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Top 20 most beautiful football clubs jersey 2015-16

There are so many brands making kits for football clubs. Many brands like Adidas, Nike, Puma and others create their new design for football jersey. Did you ever think about which jersey is more beautiful among them. Here we are going to show you top 20 most beautiful jersey in football clubs 2015-2016 season. Let's start the countdown with number 20 to 1. Scroll down to see Top 20 jersey's.

20. REAL MADRID (Third 2015-2016)

 Adidas revealed the new Navy / Light Blue Real Madrid 2015-16 Third Shirt on 27 August 2015. Adidas incorporates navy and blue, traditional Real Madrid Away Kit colors, with white logos to create a unique Real Madrid Champions League away kit.

19. SSC NAPOLI (Home 2015-2016)

The new Kappa Napoli 2015-16 Home Jersey boasts the club's iconic sky blue shirt with white details. The collar and the sleeve cuffs of the Napoli 15-16 Home Kit are white, just as the Kappa logos on the front and the upper sleeves. Interestingly, the collar used by Kappa for the Napoli 2015-2016 Shirt resembles a style used for many 2012-13 Kappa football shirts.

White shorts and sky blue socks complete the traditional design of the new Kappa Napoli 15-16 Kit.

18. JUVENTUS (Home 2015-2016)
The inaugural Adidas Juventus 2015-16 Home Shirt celebrates clubs heritage with the iconic vertical black-and-white striped kit design. The new Adidas Juventus 15-16 Shirt boasts thinner stripes than previous Nike Shirts, inspired by the shirts worn by Juventus in the 1980s.
The Adidas Juventus 2015-2016 Home Kit features six vertical black stripes and five vertical white stripes with a jagged design, based on the Adidas Striped 15-16 Team wear template. On the back of the new Juventus Adidas Home Kit is a white panel for the players' names and numbers, while the striped kit design is continued on the sleeves of the jersey.
For the first time in the club history, the new Juventus 15-16 Kits carry three gold stars above the famous club crest. The Adidas Performance logo on the front and the Jeep sponsor logo of the new Adidas Juventus Kit are black and white.
On the black bottom hem of the new Adidas Juventus 2015-16 Home Shirt is a subtle tonal graphic print, which draws inspiration from the Juventus Stadium.

White shorts and socks complete the new Adidas Juventus 2015-2016 Home Uniform.

17. FRANKFURT (Away 2015-2016)
The new Eintracht Frankfurt 2015-2016 Away Kit introduces a classic design for the German Bundesliga club. Traditionally, the new Eintracht Frankfurt 2015-16 Away Shirt is white with a classical black Polo collar and black sleeve cuffs.

The Swoosh and the iconic Eintracht Frankfurt badge on the front of the new Frankfurt Away Shirt are black. The shorts and the socks of the new Eintracht Frankfurt 2015-16 Away Kit are white.

16. NEW CASTLE (Third 2015-2016)
The new Puma Newcastle United Third Kit is navy with a pink-and-white diagonal stripe and further details in pink.

15. MONACO (Home 2015-2016)
The new Monaco 2015-2016 Kit boasts the famous red-and-white halves diagonal design, which was introduced in 1960. Traditionally, both sleeves of the new AS Monaco 15-16 Home Kit are white.
While last season's AS Monaco Jersey featured a classical Polo collar, the new AS Monaco 2015-16 Home Shirt features a unique v-neck collar. The Nike Swoosh on the front of the new AS Monaco Shirt boasts the golden color 'Gold Dart'.

White shorts and socks complete the new Monaco 15-16 Home Uniform.

14. OSC LILLE (Away 2015-2016) 
The Lille 2015-16 Away Shirt is white with grey color used for the shoulder area and sleeves, based on the same template as the Lille 15-16 Home Kit. A recolored black and yellow Lille crest is placed on the left chest of the new Lille OSC 2015-16 Away Kit.
The neckline and sleeve cuffs of the new Nike Lille 2015-2016 Away Shirt are black and yellow, while a yellow line runs down the lower side of the sleeves and the side of the new Lille 15-16 Away Shirt.

White shorts and socks with black and yellow details complement the new Lille 15-16 Away Kit.

13. SEVILLA (Away 2015-2016)
The new Sevilla 2015-16 Away Jersey boasts a unique red-and-white stripes design with two white vertical stripes on the front. New Balance uses a unique Polo collar for the new Sevilla 15-16 Away Shirt.

12. SUNDERLAND (Home 2015-2016)

Traditionally, the new Sunderland 15-16 Kit boasts red and white vertical stripes on the front and the back of the shirt. Sunderland's home Shirt uses white as base color, and has three white stripes and four red stripes on the front and the back.
The sleeves of the new Sunderland 15-16 Shirt are solid white. Adidas added a black meshing detail on the sleeve cuffs, the collar and the bottom of the new Sunderland Kit. The Polka dots design is used for various Adidas 2015-16 Jerseys.

The colorful Dafabet logo on the front of the new Sunderland Kit interrupts the red and white stripes design.

11. OLYMPIQUE MARSEILLE (Away 2015-2016) 
The new black / light blue OM 15-16 Away Jersey features a unique vertical stripes design to make a statement on the pitch. Adidas uses a simple crew neck collar and bold light blue sleeve cuffs to complete the modern design of the new Olympique Marseille Away Shirt.
In fact, the new Adidas Olympique Marseille 2015-16 Away Kit features the same kit design as the Bayern Munich 14-15 Home Kit. In 1993, Olympique Marseille became the first French club to win the UEFA Champions League when they beat Milan in the final held in Munich's Olympic Stadium.

Olympique Marseille's new away kit comes with a monochromatic version of the normal OM logo, combined with a white Adidas Performance logo and a white Intersport sponsor logo.

10. AS ROMA (Home 2015-2016)
The body of the new AS Roma Home Kit is traditionally in Roma red, while the shoulders and sleeves boast a untypical reddish brown color. Officially labeled 'Red Mahogany', the reddish brown color is also used for the AS Roma 2015-16 Training Shirt.
The new Nike AS Roma 2015-2016 Jersey features a simplistic design with a maroon / orange crew neck collar with a triangle cutout at the front, which replicates the neckline of iron chest armor worn by soldiers in the Roman army more than 2,000 years ago. An orange stripe is running from the sleeve cuffs to the bottom of the new AS Roma Home Shirt.

White shorts with orange applications and red socks complete the powerful look of the new AS Roma 2015-16 Home Kit.

9. LEVANTE (Away 2015-2016) 

The new Levante 2015-16 Away Jersey boasts a striking fluorescent yellow base with black accents, based on the Nike Challenge team wear shirt.
Interestingly, inspired by last season's striking Nike third kits for the likes of Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain, the Levante 15-16 Away Kit could well be worn against Barcelona themselves at the Camp Nou.

Shorts and socks of the same fluorescent yellow color as the shirt complete the new Levante Away Kit, which has debuted in a friendly Match.

8. MANCHESTER CITY (Third 2015-2016)
The new Nike Manchester City Third Kit boasts a striking light green design with black applications.

7. ARSENAL (Home 2015-2016)
The new Arsenal 2015-16 Home Shirt features Arsenal's iconic kit design with a red body and white sleeves. A white stripe runs down the lower sleeves to the upper side part of the new Arsenal Home Kit, while two thin red lines are on the white sleeves of the new Arsenal Shirt.
The new Puma Arsenal 2015-2016 Kit features a white triangle design below the neckline with a cutout A inside the triangle representing Arsenal FC.
To create a classy design, the new Arsenal 15-16 Home Kit has a modern Polo collar with one button and a golden line, which can be also seen on the sleeve cuffs of Arsenal's new kit.

White shorts and plain white socks complete the new Arsenal 15-16 Home Kit.

6. FC BARCELONA (Third 2015-2016)

The new Barcelona 15-16 Third Kit is mainly light blue with black details, based on Nike's new 15-16 Third Kit template.

5. WEST BROMWICH (Away 2015-2016)
The new West Bromwich 2015-16 Away Shirt introduces a modern shirt design. Adidas combines the main color red with black applications and black pinstripes on the front of the new West Brom Kit, while the back of the shirt is solid red. The collar and the sleeve cuffs of the new West Bromwich 2015-2016 Away Kit feature the trademark Adidas Polka dots.
For the first time since 1885-86, the new West Brom 15-16 Kit features the calligraphic-style WBA logo on the front. The distinctive WBA lettering was already used from 1976-77 until 1985-86, worn by players such as Cunningham and Statham in the late 1970s.

Black shorts with red 3 stripes and black socks complete the stunning design of the new Adidas West Bromwich Albion 15-16 Away Shirt.

4.PARIS SAINT GERMAIN (Home 2015-2016) 
The new Nike Paris Saint-Germain 2015-16 Home Jersey returns to the club's traditional look, boasting a broad red central stripe with white outlines on navy ground. The front design is continued onto the simplistic crew-neck collar of the new Paris 15-16 Kit.
A darker shade of navy is used for the sleeves and shoulder area of the new Paris Saint-Germain 15-16 Kit, while it is also present on a line running down each side of the shirt and under the sleeves.
"Ici c'est Paris" (This is Paris) is written on the inside of the collar of the new Paris Saint-Germain 2015-2016 Home Kit.

Dark blue shorts and socks complete the new Nike Paris SG 15-16 Home Kit.

3. ATLETICO BILBAO (Home 2015-2016)

Most remarkably, the new Athletic Bilbao Home Kit moves away from the classic narrow red-and-white vertical stripes design. The new Athletic 15-16 Kit features two broad white vertical stripes and three red stripes on the front. Traditionally, Athletic's Shirts feature four or five red vertical stripes.
Nike combines the Athletic 15-16 Kit with a unique red-and-black Polo collar. The sleeves of the new Athletic Club 15-16 Home Jersey are solid red, while a black stripe is running from the sleeves to the bottom.

The shorts and the socks of the new Athletic 15-16 Home Kit are black with red trim.

2. INTER MILAN (Home 2015-2016)
 The new Inter Milan 2015-2016 Home Kit features the iconic stripe design of Internazionale with four blue vertical stripes and five black stripes. The Nike Swoosh and the Pirelli sponsor logo on the front are white.

Nike uses a classical collar to create a modern-yet-classic design for the new Inter Milan 15-16 Home Soccer Kit, which celebrates the return to the traditional striped kit design.

1. FRANKFURT (Home 2015-2016)

The new Eintracht Frankfurt 2015-16 Home Kit is black with red pinstripes on the front, drawing inspiration from the kit worn in 1972-73. In fact, Eintracht Frankfurt wore a black pinstripes kit for the last time in 2005.
A modern crew-neck collar is used for the new Eintracht Frankfurt 15-16 Kit, which has black sleeves with red pinstripes. A red stripe is running from the sleeve cuffs to the bottom of the new Nike Eintracht Frankfurt Shirt.

It's expected that black shorts with red applications and black socks complete the look of the new Eintracht Frankfurt 15-16 Kit...

What do you think of Top 20 perfect designs of kits in 2015-2016? Drop us a line below. 

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