Tuesday 5 July 2016

PES 2017 Brand Manger Talk About New Features and Also About FIFA

New PES features

Fans on Pro Evolution Soccer will be interested to hear what Adam Bhatti, the game’s brand manager, has to say about the 2017 edition. Speaking to IGN at E3, he was full of insight.

The AI system has improved in PES. Not only will the computer adapt to your style, it will do it mid-game. First touch has improved and, crucially, online play is stronger. There was criticism over the infrequency of the roster updates in the last game. Bhatti assures fans that no such mistake will occur this year.

Catch-up with FIFA

The biggest threat to PES is FIFA. The Konami football game was always the connoisseur’s favourite until EA Sports upped their game a few years ago. Tongues were wagging when FIFA threw down the gauntlet with their trailer a few weeks ago. It featured a Grand Theft Auto style story mode. Fans were taken aback but impressed.

When asked if PES would have its own story mode feature, Bhatti replied that it already does with Become a Legend. However, this mode is the same as FIFA’s Be a Pro mode so it looks like PES will be playing catch-up again.

PES 2017 Gameplay Showcase:

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