Saturday 24 September 2016

PES 2017 PES Redux V1

PES Redux is a free mod designed to improve the image quality of PES 2017 on PC.

4K Imgur Album - All Stadiums (WIP)

v1 Features (September 24, 2016)

- 6 missing stadiums from PES 2015/16 (Old Trafford, Allianz Arena, Juventus Stadium, Olympiastadion Berlin, Stadion Narodowy and Stade de France)
- All-new turf pattern texture (4096x4096), which improves IQ during close camera situations
- New turf color and lighting for all stadiums, on every time/weather setting
- All-new sky textures (8192x2048) for all stadiums
- Improved stadium and crowd lighting for all grounds, specially in rainy setting
- Improved crowd, made by TiiyoSneijder
- New stadiumboards for Camp Nou and Allianz Arena
- All-new thumbnails for all stadiums

More to come in future versions...


- PC version of PES 2017 (full version only).
- DPFileListGenerator by Baris to generate DpFileList.bin


Full Version

- Put the single cpk in PES 2017 "download" folder, run DPFileListGenerator and create a new DPFileList.bin with only this cpk file.
- Enjoy the game

Modular Version

- Put the files you downloaded in PES 2017 "download" folder, run DPFileListGenerator and create a new DPFileList.bin. The files have to be in the following order, just pay attention to the files you have downloaded:

- missingstadiums.cpk
- stadiumlist.cpk
- stadiumtextures.cpk
- turfs.cpk
- stadiumlighting.cpk
- skies.cpk
- crowd_TiiyoSneijder.cpk
- stadiumpreviews.cpk
- Enjoy the game

Baris - DPFileListGenerator
sxsxsx - PES Next-Gen CPK File Manager and Blender Addons
mushin3D (DeviantArt) - Tileable grass texture
TiiyoSneijder - Crowd
(I don't remember their names) - Cloud brushes for Photoshop
Konami - Original Stadiums and the great gameplay this game has, the main reason I'm making this mod



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