Saturday 27 February 2016

PES 2016 Patch Loader 16 (ADD PATCES TO GAME) & Make Patches RELEASED

PES 2016 Patch Loader 16 BETA

This program helps to you to manage all patches for PES 2016. This is best way to download, manage and adding patches to game for players. Patch makers can make patch with this program.

This is a 'beta' version. Maybe there are some bugs. Editor, patch manager etc. will be in next versions.

General Features
- Update in program.
- Create cpk with patches.
- Patch store.
- Manage download folder files.
- Patch import.

Features with Full Version that will be released coming soon.
- Editors and managers for kit, face, music, commentary, chant, menu graphics etc.
- Database editor.
- Save files editor. (edit, master league, cl etc.)
- Advanced game options. (Graphic, performance etc.)

Extract files from archive to Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 folder.

Patch Loader 16 by Mustafa U. (Mustafa Uğuz) - 2016

Designed and Programmed by
Mustafa U.

Thanks List (Will be edited)
Ercan Ayan
Onur Yılmaz
Ziya Altıparmak
Bilgehan Alpaydın
Serkan Altan
Fatih Kuyucak
CRI Middleware Co., LTD
DevIL (Developers Image Library)
Simon Mourier (HTML Agility Pack)
Dino Chiesa (DotNetZip Library)
PC-XT on (Zlib)
PES Line

To do list:
Beta 2 (v0.2): Database Editor
Beta 3 (v0.3): Kit Manager
Beta 4 (v0.4): Sound Manager

Credit : Mustafa U


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