Tuesday 3 November 2015

Fashion products of CR7 brand

We all love Cristiano Ronaldo the famous footballers in world. His nick name is Cr7. Did you like to wear fashionable dress? There are many brands to make fashionable products. If the product that you are using is a Cr7 Brand, How do you feel? I know you feel very excitement to wear your favorite footballers branded fashion products. Here is some of the CR7 branded/designed fashion products.

Slim Fit shirt-

1.Pure white Cr7 slim fit shirt create a fashionable design. The buttons and collar are also in white color to complete the white shirt.
2.This shirt boasts with striking black color. The buttons and collar are in black color to create a matching color design of the Cr7 black shirt.
3.Third shirts features a night blue stunning color. The buttons are in white color to create an attractive design. A white line is running inside the collar.
4.Cr7 fourth shirt comes with combination of dark gray and light blue color. Sleeves, collar and pocket of the shirt features a light blue color.

Classic Shirt-
1.The new Cr7 classic shirt boasts with navy blue color with gray horizontal and vertical lines.
2.The second cr7 shirt boasts with light blue legendary main color, while collar of the shirt features a dark gray color to create an attractive design.
3.The third classic oxford shirt is in complete pink color.
4.Legendary light green shirt complete the fourth classic oxford shirt.

1.The new Cr7 T-shirt features a stunning legendary blue color, while frond side of the shirt features a number 7 with Navy blue color.
2.The new Cr7 Hoodie boasts with Navy blue color, while frond side of the hoodie features a lettering Cr7 with blue color.

1.Luxury Low rise Trunk (Red color).
2.Luxury Men’s Brief (Red color).
3.Fashions Men’s Trunk (Blue and black).
4.Boys Long johns (Red and blue elements).

1.CR7 Cristiano Ronaldo Men’s Jazz Dressy Brogue Black Leather Boots.
2.CR7 Cristiano Ronaldo Men’s Salsa Docksider Basic Navy Leather Loafers and Mocassins.
3.CR7 Cristiano Ronaldo Men’s Tango Metal Blake Oxford Camel Leather Formal Shoes.
4.CR7 Cristiano Ronaldo Men’s Tango Metal Blake Signature Black Leather Loafers and Mocassins.

CR7 WATCH (TAG Heuer):
TAG Heuer, the world leader in prestigious and high-end chronographs, is proud to announce the signing of football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo to a long term partnership as a TAG Heuer Brand Ambassador.


Nike savage beauty training jersey-

Nike savage Bag, Ball, Cap, Boot-

What do you feel now? Did you like Cr7 Fashion collection? Some of the products that you are seen in this post is available on amazon. We had amazon advertisement on right side of this post, click that product and purchase your CR7 fashion products. And don’t forget to share your comments about this post. 

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