Thursday 1 November 2018

PES 4 / WE8 Kitserver 4.4.1 by Juce


KitServer 4 is an "add-on" program for Pro Evolution Soccer 4 (PC) and Winning Eleven 8 International (PC).  It enhances the "Strip Selection"  menu of the game by allowing to select additional uniforms for Home and Away  teams (for players and goalkeepers), and a game ball from an external list of "extra" balls. Configurable hot-keys are used to trigger selections.

This makes it easy to use "3rd" a.k.a. "alternative" a.k.a. "European" or  "Champions League" (or whatever you want to call them) kits for specific  matches, without having to edit the AFS-file and the executable.  Also,  sometimes, teams use different shorts or socks with standard colored shirts. This too is easily done with KitServer: all you have to do is  just add extra uniforms with new combinations.

KitServer can also replace default kits (players and goalkeepers):  player 1st strip, player 2nd strip, goalkeeper 1st, goalkeeper 2nd. Another usage for KitServer is testing of new kits/balls.


PES4 PC 1.0, PES4 PC 1.10, WE8I PC, PES4 PC Demo, PES4 PC Demo 2. ("3rd"-kit selector and ball selector are not implemented in demos)

(Note: the following instructions use PES4 as an example, but the same applies to WE8, with "WE8.exe" used instead of "PES4.exe", and etc.)

STEP 1. Copy the entire "kitserver" folder into your PES4 PC folder. So that you directory structure looks like this:


STEP 2. Go to "kitserver" folder, and run setup.exe.  If STEP 1 was done correctly, you should see your "PES4.exe" in the dropdown list. If KitServer hasn't been already installed  for this executable, the "Install" button should become enabled.  Press "Install" button. The installation should happen pretty quickly -  in a matter of seconds. Once, it is complete, the popup window will
display "SUCCESS!" message, or report an error if one  occured.

If an error occurs, check if your PES4.exe is not currently in use (i.e. exit the game, if it is currently running). Also, check that  PES4.exe is not marked as read-only file.

To uninstall KitServer, launch the setup.exe again, select PES4.exe, and press "Remove" button. After that, you can safely delete the  whole "kitserver" folder, if you want.

Changelog 4.4.1 ( 31 October 2018 )

- tweaked setup.exe and kserv DLL loading logic to work the same way as later kitservers work (for PES5 and PES6, for example). This allows kitserver to load correctly on modern Windows systems


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