Wednesday, 22 March 2017

PES 2017 Neymar, Gabigol, Gabriel Jesus & P. Coutinho Taattoo Pack

This mod is not create by me alone:
Amir.Hsn7 use a lot of time to modified the model to make the tattoo mod possible, and AMussoullini tell me about the possibility of skin ID 0, sxsxsx for the two arm model done last year too, zlac created a great skin ID tools for my request.

Rob Kenshin

if you want add tattoo just following this steps !

– Go to “common\character0\model\character\face\real” in the mod

– ADD a face ID folder

-Select and coppy the following items into your face ID folder :

[“skin folder”,”APC.mtl”]

– open your “face.xml”
– add below codes:

For example: if the player is long socks ( i am not suggest you add all type of thigh model to the face xml code, better choose one to avoid some possible bug, e.g. oral_thigh_long_*.model for long sock)

See Code Here:

-move your tattoo(dds format ) in skin folder and replace “skin_color dds”

-change the skin ID to 0 in the EDIT00000000
using Tattoo appearance – skin ID changer v1.1

Special attention:
If you only want to add tattoo to your existing face, you actallu only need to put [“skin folder”,”APC.mtl”, and the Player’s “face xml” ] inside the tattoo mod, without any face hair dds.

Please report for any bug and far view camera bug, some people said that before but i do not have this bug

Long Undershorts is not support for this mod if you use tattoo

At last: this mod changed the arm model to make it possible, so the arm size and shape is not perfect, I am still looking forward for some one to increase the skin slots to make it perfect!

CREDITS: Kelvinchan327


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