Saturday 15 July 2017

PES 2017 Gameplay Mod Version 2.0


I’ve done more tests to better balance the game.
This is, in numerical terms, minimal but dramatically changing the gameplay.
In this second version I changed the speed value from 190 to 193 (as photo), keeping ball_friction to -0.35, this is to slow down the speed of play and the greater realism of the ball sliding.

What’s different about this kind of settings?
They create more unpredictable situations where systematically does not always play the same gaming situation.

For example on a high ball there are 4 different situations with the ball:
1 – striking the defender
2 – striking the attackers
3 – striking both
4 – not striking anyone and the ball throwing away

This does so that it can be found after a throw Long to 1 vs 1 with the goalkeeper, creating melee in the area and so much more.

Game settings:
Superstar level
Speed 0 /-1
Offensive goalkeepers

Only this parameters.

dt18 Alex18/02

Thankx to @jusseppe that you put my attention in it.

Important: The rhythm of the game or these features may vary from the performance of your pc or from the pitches of your turf.


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