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Friday, 5 May 2017


PS4 menu light
New lines
New pitch texture
New mastereffects changes (adds subtle bloom/sharpeness nothing demanding
Includes 2k fabric mod from pantel
Gameplay tweaks (it really feels like ps4 now, although i do play at the max speed, either way you will feel it no matter what speed you play the game)

NOTE: You can disable gameplay tweaks at any time by changing sider.ini config.

Installation its easy peasy just make sure you have no sider or any cpk mods related to turfs/light this includes swetfx etc.
Then extract the contents from my rar to you main pes17 folder, run sider, start the game.

If you are familiar with side you use the mods by adding the paths as you like in sider.ini and placing my files there. My data folder is not inside the sider folder, instead i've placed it inside main pes17 folder and named it "Data_edited".

 Credit FRUITS


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