Saturday 16 July 2016

PES 2017 Game Download Full Version (Fake)

Hi everyone, i know that you will be a bit surprise while reading the title above, PES 2017 Game Releases? Wow!! But no, i am here to say you all about that now if you search for "PES 2017 Game download" in google you will see so many sites, which says that you can download the game from their site, But reality is that maybe it will be old PES Version or it will be link of lot of ads and other malwares also aome softwares, and also you will see PES 2017 app for android also, So here i say that don't try to download that rubbish things because that may be virus or malware that will slow download or kill your system, also konami is the game releasing company they only release PES 2017 on September 13 or 15, so below i will share you the links that i collected from these sites

FAKE LINK 1: Evolution Soccer 2017.exe?dl=1  (just 619KB) (Really Fake= Maybe a companies Software)

FAKE LINK 2:    
(PES 2016 Downloader)

FAKE LINK 3:     (To a Facebook Page)

(Android App)

So what you need to do is just wait calm for the game release and then download the game, also you can download it from our site also, LINK will be on: . And also join our Official Facebook Group: PES WORLD (ULTIGAMERZ)


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