Saturday 22 December 2018

PES 2019 PESGalaxy Patch 2019 v1.02 - RELEASED

– Last Live Update and Data Pack 3.0 implemented
all Campeonato Brasileiro teams fixed (corrects all DUMMY players)
DLC 3 faces replace patch faces (i.a. Baba, Bentaleb, Maddison, Mount)
Coaches for all European leagues updated (e.g. Hasenhüttl, Solari)
World Classics fake players Batistuta and Denílson are replaced with their “real” versions
– fixed a few OF mistakes (wrong player numbers, shirt names, ..)
– added flocking for Southampton’s second shirt
– added ML press room for 1.FC Nürnberg
– many new tattoos by Sho9_6 and player faces
– newest version of Hawke’s ball pack
– updates for German scoreboards and Europa League scoreboard by 1002MB
– numerous Minifaces (lineup pictures) updated by 1002MB
– correct starters for international competitions (as far as practicable)

The patch always includes two Installers from now on. One for the Main Files where you’ve to select the Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Steam directory as your install directory (same as usual). And one for the OF files where you’ve to choose your save folder which is normally at Documents/KONAMI/…
Now there shouldn’t be any problems with missing OF files any more.

As always there is the possibility that your antivirus program doesn’t like our installers. Deactivate it for a minute or add the installers as exceptions.

Pesgalaxy Patch 2019 1.02 (install 1.00 and 1.01 before – links inside)



Supported by: 1002MB (Minifaces), Famiy, der_Chrise, Morlock68 (OF work and testing).

Credits: Hajnal30 (Switch), Hawke (NT Kits, Ballpack), Baris, ejogc327, tunizizou (Tools), 1002MB (Minifaces), DJMatt, Angeltorero, Rodrigoportell4, Canen, QFABIVSMAXIMO, EC27 (Kits), Famiy, Ginda, Ivankr (Pressrooms), Sho9_6 (Tattoos), bamabravesfan, Valencia_25, ronystan, maquiavelo40, joel7faces (Face Builds), ctonian, chosefs, majuh (Adboards), Prince Hamiz, Wima_2 (Faces)


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