Sunday 15 November 2015

Real Madrid Ready for Robert Lewandowski and Alvaro Morata?

Real Madrid could be in the market for two of the top strikers in Europe.

According to the players’ agents, the Spanish club has shown interest in both Robert Lewandowski from Bayern Munich and Alvaro Morata from Juventus

Lewandowski is having the best season of his career, scoring at a ridiculous pace for both club and country.
The Bayern Munich striker currently leads the Bundesliga with 14 goals in 11 appearances, and has scored 11 goals in seven matches for Poland.
Lewandowski’s agent Cezary Cucharsky was quoted in Spanish news outlet Marca saying “You cannot deny that there is interest from Real Madrid.” Earlier this year, Cucharsky told Polish television that “Spain is the best environment to play football,” possibly hinting at Lewandowski’s next move.

Alvaro Morata began his career with Real, but was sold to Juve in 2014 for around $25 million. However, there was a buyback clause in that deal, which the club could trigger this summer.

The 23-year-old’s agent Ernesto Bronzetti told Tuttusport “Madrid’s intention is to bring him back, but whether they do it or not will depend on the will of the player. The outcome will arrive in the months to come.”

Although Morata has only scored once in Serie A this season, he has consistently produced in the Champions League. He scored in the Champions League final last season, and has seven goals in 16 appearances in Europe for Juventus.

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