Monday, 26 November 2018

PES 6 Temporada Patch 2018-19 (RELEASED)

The official patch of our server is the Pro Evolution Soccer 6 Season 2018/2019,  made by Adam & The Kid and Castolo .

The purpose  that has been pursued since the beginning of this project has been to create an updated patch that touches excellence , both visually and at the player level of Pro Evolution Soccer 6. Also, as lovers of the Spanish second division of football, It was decided to include this category in our game so that we can all enjoy it.

Designed for a screen resolution in 16: 9 format without graphic deformation.
Patch completely designed in Spanish .
Updated to play the season 2018/2019 .
Those teams that were not in the game have been added and have played the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.
Includes the Premier League , LaLiga , LaLiga2 , Serie A and  Bundesliga leagues in full.
It includes all the teams of the UEFA Champions League , as well as a combined UEFA with the rest of the best teams in Europe.
And many other things that we will reveal little by little ...

Adam & The Kid

Before installing the patch remember the following:
To install the patch, download all the parts and then run the installer.
Do not install in the path C: / Program Files, nor in C: / x86 Program Files, otherwise you will not be able to update the patch. Installation is allowed in C: \ Program Files (x86).
To play online you need to run PES6es.exe and give Update, it will be the new launcher that will take care of having our PES updated.
The patch has a different serial installed, so we will have to go to , and give Edit Profile  and copy the new  serial PES6  so that it is registered in our profile.
Apparently, the antivirus jumps when performing the installation, it is a kitserver file by default, nothing to do with the patch. It is totally harmless and it is not a virus. However, we recommend using antivurus to avoid any problems.
It is a BETA version, we know that it has failures, so we appreciate that you comment with respect to improve them.
We know the failure of the European teams, they do not have the faces properly assigned, with the exception of Paris Saint-Germain FC and FC Porto. We will correct it soon.
We know that the facepack can be improved a lot, in this first version we have put our efforts in having available our silver category, soon we will update with a new version.