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Saturday, 22 October 2016

PES 2017 Tutorial Adding 3rd, 4th, CL Kits

So, a lot of people is having troubles adding more than 3 kits in

game (Home, Away, GK) with an OF already created and im

receiving a lot of messages asking me how to solve this so, i

made this tutorial:
Team for the example: Juventus
ID = 120
HEX ID = 7800

1. Add the kits in the "unicolor.bin" file

2. Add the config files in the correct folder (this is not really necessary but...)

3. Create a CPK with this files and add in your game

4. Go to your Documents folder, KONAMI/Pro Evolution Soccer 2017/save and remove the "EDIT00000000" (don't delete, just remove from the folder)

5. Start the game, go to the edit menu and create a new "EDIT00000000" (The game will do it automatically)

6. Close the game and go to your Documents folder, KONAMI/Pro Evolution Soccer 2017/save and cut & paste the new "EDIT00000000" in your desktop or whatever you want

7. "Decrypt" the new "EDIT00000000" and your "EDIT00000000" using the "PES File Crypter 2017 by Devil Cold52 (dont decrypt in the same place):

8. Open both with an hex editor: and search for the team HEX ID (in this example is "7800", and add some zeros in the beginning, like "00007800")

9. Copy the bytes you see in the image below (you dont need to copy all the "FF", is just to simplify) and paste in the same place in your "EDIT00000000"

10. Save & encrypt your "EDIT00000000" and its done

PS: Don't know if this is the right place to post tutorials, if not, sorry to the modders and please, put in the right place.

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