Monday 24 October 2016

PES 2013 UCL & UEL 2016-17 Patch V2

 * 2016/2017 UEFA Champions League New Grapich
* 2016/2017 UEFA Europa League New Grapich
* New UCL & UEL Scoreboard
* New UEFA Europa League Songs
* New Adboards

Special Thanks: JEAN 31_CR, Sevak, Javid Mehralizadeh



  1. Thanks for the Effort, but you have missing files which are unnamed_1698.bin and unnamed_1700.bin that has the red menu and appears after winning the match. They are found in dt06.img and makes your update contradicts with two different colors. I tried to update it, but I couldn’t update the red file simPlateElPlate found in unnamed_1698.bin. If you can do it thanks.