Saturday 6 October 2018

PES 2018 SMoKE Patch EXECO18 Update 10.3.7 (October 2018)

Includes many minor fixes and enhancements, error corrections mentioned by the fans reports, some of the minor changes:

– added more players
– corrected some transfers
– updated more emblems and flags
– added and corrected some faces
– added more mini-faces.
– various fixes and corrections

Other changes from previous update:

– Updated Colombian and Chilean league teams
big update concerning these two leagues, including flags and players stats…

– Replaced two teams
Santiago wanderers have been replaced with the newly promoted team la calera, also we have replaced KF Skënderbeu that is having legal problems with FC Zurich, kits and players and all teams attributes are correct.

– Updated Colombian and Chilean kits
all kits for the teams in these leagues are converted from pes 2019, we have extracted from the latest DLC made for pes 2019, all kits settings also converted.

– Updated and added more players
we have added and updated a lot of stats specially for Liga Aguila and Chilean Primera División and other league as well, most players added with their original game ID.

– Fixed balls
corrected some files concerning the balls we created recently, merlin liga nos ball now works fine without hanging, optimized other balls files and graphics.

– Fixed fake players
last version had an error while converting the stats resulting around 300 players to be restored to their default fake names and stats, this is now correct and the players are all restored, teams affected by this were mostly minor teams.

– Corrected missing transfers
as lot of transfers are included specially in the south america leagues, also corrected transfers reported by the fans.

– Minor updates and fixes
a lot of minor updates for flags, emblems, kits and other updates are made in each update.

* please note that this update includes all previous updates for execo patch, there is no need to install any other update, this update works on any version for EXECO 18


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