Wednesday 3 October 2018

PES 2018 Tournament Content Switcher for LiveCPK Sider



The script itself does not impose any restrictions on the files you may include in your mods, but the script relies on sider to do the file switchings, therefore
It has the same limitations sider does when sider is used to load contents from cpk.roots
certain files are loaded only once while the game is running and CANNOT be reloaded again by sider (unicolor, uniparam, refcolor, most of the etc\db files, adboard configs, ...) - such files CANNOT be dynamically switched by TC switcher either
"solution": do not include non-switchable files in your tournament mods
Co-existence with other lua scripts - since TC switcher does not check what kind of files you have in your mod folders, there may be conflicts with other scripts if they share some common contents
e.g. if you want to use Scoreboard Server to assign scoreboards to tournaments, then do not include scoreboard files in tournament mod folders of TC switcher too.

Current version: 1.0

Minimum version of Sider required: 4.1.2

- GDB-style unlimited tournament mods management
- file packaging is identical to .cpk archives - files for one mod must be extracted from their original .cpk files, consolidated and placed into one custom mod folder (see image below)
- mods are assigned to tournaments (competitions) via map_competitions.txt file - i.e. all teams participating in particular competition will use identical mod files - see the included map_competitions.txt file for some examples
- ONLY ONE MOD can be assigned to a single tournament - no multiple assignments to identical tournament ID and/or random selections


Unpack v1.0 archive and copy folders content and modules to your sider 4.1.2 folder (overwrite if asked)
Add lua.module = "TC_switcher.lua" at the end of sider.ini file (below ScoreboardServer.lua entry if you use Scoreboard server too)
Customize map_competitions.txt files (located inside content\tc-switcher folder) and add your own folders with scoreboard files in content\tc-switcher folder - !! initial distribution of TC switcher does not include any custom mods !!
Required folder structure for one scoreboard inside content\tc-switcher:

Credits: Juce, Nesa24, Zlac


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