Friday 1 January 2016

PES 2016 [PC] Tattoo Appearance (Skin ID Changer)


How to use:
1. Enter the IDs of all the necessary players to file id_list.txt - one ID per line!! (see an example in archive above). You can enter as many IDs as you want.
2. Copy your unpatched and unzlibbed PlayerAppearance.bin file in the same directory where tattoo_appearance.exe is
3. Double-click tattoo_appearance.exe (or start it manually from cmd line, without any parameters) - if there were any skin IDs to change, you'll see it in the cmd-line window
4. Done - your PlayerAppearance.bin from step 2. is now patched with skin IDs set to 7.

Important remarks:
1. PlayerAppearance.bin file MUST be unzlibbed - zlibbed PlayerAppearance.bin is not supported
2. This utility edits PlayerAppearance.bin in-place - it doesn't create any additional copies - make your backups before using this tool!!
3. File with IDs to patch (id_list.txt) must be saved with ANSI encoding, do not use UTF-8 or Unicode
4. Only one ID is allowed per line in id_list.txt
5. If you want, you can use comments with #-sign in id_list.txt file - example for Messi:
- or -
7511 #Messi

DOWNLOAD PES 2016 [PC] Tattoo Appearance (Skin ID Changer)

DOWNLOAD PlayerAppearance.bin (all player patched with skin IDs set to 7)

DOWNLOAD Full Player IDs PES 2016 by sxsxsx

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