Thursday 21 July 2016

PES 2017: PES 6 To PES 2017 Gameplay

As we all know football is a game o both challenge and spirit, also we play football games inorder to challenge the computer, but other than that did you think which is thhe most crucial thing in football game? Any points, but i will tell you that it is gameplay, every football game has its own gameplay, so we can look on Pro Evolution Soccer Series gameplays, so let's start with PES 6 to PES 2017:

PES 6:

PES 2008:

PES 2009:

PES 2010:

PES 2011:

PES 2012:

PES 2013:

PES 2014:

PES 2015:

PES 2016:


Which gameplay did you like more? Just comment below...

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