Saturday 23 June 2018

PES 6 Firebird Patch 2018/19 World Cup 2018 Edition (BETA)

CREDITS: Kevin Bruser

NOTE FROM The Admin: 
This update is based on Firebird Patch 16/17. There might be bugs and/or mistakes on the Option File or somewhere else, remember this is a Beta Version!
If you do not have the original Firebird files download link on below.

Based on this, you just have to replace:
pes6.exe (EXE)
Face - Hair - Uni folders from GDB.rar
Option File

NOTE FROM Kevin Brüser:
Hello Guys, spent many weeks of work to make this announcement, new patch is almost ready!
New Clubs, all Transfers, WC Squads 99% and many new Players, still to be updated!
Biggest Roster in PES History!
Also, new menu music included!
All popular Teams have their new Kits, WC Squads 100%.
Updates are still to come!
Download the files and replace the old ones:



  1. Every file is corrupted and doesnt work!

  2. Hey bro, can you add my pes 6 patch to your blog.