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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

PES 2016 Super Patch Tuga v2 AIO

Content :
– Use version 1.05.00 and DLC 4.0
– Premier League 16/17
– Skybet Championship 16/17
– League NOS 16/17
– Ledman Pro League 16/17
– Eredivise
– Serie A 16/17
– Serie B
– Laliga Santander 16/17
– Laliga 123
– Ligue 1 16/17
– Bundesliga 16/17
– Brasileirão A 2016
– Brasileirão B 2016
– Argentine League 2016
– League Chilena 2016
– Liga Bancomer MX (Mexico)
– League A-league Hyundai (Australia)
– Euro 2016 updated
– Copa ameria 2016 updated
– Champions League Full
– League Europe
– Teams Classics: (Benfica, Sporting Lisbon, Porto, Portugal, Brazil, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Holland, England, Argentina.)
Copa Libertadores updated
Correct names of all leagues
Correct names of all teams
Correct names of all competitions
Logos of all leagues 2016/17
Kits 2016/17
Summer Transfers
New gloves
New Cleats
New Balls 2016/17
HD badges
New and improved HD lawns
Added new stadiums
New previews for stages
Added kits for referees
Update players and tactics teams Euro2016
New Kits referee Euro2016
Added new faces
Adboards for all leagues and tournaments
Banners for almost all teams
Coaches for all teams
Added Video presentation to the League NOS
New Scoreboard Sport TV HD 2016
Scoreboard Sic Europa League
Scoreboard RTP1 HD Champions League
Euro2016 RTP1 HD Scoreboard
new graphics
New game plan
Chants for some teams
Portugues Sounds
Added new sponsorship of SAK Project

password : iamadriancgc

Tutorial: Unzip files and folders to the the destination game.

1 Delete any previously installed patch and its save;
2.Compatible language in Portuguese ; Brazilian; German; English or French.

1 – Download all parts and unpacking;
2 – Run the “setup.exe” and choose the destination where your game is installed;

KONAMI;Jenkey1002; sxsxsx ;Jorge cabral; Kolia v.; Cronos,; Pes Kits All In; NemanjaBRE; Irvanlana; Cofi_Delija; riannpramudya; A l i r 1 1 0; solomessina86; angeltorero; VinVanDam13; Lucas; Rednik; Bono10; Kruptsev; Andrey_Pol; Gonduras2012; Mo Há; DZgenio; prince shieka; Bruno santos; wgyno; rednik; petriz17; Tarcisio; Luc01; Alief; Bou7a; PESEDIT; memer; Boulbaba; Andrey_Pol; Andrews; MarioMilan; Tunizizou; Fatih kuyucak; Baris; 4N63L; adriancañada; killacarrillo; Zikint; Hicksville and Majuh; mephobia; G-Style; Kenshin Himura; Kent Sakai; Sonofsam69; shrek10; mauri_d; Splendidis; metalex; Killer1896; Estarlen silva; Glen pesw; falcom4ever; buffon99; sonjiru; Alepes;.razib_46; zlac; smeagol75; PantelG7;Kelvinchan327; Cleiton Silva; MTGAMES; BMPES; rednik; Mariomilan; Canli_Cim; Sameh Momen; Steet; Ozy_96; Fabio.

* Special thanks to all Kitmakers and Facemakers
* Sorry if I forgot someone …. if so please mail.


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