Thursday 14 February 2019

PES 6 PES Editor v6.0.6.11

CREDITS: peterc10

Some key changes I've implemented:

Ability to import player skin colour, wristband setting and colour, whether a face is preset or built and the preset face number (experimental)
Importing players by ID, so as long as the ID is set you can import a certain number of players rather than needing the full OF.
Option to import players but not update the teams, national teams and classic teams.

Latest version: v6.0.6.11

Backup your OF before using this, I take no responsibility for potentially destroying the OF. :D

GitHub: Coming soon...


- Fix for bug with generating CSV files.
- Column headings now always set when generating export CSV file.
- Face Type and Preset Face Number columns added (note 0 means the face is built, 1 or 2 means preset. 2 and the Face Number seem to work fine, 1 produces random results from what I can see so this is very much experimental).
- ID added to the top of the info panel when selecting a player.

- List of nations now matches the list of nations in vanilla PES 6.

- When importing from a CSV there are now 3 new tickboxes at the side: update Club/National/Classic Squads. Currently these should only be ticked if you are importing a full OF worth of players. If you import a player that has a different team and you set the importer to update squads then the player will be in both the old and new team.

- Added the ID number of the player to the export file and changed the importer to import by the player ID.

- 3 new columns in export CSV after nationality: Skin Color, Wristband, Wristband Color

Skin Color can be any value between 1 and 4.

Wristband can be set to R/L/B/N (Right/Left/Both/None)

Wristband color (wasn't sure whether to use UK/US spelling, went with US not that it matters...) can be one of the following:



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