Wednesday 18 October 2017

PES 2018 [PS4] BOC Complete OF

CREDITS: Various Editors

we7god: Inspired by other compilations, I (we7god) want to share the compilation of exports I use for my PES 2018. It is some kind of Best Of Compilation (BOC).

In this file, there are no fake teams anymore.

This file contains:

Competitions (Erzo77 & Ketchupgamers)
Ligue 1 (nicoultras)
Ligue 2 (nicoultras)
Serie A (Erzo77)
Serie B (Erzo77)
Eredivisie (nicoultras)
La Liga (Erzo77)
La Liga 1|2|3 (Erzo77)
Liga NOS (Erzo77)
Bundesliga (Cristiano92 – FBNZ)
Other European Teams (nicoultras)
Brasileiro (Ketchupgamers)
Liga Argentina (keita59 (modified by nicoultras))
Liga MX (Erzo77)
Other South American Teams (Editores Latam + NYFC by barca4eva)
Other Asia (A-League teams by barca4eva)
CSL (Ketchupgamers)
National Teams (Erzo77)
and more.

For nearly all teams the Managers, Stadiums, Banners and Rivalries are created.
Unfortunately I have not found files for Campeonato Scotiabank by now.
If I will find them, I will post those as an update.
Maybe there are still some mistakes or duplicates (i have not checked so far).
As I only collected the files, I will only post such updates if those will be available by the editors.

Only 6 kits are in 2048×2048, all others are in 1024×1024.
All kits are created with PES 2018 template!

How To Install:

Upfront: If you have any files imported before, delete all images in editor first.
I suggest to delete the edit data as well first. Therefore, close PES2018, go into the storage device settings on PS4 settings menu, select PES 2018 and the option “DELETE” and delete then only The EDITED DATA. Restart PES2018, do the live updates and create a new EDIT file.
Than you are ready to go.

Download the RAR File in link above an extract it on your PC / Notebook etc.
If you get an error regarding a corrupted file etc, get yourself an up2date version of Winrar.

In the RAR file, there are two folders:
A) “Apply without no box ticked”
B) “Apply with 2nd Box ticked”

I suggest to use two different USB flash drives (each formatted with FAT32).
Inside the folder A and B there is each a WEPES folder with all exports.
Copy each WEPES Folder to one of the USB flash drives.
If you want to use only one USB drive, you have to copy the exports of A first, than delete everything on the flash drive and copy the files of B onto your drive and import it into PES.
Now start the game and go into EDIT Mode and into import area.

To import the files, I sugest to start with the ones that don’t need to have any box ticked. Import Competitions first and the teams afterwards. Each time, select all competitions / teams and simply import them without ticking any of the three boxes.
If there occurs an copy error, keep in mind which competition or team failed to be imported. Try it again and select all teams starting with the one that failed and copy again, I suggest to tick this time the 3rd box (overwriting existing images with the same name).
Once this is complete, import the files which need to have the second box (player and squad data) ticked.
Simply select all teams and tick the second box and import all files.
If an importing error occurs, repeat it the same way like described before, but tick 2nd and 3rd box.

After Importing the Number of teams for Bundesliga (18), Liga Mx (18), CSL (16) have to be changed and the teams arranged in the competition settings menu.

AS I just collected the export files, I will not take any credits – these belong to all editors that worked on that great files.

For Editing, Kits, Emblems, Logos and other images creating faces etc, Credits go to:

Erzo77, Cristiano92 (FBNZ), nicoultras, EMERSON PEREIRA, Ketchupgamers, keita59, barca4eva, 4n63L_77, KillaCarrillo, Valencia17, NemanjaBre, Homer S., MRI_20, Garde, Angel Torero, FerchoPuyol, PESRevhperu, DragoIV, NicoAlbiore, MT Games, pnkits, Editores Latam: BscEcuadorPes, Pesrens89, Pescreacolps4, Geniowe2002, Chr7ALpes, Kber25, FernandoBrogyay

…and all other editors I have forgotten (my appologies), who were involved in creating the files. You all deserve a big “THANK YOU”.
Due to your effort, your precious time and sharing your great work with us, we can enjoy PES more :)
The Editing community of PES is awesome – you guys are awesome.

Thanks, by we7god.


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