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Saturday, 14 November 2015

Watch Cristiano Ronaldo's New Film Trailer Video Released

New trailer for the film - 'Ronaldo' - provides an unprecedented view on the Real Madrid's rise to stardom

The trailer for the new biopic on Cristiano Ronaldo has been released ahead of the film's worldwide launch on November 9.
The film - aptly titled 'Ronaldo' - comes from the producers of Amy and Senna, and will provide a never before seen glimpse into the life and career of the three-time Ballon d'Or-winning star.

Set for release in autumn of this year, the film is the first officially sanctioned production to document the player's rise from leaving home at the age of 12, to the best player in the world - a fact he unashamedly reminds his friends of during the trailer.
Starting with clips of his earliest touches on the pitch, to his record-breaking goal-scoring form at Real Madrid, the trailer offers an insight into the hard work and sacrifices that took Ronaldo to the top.
"Some people hate me, some people love me, but I was made to be the best," the number seven admits to camera.

Described as "Astonishing", "Definitive" and "Intimate", the film trailer features one scene where the Real Madrid striker reacts in dismay when his son says he would like to become a goalkeeper.
"I'm going to be a goalkeeper. That okay Dad?"
To which a reclining Portugal captain exclaims: "A goalkeeper? Are you joking?"


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