Sunday 8 July 2018

PES 2017 New Scoreboard WC 2018


This Mod only support for PES2017.

notes :
– if you want to show flag logo, you must activated nameplate in system setting => match screen setting
– flag logo still bug change position after halftime

dpfile order
– FIFA_WC2018_SB

* if you use sider/multiswitcher you can extract cpk of FIFA_WC2018_SB with crifile maker / cpk maker, then copy to Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\content\multi-switcher-data\World Cup 2018

Credits :
– Aziz Setiono (AzMods)
– Irvalana
– txak
– sxsxsx
– jenkey1002
– devilCold52
– barod abdillah


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