Friday, 23 November 2018

PES 5 \ WE9:LE - Reserved Memory Fix - Release 1.0

CREDITS: Kingsley813

Edit: I have modified a file in Stadium Importer-Exporter, so it can now save PES5/WE9/LE stadiums directly.:APPLAUD: I recommend to use Method 2. I will leave Method 1, but it is no longer needed.

To make PES6 stadiums not crash at half-time, you have to use this method, because SSFix06 will not work:

1. Open ZLib Editor from Dkz Studio.

2. Open the stad1_main.bin file in Zlib Editor.

3. Right-click on any of the files, and then click export all files. (It is easier to export them to the desktop).

4. On the desktop, delete the unknow_004 folder. (VERY IMPORTANT, OTHERWISE IT WILL NOT WORK).

6. Now you need to open the following file in Zlib Editor: DOWNLOAD

Or any stadium file that works in PES5.

7. Right click on any of the files and then click import all files. Choose Desktop, and then click the "No" button 4 times, and OK twice.

8. Save the file as "stad1_main.bin" and replace it over the original stad1_main.bin file.

Why convert?

If stadium is PES6, Unknow_004 structure will look like this:

If stadium is PES5/WE9/LE, Unknow_004 structure should look like this:

This is what causes the half-time crashes. SIE exports the stadiums with the PES6 structure. We have to convert them manually until someone can come up with a solution.

EDIT: I have found a solution. :BOP:

Method 2:

1. Download this file. This has the PES5/WE9/LE stadium structure needed for Stadium Importer-Exporter to save correctly: DOWNLOAD STADIUM_004

2. Go to Program Files/Stadium Importer-Exporter/Templates.

3. Backup the existing stadium_004 file to a safe place.

4. Replace the file with the downloaded one above.

5. Now open the stadium you want to use with PES5/WE9/LE. Don't forget to import adboards.

6. Now simply re-save the file. It will now have the PES5/WE9/LE file structure.


(If you use this file, SIE will always save for PES5/WE9/LE. If you want to save the stadium for PES6, you must restore the original file.)

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