Saturday 14 October 2017

PES 2017/18 Liga Aguila Golty Ball and Corner Flags

CREDITS: simonnoelkavanagh

This is the Golty Invictus ball made by Ron69, modified and edited to include the correct league logos in the correct place.

It works for PES 2015 and 16, should be okay for 17/18 too if the format is the same.

Also, there are corner flags for:
The Liga Aguila
Supercopa Aguila and
Copa Aguila

You can only use one corner flag at a time so whatever competition you are taking part in, add that .cpk file to your DpFileList.bin and remove the others.

The ball is 00 so the first one in the list of the bin file.

Credit to Ron69 for the original Golty ball.


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