2017 is wholeheartedly dedicating itself to realism. Virtually every change between last season and the upcoming one is explicitly focused on creating a closer resemblance with what you see on TV, even if that means the learning curve and volume of options is, for some, going to be difficult to comprehend.

While FIFA appears more interested in providing a flash, fantastical interpretation of the game (with its abundance of skill moves and predilection for attacking players), PES 2017 is more grounded in replicating the fundamental building blocks of team play.

Goalkeeper AI appears to have been given a significant upgrade

For instance, a new advanced tactics system allows you to define how you want your team to act, with options for both when in possession and when chasing it. Prior to kick-off, you can assign defensive and attacking systems to the D-pad that can be cycled through whenever you see cause to do so.

If you want your fullbacks to be responsible for creating all of the width in your team, then you can employ the "attacking full backs" approach, triggering your forward players to drop inside in order to be ready to receive the ball from wide. Alternatively, the "false fullbacks" option brings your wide players to the middle and help dominate the battle through the central areas.

In defense it could be that you want to fill your own penalty area with as many players as possible to prevent goals being conceded from crosses, or play a high line to catch that aggressive striker offside. There are many options to choose from, and it's wise to practice with all of them in order to both be ready to face opponents of all dispositions and to give yourself as many routes as possible to recover from a losing position.

PES 2017's revamped AI, I'm told, actively learns player patterns, which compounds the need to educate yourself on how tactical approaches can ideally operate in different situations. If you consistently seek to load up in the middle of the park then you can expect your digital counterpart to either bring in more midfielders or seek to play the ball out wide as quickly as possible to make use of the space you've vacated. With only about ten games under my belt, it's difficult to tell how intelligent PES 2017's AI is at this point. However, the focus on implementing adaptive AI highlights just how seriously Konami wants you to think about the "why" of your actions as opposed to simply the "how".

Such details carry over into even the simplest of actions, such as controlling the ball. Players are noticeably better at using their first touch to direct where the ball will end up after receiving a pass. Think fast and you can immediately tap the ball in a direction that will embarrass the opposing defender as he skids past you, giving you time to consider your options. A skillful striker can swivel and take the ball on his chest in one motion, potentially leading to a shooting opportunity that wouldn't otherwise have arisen. On the other side of the coin, a keeper who is good with his feet, such as Manuel Neuer, can overcome a poor back pass from a defender by neatly using the outside of his foot to trick a rushing attacker into guessing the wrong angle to attempt a tackle.

Indeed, goalkeepers seem to have undergone several key improvements. They react much more quickly to shots, positioning themselves more intelligently before the ball is fired towards them, and get up off of the floor with more urgency if the ball is still in play after their initial save. Keeper quality, or lack thereof, was one of the major disappointments with PES 2016, so it's nice to see the problem being addressed.

It is important to state here, though, that we've only played with the world class goalkeepers that guard the sticks for Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, Germany, and France. To continue with the Liverpool analogy, it's difficult to believe Simon Mignolet (or is it Karius now?) is going to be quite so impressive.

PES 2016 suffered for not keeping the game up to date with the latest transfers--the plan is to fix that.

Should Mignolet somehow surprise us all next season and become the player that he hinted he might be in his younger years, then that upgrade should be represented through weekly updates. PES 2016 suffered for not providing regular tweaks to player ability, and failing to keep the game up to date with the latest transfers, but the plan is to fix that.

A patch will be rolled out on launch day that updates rosters to take into account the latest transfer activity, and that is to be followed up with weekly player stat alterations that reflect recent performances. Whoever turns out to be next season's surprise hit, in the vein of Marcus Rashford or N'Golo Kante this past season, can be expected to enjoy a significant stat boost.

As welcomed as such boosts are, the most important progression here concerns the series itself. PES 2016 provided ample evidence of Konami's ability to continue to create a soccer game that can compete with FIFA on the pitch, and it's vital that that

PES 2013 FC Bayern Munich and Man United 2016-17 Kits



PES 2016 Referee New Facepack

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If you want to referee Face by me appears more regular in match
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If you use All, someday would be coincide between the referee and the assistant of referee

Credit : Mo Ha


PES 6 Leroy Sané (Germany NT) Face & Hair 2016



PES 2015 PS3 Game Download Full Version

PES 2015 elevates on-field realism with the aim of recreating the drama and tension associated with vital matches. PES 2015 marks a concerted return to core PES values of total control, utterly responsive controls and unrestricted gameplay, where the user has complete control over how they play. Evert pass, shot or run is finely balanced to give maximum player satisfaction within PES 2015’s on-field action.


GAME NAME: Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 [PES 2015]
RELEASE DATE: November 11, 2014
SIZE: 7,4 Gb



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Wednesday 29 June 2016

PES 2013 Adidas Torfabrik Bundesliga 2016-17 Ball



PES 2013 Adidas Pro Ligue 1 2016-17 Ball

Credit : Goh125


PES 2016 Lionel Messi Retired Face

CREDITS: Bou7a Facemaker


PES 6 Presnel Kimpembe (PSG) Face & Hair 2016

CREDITS: Perrero Facemaker


PES 2013 Facepack Mix New 2016

CREDITS: Hamido Facemaker


PES 2013 Nolito (Spain NT) Face & Hair 2016

CREDITS: Facemaker Cesareo


PES 2013 New Facepack (Ronaldo, Bruyne & Perisic) 2016

CREDITS: Facemaker Cesareo


PES 2016 Vol.10 Facepack


INCLUDED: C. Ronaldo, Arnason, Funes Mori, Ivan Rakitic, Koke, K. Walker, R. Sanches, Rui Patricio


PES 2016 Graphic Menu Style

I am creating a new custom menu and thought I'd share it, it is a first version, which includes only the BG and the start screen, but I think I complete it in full as soon as I have new ideas.
hope you like it

Credit : G-Style


PES 2016 Good Euro 2016 Facepack

CREDITS: Ozy_96 PES MOD, White Demon, love01010100


PES 2013 Arévalo & Evra Face



PES 2017 is Better Than FIFA 17 'Hurray'

Much has been spewed about the rivalry between Konami and EA Sports for the best virtual soccer game. Now, the debacle enters another year. After recent releases, we now look at the ensuing battle between Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 and FIFA 17.

FIFA for the very first time introduced females to the game and the ongoing development of FIFA Ultimate Team has been an hallmark of the series. Now, we will have the first ever Story Mode for FIFA 17, featuring Alex Hunter. Everyone understands that FIFA is the gaming mogul, but things seem to be on the upturn for PES.

Since 2015 Konami has made stride to rebuild the series and now, the new release will feature an adaptive AI that adjusts your formation, puts extra markers where they’re needed and pushes your wing backs out wider, adapting as you play. Best of all, though, the goalkeepers aren’t useless this time around.


PES 2017 also introduces a revamped passing system that’s more context-sensitive, and about how the player receives the ball. Connecting up for a killer pass has been made to be as satisfying as possible, and being able to deftly flick the ball on an extra yard to set up a striker is easier than it’s previously been. The ball physics have evidently been improved, while a feature called ‘Real Touch’ determines the way in which different players control the ball. An increased level of control across the board is what Konami is angling for, and on the strength of this first hands-on with the game, it certainly seems to be on the right track.

The game simply feels smoother and more fluid, the Fox Engine coming into its own with some lovely visuals and excellent player likenesses. PES 2016’s physicality lives on too, with jostling and fighting for the ball on the ground or in aerial challenges an enjoyable, integral part of the game. As ever, the atmosphere of match day is present and correct too, in the roar of the crowds and how they react to the action on the pitch. Whether the commentary team will be up to the same standard is unknown, as it’s not in place yet.

Visual improvements, more player animations and improved goalies that aren’t nearly as clumsy and cavalier as they were in the previous game are all welcome additions for PES 2017, and the new adaptive AI could indeed be a game changer. But how does the new game fare in the licensing department? Well, this year’s Premier League team is Arsenal, while a great deal of European club teams will once again make the cut. Our demo features both the Gunners and Club Atlético de Madrid on the club side, as well as France and Germany on the international side, so that’s those squads confirmed at least.


FIFA 17 might have licensed Premier League managers on the sidelines and a new ‘The Journey’ story mode to go with its Frostbite Engine, but PES 2017 is seemingly looking to score where it counts, delivering in the areas where the recent previous entries in the series were lacking. Rubbish goalies have been addressed, players not making proper runs into space have been nixed, and it all seemingly comes down to that new, much-vaunted adaptive AI. ‘Total Team Control’ will also enable you to change your attacking and defending strategies in the middle of a match. There’s no shortage of options.

It seems that both FIFA and PES are pulling out all of the stops this year then, but I think for 2017, my money’s on PES. We’ll find out whether I’m right or not later this year.

PES 2010 Euro 2016 Facepack Vol.3

CREDITS: Gabriel Facemaker

INCLUDED: Luca Modric, Iniesta, Juanfran and Martial


PES 2010 Euro 2016 Facepack Vol.2 Fix

CREDITS: MTFacemaker

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Tuesday 28 June 2016

FIFA World Cup 2006 PC Game Full Version Download


Minimum System Requirements: 

Operating System: Windows XP/Windows Vista
Processor: 1.3 GHz
Memory: 256 MB
Hard Drive: 2.7 GB Free
Video Memory: 32 MB
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 Compatible
DirectX: 9.0c
Input: Keyboard & Mouse

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FIFA World Cup 2002 PC Game Full Version Download


2002 FIFA World Cup Game
File Size:476.9 MB
System Requirements!
Windows Xp,7,Vista,8
Ram: 128 MB
Video Memory: 32 MB
CPU: Intel Pentium III @ 1.0 GHz
Hard Space: 600 MB