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Tuesday, 24 July 2018

PES 2017 Multi-Switcher 2018/19

- Scoreboards For All Leagues Automatically
- New Scoreboards For All competitions Automatically
- World Cup 2018
- UEFA Euro 2020
- Copa America 2016
And More
- New Tunnel For All Stadiums
- New trophy
- Snow Mod
- New anthems 2018/2019
- New Camera 2019
- And More . .


1. Extrct with WinRAR
2. Copy All extracted files to your PES 2017 game folder
3. Now run the game from PES2017 Multi-Switcher.exe as administrator !


Tuesday, 14 November 2017

PES 2017 Team Editor Manager 2017 Version 3.1.3

New version for PES 17 updated with the features of version 18.

– Import player’s stats from FM 2017 (special thanks to capitan marchisio for his important formulas)
[Conversion stats, age, main position, other positions, etc …]
(thanks to killay for the patience and for testing fm stats)
– Fm 17 database with 152188 players (thanks to SMcCutcheon)
– Search FM 2017 players by names
– Search FM 2017 players by clubs
– Filter FM 2017 player’s search by club
– Filter FM 2017 player’s search by nationality
– fix import nationality (thanks to SMcCutcheon)
– Fix bugs and improve tool (marceu11, filobus74, TitoViola)
– Change all player’s names in upper/lower/first up format
– Change all teams’s names in upper/lower/first up format

Password: lagun-2




Monday, 17 July 2017

How to Use Multiple PES2017.exe for Another Patch in PES 2017

This tutorial for make your pes 2017 have multiple patch such as PTE, PESProfessional, Smoke Patch and other patch. you can use them without removing installed patch in your pc, just install new patch in different directory and edit your pes2017.exe.
Step 1
open pes2017.exe using HxD and search

Step 2

rename those 2 'd.o.w.n.l.o.a.d' lines with whatever name u want as long as 8 letters
(make folder the same name as u renamed and put all datapack files inside the folder)

Step 3
same with Step 1,but search for "save" in search box

rename to whatever u want as long as 4 letters

*if u using any patch, i don't think the patch selector will work if u use this method​

Download HxD? Click download button below !

Tutorial make by supalids


Thursday, 6 April 2017

PES 2017 MULTI SWITCHER (Release Date 06/04/2017)

CREDITS:  MjTs-140914

+Scoreboard Auto Switch
-Premier League
-Liga 1
-Serie A
-Liga Nos
-Bundes Liga
+Referee Kit
-Premier League
-Liga 1
-Serie A
-Liga Nos
-Bundes Liga
+Cinematic Entrance
-Premier League (with Real Winners Platform)
-The Emirates FA CUP (with Real Winners Platform and Barclays Trophy) Scoreboard not Include
-Serie A (with Fake Winners Platform)
-Laliga (with Fake Winners Platform)
-Ligue 1(with Fake Winners Platform)
-Bundesliga (with Fake Winners Platform)
-Copa Del Rey (with Fake Winners Platform)
+Background ML Auto Switch
-Premier League
-Bundes Liga

This is beta version, some winner platform work in progress
Special thank to Juce & Nesa
Allah S.W.T
Juce & Nesa
Jaya Nur Ihsan
Pribowo Subekti
Aziz Setiono
Rama Ez.Com
Ilmu Berkah
Muhammad Jana
Fathurrohman Alief
All Scoreboard maker
All modder


Saturday, 25 February 2017

PES 2017 OnOff Selector and 4k Enabler v2.30

CREDITS: jonnyusa2k3

Password: forevoweb

1. ONLINE Enabler/Disabler
It enables/disables the online mode. Useful for those of you that play mostly offline using different mods by different patchmakers. Why useful? Because with Online disabled you can’t mess up the offline database because of the new “Online update” function KONAMI implemented this year.

2. 4k Resolution changer
I have a 4k UHD Samsung TV and i’ve tried the older Resolution Changer for PES16 and i failed to make it run properly. Thus, i’ve decided to write my own piece of code on this matter.

Hope you’ll find it useful ;)
Note: I write my programs in QT C++ with Static linked library files.

Attention: The new option will work only on PES2017 v1.04 for now.

Credits goes to @nesa24 and @juce for values and hex address of the new checkbox.


Wednesday, 22 February 2017

PES 2017 ModderCamera (CameraTool for FaceMakers)

This CameraTool allows you to move/rotate/zoom player in edit menu so you could take a better look at player

How to use
Run tool
Run Game
Go to EDIT menu and select playerValues rotate player in 3D space
NOTE that values are sensitive and there is a reset button for a reason
NOTE that when you change value to see changes in game you need to select next player or enter selected player and go back [ just to refresh values loading ]

Credit : nesa24


Tuesday, 10 January 2017

PES 2017: Tutorial How to Make Jackets and Polos

Background Board.psd.cpt: DOWNLOAD

Reference works of ASNart96: DOWNLOAD

 Special Thanks :
Endi Habibi Susanto
Dimas Eka Mahendra

Credit :
Crifilesystem (Cri Packed File Maker)
Pes File Explorer 2014 full Jenkey1002
Pes Next Gen CPK file manager v.1.7a by Suat CAGDAS
CorelDRAW Grapichs Suite X7
Juvmpsv1 (background)

Sunday, 1 January 2017

How To Edit A PES 2017 Scoreboard

This is a tutorial on how to edit a PES 2017 scoreboard to add any TV logo you want.

Tools you need & download links:
CPK Manager by sxsxsx| DOWNLOAD

PES File Explorer by Jenkey1002| DOWNLOAD

Adobe Potoshop CS6| DOWNLOAD

1. Copy the cpk file of the scoreboard to desktop
2. Open the cpk file with CPK Manager
3. Export the APK Texture Block of licenceTexturePes.bin
4. Open the apk file with PES File Manager
5. Export tex000 as png
6. Open the exported png file with Adobe CS6
7. Erase the current TV logo and place another in the same position
8. Save the file as
9. Go to CPK Manager, click on licenceTexturePes.bin and then on APK Module
10. Right click on tex000, import DDS, select
11. Save the cpk file
12. Finished! Now you can rename the cpk file if you want, move it to your download folder of PES 2017, add it to your DpFileList.bin and you're ready to play PES 2017 with your created scoreboard!

Saturday, 22 October 2016

PES 2017 Tutorial Adding 3rd, 4th, CL Kits

So, a lot of people is having troubles adding more than 3 kits in

game (Home, Away, GK) with an OF already created and im

receiving a lot of messages asking me how to solve this so, i

made this tutorial:
Team for the example: Juventus
ID = 120
HEX ID = 7800

1. Add the kits in the "unicolor.bin" file

2. Add the config files in the correct folder (this is not really necessary but...)

3. Create a CPK with this files and add in your game

4. Go to your Documents folder, KONAMI/Pro Evolution Soccer 2017/save and remove the "EDIT00000000" (don't delete, just remove from the folder)

5. Start the game, go to the edit menu and create a new "EDIT00000000" (The game will do it automatically)

6. Close the game and go to your Documents folder, KONAMI/Pro Evolution Soccer 2017/save and cut & paste the new "EDIT00000000" in your desktop or whatever you want

7. "Decrypt" the new "EDIT00000000" and your "EDIT00000000" using the "PES File Crypter 2017 by Devil Cold52 (dont decrypt in the same place):

8. Open both with an hex editor: and search for the team HEX ID (in this example is "7800", and add some zeros in the beginning, like "00007800")

9. Copy the bytes you see in the image below (you dont need to copy all the "FF", is just to simplify) and paste in the same place in your "EDIT00000000"

10. Save & encrypt your "EDIT00000000" and its done

PS: Don't know if this is the right place to post tutorials, if not, sorry to the modders and please, put in the right place.

Monday, 17 October 2016

[Tutorial PES 2017] How to Create Specular, Normal Map (GM and ND Action)

As you know Create face specular roughness and particularly face Normal is a Prolix work

So Here's face_specular & face_Normal Action

It’s save the time and Enables to create them within a few seconds

Hope will be useful

Special thanks: to Spiritusanto and Tunizizou For Green map & Face Normal Tutorials?