Saturday 18 August 2018

PES File Data Explorer 2019 Beta Tools

CREDITS: Devil Cold52

* posibility to open cpk by double-click
* Expand Preview Screen/Normal Preview Screen (menu bar of Under other settings)
* Errors corrected
* was change in design

Supports PES format : .cpk .lua .ftex .xml .awb .dds .str .png .json .bin
Zlib & unzlib
Works with PC
Import, export image (png,bmp,jpg,dds)
Convert, resize image
Str editor, Search, import, export to txt and export All block(s) to folder as txt
Export audio hca from awb
Export audio mp3 from awb
Export audio adx from awb
Playing audio from awb
Hex Editor
Save Editor (UNIFORM00000000,UNIFORMLOW00000192 etc)
CPK explorer, import, export file, import All from folder, export All to folder

How To Use?
1: Open the program then click ‘Open’ button.
2: After editing Files , do not forget to apply it.
3. To save the cpk click to Save or Save As Button

Thanks To: CRI Middleware|Be.hexbox Unknown (company)|FreeImage|mike krueger, john Reilly| Dino Chiesa| Mark Heath| Mustafa U.| abdul11akbel|| Atvaark| Facemaker Tunizizou| And All unknown maker.

Author: By Devil Cold52 | non-profit devoloper


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