Friday 9 December 2016

PES 2013 FIFA Club World Cup Japan 2016 Adboards For GDB


Gameplay tool:
1- save image as adboard.png
2- go to GDB\adboards or GDB\stadiums folder in Gameplay tool
3- select the stadium and replace adboard.png

1- save image as adboard.png
2- go to GDB\adboards, GDB\stadiums or pes jp\team_adboards folder in PES JP patch
3- select the stadium/team and replace adboard.png

Adboard Switcher:
1- Goto folder adboards on tools directory
2- Copy Generic.bin and rename copied file to another name
3- Open your new bin with PES Ultimate Data Explorer, replace texture (PNG) on unnamed_4.dat
4- Don’t forget to save
PS: if your tools already open, goto File – Refreh List and your new adboard will appear on list
To make adboard preview, save your preview to previews folder. Preview use 300×200 PNG image. Preview and bin file must have same

Credit : m4rcelo

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