Monday 30 October 2017

PES 2018 3D Kit Studio Tool

CREDITS: Simonetos The Greek


Using this tool you can view your kits worn on PES 2018 new 3D model.
1. “PES 2018 3D Kit Studio” is a “.max” file so you should have “3D Studio Max 2017” installed.
2. Use one of links below to download the zipped file.
3. Unzip files into desired location on your computer.
4. Open “PES 2018 3D KIT STUDIO.max” file.
5. Click on “plus” sign at the top left of 3DS Max viewport.
6. Select “Configure Viewports” from dropped menu.
7. At “Display Performance” tab, change “Pixels” of “Texture Maps” to 2048 and click “OK”.
8. Go to “Main Toolbar” and click on “Layer Explorer” icon.
9. Then go to “Layer Explorer” window and click on “Sort By Layer” icon.
10. To change kit’s texture, just paste your kit “.png” file into “SOURCE” folder. Your “.png” file should have the name “Kit” to work properly.
11. Have fun!


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  1. Dear admin...

    I really appreciate that you promote my work but it would be fair enough to put a link of my homepage too. Just to show that you respect my work as you said!!! :)

    Thank you for your time!!!