Thursday 16 February 2017

PES 2017 Mod 11.0 For PES Galaxy Patch 2.0

Kilay made this to match the most possible the real, changing overall, positions and ability to some players (in progress), adding tactics and rivalries to the principal leagues .

– Added Steaua Bucarest, Gabala, Dundalk, Krasnodar, Sparta Praga, Apoel, Maccabi Tel Aviv, Zorya, Konyaspor, Qarabag and Astana
– Added full J-league
– Added Other South American and Other Asian with kits, logos and real rosters
– Added tactics to Serie A, Serie B, Liga, Bundes and more, all the other european and major club of Ligue 1, Eredivisie and Liga Nos
– Added rivalries for all the european clubs (second division too)
– Added the most of 1002MB minifaces
– Assigned real ID to all real players and removed all the FAKE ID players from ML mode
– Fixed CL/EL entry, always with Konami restrictions (Inter replace Brussia MG in CL knockout and 4 teams qualified to EL for any league)

– Removed legends fake players (cavalcanti,godwin and ecc)
– Added coach images for Serie A, Liga e Championship.
– Replaced some classic players with some legends (Maradona,Pele,Rivaldo)
– Replaced Balls of PesGalaxy with a pack of 50 balls thnks to CRONOS
– Added boots

I think to remove from all player the COM style Trickster ,Speeding Bullet and Mazing Run that totally false the movement of the player (try with MSN remove all these three style and make Messi SS , then play versus barca you should see the difference of playing style) see here for further explanation.

* Extract the 'Galaxy's files patch required' to the download folder of PES 2017 x:\...\Pro Evolution     Soccer 2017\download
*Extract the MOD GALAXY and copy the contents of the two folder in their respective path (download in C:\..\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 and KONAMI in Documents)
*Make a backup of documents\Konami\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\ , in case online ruin my edit you can easily fix it.
For facepack if you want all the faces you need all the packs under FACEPACK sections.
Make your settings with dpfilelistgenerator and launch the game from STEAM shortcut (or from PES2017.exe).

 To be clear about FAKE ID PLAYERS
ALL the player with FAKE ID are always inside the db, so you can find them
-if you use any kind of tools that open the edit file (nesa,devilcold etc)
- if you use the search options in edit mode ,under transfer-->add a player--->search (X)
My advice is forgot those players, don't try to reset to default because the incongruence in playerappaerance.bin change them to a dummy player with 87 of overall and no name, and after that you have to load a previous edit . So BE AWARE .
For Online game I didn't make custom DLC

kilay,Ethan2,Sila,dave74,Papinho81,Royce,gigablue,@1002MB,G-Style,Ronnie_10,predator002,Kruptsev,-cRoNoS-,WENS,IDK,elargentino facuelpiojoso87,
Killer 1896,@smeagol75 ,Mc Utd
Special thanks
A special thnks obliviously to creator of Galaxy Patch 2.0 .
to Erzo77
to @Halbarad for translations support (not even ;) )
to Timoteo Mazzilli
and to Smeagol&Starvin75 creator of Dino tools


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