Monday 12 November 2018

PES 2019 Big Boot-Pack by anilgulalan

CREDITS: anilgulalan

First of all i want to explain something. I’m not actually a bootmaker. I collected few creations from few bootmakers and recolored some of them. I wanted to give something to this community. Paul81118 and Hawke is best boot creators in my opinion. Hope you’ll like this. Have fun with this :)

Thanks to Hawke, Wens, Tisera09 for their creations. Thanks to @Sargox for pes15-16-17 ps4 boot models.
The boots with red frame: made by me anilgulalan41
The boots with blue frame: made by Hawke
The boots with yellow frame: made by Tisera09
The boots with green frame: made by Hawke, Tisera09, Wens, Konami and tweaked by me anilgulalan41
The rest is from Konami


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