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Tuesday, 6 October 2015


Every Footballer's have their own taste and their favourite food. Here are the Top 10 Foods of Footballer's.

1.Milanesa Napolitana

Messi favourite dish is Milanesa Napolitana.

Popular country: Argentina and Uruguay.

* Sliced Steaks
* Eggs
* Fresh bread crumbs
*Grated parmesan Cheese
*Olive Oil
*Deli ham
*Tomato sauce
*Salt and pepper
*Mozzarella Cheese

2.Bacalhau a Bras

Cristiano Ronaldo's favourite dish is Bacalhau a Bras.

Popular country: Portugal
*Bacalhau (dried salt cod)
*Onions (brown)
*Olive Oil
*Salt and pepper

3.Pie and Mash

David Beckham's favourite dish is Pie and Mash.

Popular country: England

*Lean Minced Beef
*Tomato puree
*Plain flour
*Vegetable oil
*Brown ale or bitter
*English Mustard
*Puff pastry

4.Brat wurst

Thoams Muller favourite dish is Bratwurst 

Popular country: Germany

*Lean beef
*Black pepper
*Cayenne pepper
*Dry mustard
*Onion powder

5.Spanish Sizzler Pizza

Iker Casillas favourite dish is Spanish Sizzler Pizza

Popular country:Spain

*Chorizo Sausage
*Roast Chicken
*Green Peppers
*Tomato Sausage
*Mozzarella Cheese


The Uruguay striker Forlan favourite dish is Omelettes.

Popular country: Uruguay, Korea

*Large free range eggs
*Black Pepper
*Sea Salt

7.Medium rare Steak

The England goal keeper Joe Hart favourite dish is Medium rare steak.

Popular country:England

*Steak York Strip
*Kosher Salt
*Black pepper
*Olive oil

8.Curried Goat

Ashley Young favourite dish is curried goat.

Popular Country; England and Jamaica

*Goat Meat
*Black pepper
*Curry Powder
*Scotch bonnet pepper
*Tomato Ketchup

9. Goats Milk, Milkshake

Sebastien Bassong favourite dish is Goats Milk and Milkshake

Place of Orgin:United States

Main Ingredients:
*Ice cream
*Iced Milk


Nando's is a food Restuarant. Adnan Januzaj likes dishes of Nando's.

Places of Nando's: Australia, Manchester(England) etc.

Nando's Food Menu
*Vegetarian food item
*Sweet items.

Real Madrid vs Barcelona

Barcelona vs. Real Madrid
Hai readers, today our topic is about two powerful teams in LA Liga Real Madrid and Barcelona. In this post we Included statics of match meted by both teams, New Jersey 2015, stadium and the most violent moment in Barcelona vs. Real Madrid


*Locale: Spain
*Teams: Football Club Barcelona (FC)
              Real Madrid club de football (CF)

*Most recent meeting between Real Madrid and Barcelona:

Barcelona 2-1 Real Madrid (LA Liga)
(Round 28: 23, March 2015)

*Real Madrid and Barcelona new season 2015-2016 jersey             
( Home)


For the long term, Adidas are the kit suppliers of Real Madrid. The new Adidas home shirt is mainly in pure white color.  Color white combines with grey on the home shirt to create a traditional white kit for Real Madrid. Real Madrid 2015-2016 home shirt has unique kit design with round crew neck collar, while three stripes visible on the shoulder is in light grey color which cannot be identify easily. Real Madrid 2015-2016 home kit has a simplistic kit design. “FLY EMIRATES” sponsor logo and Adidas logo printed on Real Madrid shirt is in black. Madrid home shirt have only less elements comparatively than that of Barcelona 2015-2016 home kit. Backside of the shirt is in solid plain white.

For the new Real Madrid 2015-2016 home shorts, Adidas combines the principal main color white with light grey stripe. Adidas three stripes are visible on the right and left side of the shorts. Adidas logo printed on the new Real Madrid shorts are in black color.

Real Madrid 2015-2016 socks are in plain white color with grey applications, while the Real Madrid club’s initials RMCF visible on the socks are in grey color.


For the new Barcelona 2015-2016 home shirts, Nike combines color red with blue horizontal stripes. Barcelona home shirt features a design with Nike modern v neck collar, while sleeves of the new Barcelona 2015-2016 shirt are plain blue. A yellow stripe is running from the sleeves of the new Barcelona 2015-2016 home shirt. On the past season 2014-2015 Barcelona home kit features vertical stripes visible on the front and backside of the shirt, but instead of past season the new season 2015-2016 Nike unveiled Barcelona home shirt features a horizontal stripes visible on the front and back side of the shirt. “QATAR AIRWAYS” sponsor logo and Nike logo printed on Barcelona shirt is in white color, while second sponsor “UNICEF” logo printed on the backside of Barcelona shirt is in yellow color.

For the new Barcelona 2015-2016 home shorts, Nike combines the legendary main color red with blue stripe on each side of shorts. On the past season 2014-2015 Barcelona wore blue shorts instead of this new red shorts. Nike Swoosh adjusted on the shorts is in yellow color.

Barcelona 2015-2016 socks are in blue color with red and yellow applications, while Nike logo and Barcelona club’s initials “FCB” visible on the socks are in yellow.

Number of Meetings:
Competitive matches- 229
Exhibition matches -33
Total matches-262

*Most Wins:
Competitive matches- Real Madrid (Wins- 92)
Exhibition matches- Barcelona (wins-19)
Total matches- Barcelona (wins-108)

*Most Player Appearances:
Manuel Sanchis (Goals- 43)

*Top Scorer:
Lionel Messi (Goals-21)


*Real Madrid Stadium:
Stadium Name- Santiago Bernabeu

Home of Real Madrid hosted its first clasico in 1948.

*Barcelona Stadium:
Stadium Name- Camp Nou

Home of Fc Barcelona hosted its first clasico in 1958.

*The Most Violent Moment in Real Madrid vs. Barcelona history:

Real Madrid - Barcelona is one of the most heated rivalries on and off the field. Here the most infamous moment in its history;
That year may have been the most violent in the rivalry's history, with another battle emerging in the Spanish Super Cup on August 17.On April 27, 2011 a fight broke out between the benches of Real Madrid and Barcelona brought on by a Scuffle between Pedro and Marcelo.

We would like to you know your opinion. Please comment. Let’s see which team gets highest comment. (Click the comment option chooses anonymous and then comment in English)

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