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Saturday, 6 May 2017

PES 2017 Mega Tattoopack Vol 2 AIO

What new?
1) Seasonal feature switch to specific player
2)Improved models
3) More tattoos
4) using live cpk

****** How to install ******

- you need Sider by juce and nesa24 for install tattoos (

- extract sider and copy "content" to gamefolder(X:\Program Files (x64)\Steam\steamapps\common\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017)

-Edit "sider.ini": add these strings :

cpk.root = "X:\Program Files (x64)\Steam\steamapps\common\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\content\lcpk-roots\Tattoo-Amir.Hsn7" (after line ; You can use absolute or relative paths for roots)

lua.module = "switchfacexml.lua" (after line ; Lua scripting support )

- Copy "modules" contant (switchfacexml.lua) to : sider folder\modules

- Copy "Tattoo-Amir.Hsn7" && "face-xmls" to : Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\content\lcpk-roots

-Run sider.exe, it will open a small window, which you can minimize if you want, but do not close it.

-Run Game !

For appearing tattoos Downlaoad Tattoo appearance v1.1 - skin ID changer (EDIT00000000 version only) by zlac in below link and follow this tutorial

Link :

****** How to use ******

1. Enter the IDs of all the necessary players to file id_list.txt (All IDs included in list.txt) - one ID per line!. You can enter as many IDs as you want.
2. Copy your ENCRYPTED EDIT00000000 (exact name required) file to the same directory where tattoo_appearance_2017_edit.exe is
3. Double-click tattoo_appearance_2017_edit.exe (or start it manually from cmd line, without any parameters) - if there were any skin IDs to change, you'll see it in the cmd-line window
4. Done - edited copy of your EDIT00000000 from step 2. is now available as EDIT00000000_encrypted.

Important remarks:
1. EDIT00000000 file MUST be encrypted - decrypted EDIT00000000 is not supported
2. This utility does not make in-place edits to your EDIT00000000 - an edited copy will be created in the same folder, under the name EDIT00000000_encrypted - rename it manually to EDIT00000000 and put it back in the save folder
3. File with IDs to patch (id_list.txt) must be saved with ANSI encoding, do not use UTF-8 or Unicode
4. Only one ID is allowed per line in id_list.txt

List :

Aguero 33702 Alves 7312

borrielo 5440 bravo 9567

Busquets 38568 Casorla 9375

Di maria 37106 Dybala 47179

fabregas 7959 Hazard 36998

Isco 42556 Isla 37337

jenkinson 44706 LESCOTT 7225

mandzu 36817 Marcelo 34908

Messi 7511 Nainggolan 41046

NEGREDO 34005 Neymar 40352

pereyra 40919 Podolski 6526

rakitic 36625 Ramos 7329

reus 45944 Roney 4152

sneijder 4918 sturaro 63686

suarez 34881 Thiago 41126

Torres 4208 Vidal 36714

kroos 36770 Otamendi 40725

James 41581 Gabigol 58759

A.vidal 58829 A.moreno 58843

g.jesus 108200 Ozil 38240

Totti 970 GRIEZMANN 42316

Bonucci 33079 Coutinho 42641

Gimenez 58839 Icardi 46637

35216,Pareja 40323,Aubameyang

42424,G.Xhaka 42422,T.Xhaka

40423,Perotti 102901,Sane

38463, Carrico 45993, Marquinhos

59835, Guerreiro 9242, Garcia

45334, Vazquez 37336,Candreva

38627,Giroud 47011,Florenzi

38051,Jovetic 39173,Thiago Silva

47785,Stones 46003,Verratti

33237,Silva 100607, belotti

****** Thanks To ******
Juce & Nesa24
****** Credit ******
Rob Kenshin

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