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Monday, 14 January 2019

PES 2019 SMoKE Patch EXECO Update v11.0.6

General Features:

- includes all konami DP (exe: 1.02 DLC: 2.0)
- real names for all players
- real names logo for all teams
- added real ad-boards for stadiums
- added new teams
- added full bundesliga
- added 5 new classic teams
- real kits for all teams
- added more real faces
- added and updated a lot of mini-faces
- added real balls
- added 100 boots and 30 gloves

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

PES 2019 VirtuaRED Patch 2019 v1.0 - RELEASED

- All teams and national teams are licensed.
- All teams, national teams, leagues, and competitions have a real name.
- Created full LaLiga 1|2|3 teams.
- Created Bundesliga teams: Borussia Dortmund, Bayern Munchen, Hoffenheim, Augsburg.
- Created Viktoria Plzen, Crvena Zvezda, Esperance Tunis.
- Updated the real group standings for UEFA Champions League 18/19.
- Changes in the structure of some competitions in order to support a 100% licensed Spanish leagues.
- Enabled national anthems for all national teams.
- Renamed all the fake players in some national teams.
- Skin fixed for many players.
- Compatible with DLC 3.0.


PES 2019 MyPES 2019 Patch 3.0 - RELEASED

Changes in 3.0
– Full compatibility with patch 1.03 and DLC 3.0
– Ability to change the priority of the game process in the selector (To increase the FPS)

– Real names for all teams
– Real emblems for all clubs
– Real names and logos for all leagues, tournaments and cups
– Real kits for all clubs and national teams
– Real adidas kits for referees
– The correct configs for all added kits
– Third kits sets for many teams
– European Cup kits and fonts for most teams
– Turning off fans to improve performance

Thursday, 3 January 2019

PES 2019 BMPES 2019 v3.0 AIO + v3.1


- Compatibility with DLC 3.00
- Cleber Machado Narration
- New European stadiums
- 20 Brazilian Stadiums
- Elencos do Brasileirão 100% Updated
- 500 faces of Brasileirão
- 300 tattoos
- 8 combinations for all teams of Brasileirão
- Libertadores, UEFA Champions League and Club World Cup
- Songs in HD for Brazilian Clubs
- Uniforms of all European teams and clubs added
- Competition banners
- Pack of cleats
- Package of balls
- New songs
- Several options of placares

PES 2019 Vietnam NT Addon 1.0 For SMoKE Patch Execo 11.0.5 (02-01-2019)

CREDITS: Love01010100 Facemaker

FIX 02.01.2018

– Bỏ Socerboard với Adboard AFF Suzukicup 2018 khi tham gia các giải đấu khác.
– Ngoài ra không thay đổi gì so với bản 1.0.
– Anh em down về chép đè theo hướng dẫn có trong file là được.

Thursday, 27 December 2018

PES 2019 PTE Patch3.1 Update OF (28 December 2018)

CREDITS: Sofyan Andri

– Update Squad
– Update Formation
– Live Update #28-12-2018

Saturday, 22 December 2018

PES 2019 PESGalaxy Patch 2019 v1.02 - RELEASED

– Last Live Update and Data Pack 3.0 implemented
all Campeonato Brasileiro teams fixed (corrects all DUMMY players)
DLC 3 faces replace patch faces (i.a. Baba, Bentaleb, Maddison, Mount)
Coaches for all European leagues updated (e.g. Hasenhüttl, Solari)
World Classics fake players Batistuta and Denílson are replaced with their “real” versions
– fixed a few OF mistakes (wrong player numbers, shirt names, ..)
– added flocking for Southampton’s second shirt
– added ML press room for 1.FC Nürnberg
– many new tattoos by Sho9_6 and player faces
– newest version of Hawke’s ball pack
– updates for German scoreboards and Europa League scoreboard by 1002MB
– numerous Minifaces (lineup pictures) updated by 1002MB
– correct starters for international competitions (as far as practicable)

The patch always includes two Installers from now on. One for the Main Files where you’ve to select the Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Steam directory as your install directory (same as usual). And one for the OF files where you’ve to choose your save folder which is normally at Documents/KONAMI/…
Now there shouldn’t be any problems with missing OF files any more.

As always there is the possibility that your antivirus program doesn’t like our installers. Deactivate it for a minute or add the installers as exceptions.

Pesgalaxy Patch 2019 1.02 (install 1.00 and 1.01 before – links inside)



Supported by: 1002MB (Minifaces), Famiy, der_Chrise, Morlock68 (OF work and testing).

Credits: Hajnal30 (Switch), Hawke (NT Kits, Ballpack), Baris, ejogc327, tunizizou (Tools), 1002MB (Minifaces), DJMatt, Angeltorero, Rodrigoportell4, Canen, QFABIVSMAXIMO, EC27 (Kits), Famiy, Ginda, Ivankr (Pressrooms), Sho9_6 (Tattoos), bamabravesfan, Valencia_25, ronystan, maquiavelo40, joel7faces (Face Builds), ctonian, chosefs, majuh (Adboards), Prince Hamiz, Wima_2 (Faces)

PES 2019 PES AZTK Patch V3 AIO For PTE 3.1

– Official Trophy Liga Bancomer Mx by MJTS-140914
– Ambient New atmosphere of the league
– New kits added
– Voit Be The Fire Liguilla ball

Compatible with Predator002 Chants V4
Compatible with Evo-Switcher 3.0
Compatible with Adboards by chosefs and Combined_Adboards_V6

*Installation inside the rar file.

Credits: by PES AZTK Team.

Special thanks:
Hawke -cRoNoS- For the great help with the ball, MJTS-140914 for Trophy
Team_PTE_Patch, predator002, ginda01 and MJTS-140914, Zlac, nesa24, Txak, Hawke, lagun-2, Evo-Web comnunity, Cronos, chosefs and PesLogos (for their works and tools)


Friday, 21 December 2018

PES 2019 Italian Serie BKT League Patch for PTE Patch 3.1

CREDITS: ilcerchiodigesso

N.B. This patch requires necessary requires the PTE Patch 2019 Update 3.1 already installed.

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

PES 2019 [PC/PS4] Option File Superliga Argentina

This OF includes 1st Division of the Argentine Football has more than 250 faces published with the internal editor, more than 25 added kits and many special details distributed among the 26 teams that make up the Superliga Argentina to make it much more enjoyable in PES 2019 !

Monday, 17 December 2018

PES 2019 [Lite] Full License Patch


This Patch is for PES 2019 Lite (Free to Play) Game


100% Online Compatible
Real Kits
Real Logos
Real Names
Added Tattoopack ( 108 Tattos )
Added new bootpack
Added Bundesliga ( Full with Kits, Logos and Names )
Compatible with the latest KONAMI Data Pack 3.0

PES 2019 Vietnam NT Addon 1.0 For SMoKE Execo 11.0.5

CREDITS: Love01010100 Facemaker

– Cập nhật đội hình tuyển Việt Nam AFF 2018
– Cập nhật full face cầu thủ Việt Nam
– Cập nhật body, headsize,…
– Cập nhật boot, celebration của từng cầu thủ,…
– Cập nhật áo đấu tuyển Việt Nam mới nhất 2018
– Cập nhật Quốc ca
– Cập nhật full mini face
– Cập nhật soccerboard, adboard AFF 2018

Saturday, 15 December 2018

PES 2019 SMoKE Patch EXECO19 V11.0.5 AIO

Changes from last version:

Added full Japanese league:
– the full J1 league is now available in execo19, the game already have 4 teams participating in the ACL,

we have added the remaining 14 teams, see the full teams list added by smoke patch here.
– all teams added are fully licenced and updated, kits made and provided by MAX

Completed CL teams:
two new teams added to execo19 to complete all the teams participating in the uefa champions league of

the year 18/19, we added (Crvena Zvezda and Viktoria Plzeň) fully updated and licenced. the CL teams

are all included although the group stage teams will be randomized by the game.

Reworked the languages:
we usually work and focus on English language as its the most used language for the game menus and

sub-menus, and we also work the other languages as well, but as there are many languages and we dont

speak most of them mistakes can happen.
this version we have revised and remade all the languages specially for the competitions names.

Added konami DLC3:
this version includes the data from DP3 recently released by konami, execo19 is always compatible with

the latest konami version and works on all game versions.
the elements added by the DLC are merged in the patch and is adapted to work normally with smoke


Added New Stadium Pack: watch demo
a new stadium pack is available in this version, we have added stadiums made by konami from the data

packs or from older game version. the total number of usable stadiums are 53 unique stadium models, all

available in both select mode and edit mode.

stadiums imported from the new PES19 DLC3:
– Estádio Palestra Itália (Brazil)
– De Kuip (Netherlands)

stadiums imported from PES 2018:
– eFootball.Pro Arena (Spain)
– The Ultimate Stage (fictional)
– Wanda Metropolitano (Spain)
– Signal Iduna Park (Germany)

stadium imported from PES19 DLC2:
– Stade Louis II (Monaco)

stadium imported from execo18:
– Allianz Stadium (Italy)
this stadium have all new textures and turfs similar to pes19 stadiums

stadiums made by Durandil:
– Allianz Arena (Germany)
– Old Trafford (England)
both stadiums have new turf adapted from turfs of pes19, please note that both stadiums are mode for day

PES 2019 EGY Super Patch 2019 v2.0 - RELEASED

– Compatible With All Versions & Datapack 3.
– Compatible With Online Mode (Kits & Logos).
– Added & Fully Licensed Bundes-Liga 2018/2019
With Complete Squads, Logos, Kits, Faces.
– Added & Fully Licensed Egypt PL 2018/2019
With Complete Squads, Logos, Kits, Faces.
– Corrected & Updated All National Teams Players.
– Fully Licensed all English PL Clubs 2019.
– Fully Licensed all English Championship Clubs 2019.
– Fully Licensed all Spanish La Liga Clubs 2019.
- Updated Team Names Commentary For Unlicenced Clubs.
– Fully Licensed Juventus Club 2019.
– Updates all new transfers and formations for all Clubs.
– Added 750+ Minifaces For Players in Game Plan Mode.
– Updated Kits for All National Teams.
– Updated Rivals & Coaches For All Teams.
– Updated Turfs For All Stadiums.
– Added Latest Ballpack, Gloves & Bootpack Season 2018/2019.
– Corrected & Added Many Faces for Classic Players.
– Updated Adboards For All Competitions & Many Teams.
– Updated ML Press Room For Many Teams.
– Added Missing Teams (Red Star, Salzburg, Rapid Wien & Viktoria Plzen)
– Updated Some Graphics For Better Atmosphere.

Thursday, 13 December 2018

PES 2019 PESFan Option File v8 DLC 3.0


Total compatibility with the dlc 3.0
Added the J League with uniforms, detailed settings and real players. (thanks to NikoAlbiore and Dankichi_WEPES)
Create 6 new teams in Other Asia (Al Nassr, Al Fateh, Al Ittihad, Central Coast Mariners - with Usain Bolt -, Seoul and Pohang Steelers) with uniforms, detailed settings and real players.
Create 10 new legends among the classics (Seedorf, Pirlo, Platini, Van Basten, Henry, Pele, Milito, Crespo, Rijkaard, Babangida), unlocked the faces of Zico, Zanetti, Scholes, Samuel, Adriano and Recoba
Added detailed settings (rivalries, banners, stadium name) for all the teams of all the world championships (Asian no banners for obvious linguistic reasons): new Chinese Super League and Thai League.
Created Major League Soccer (MLS) , with uniforms, detailed settings and real players, with hundreds of realistic faces recreated with the internal editor.
Added the uniforms to all the national game.
Added 21 teams from the Other Americas , including all missing Copa Libertadores teams. (thanks to the group of South American kids who created them)
Inserted the Champions uniform of Naples and the third uniform of Everton
Added hundreds of faces done via internal editor, especially for Serie A
Create 12 new legends among the classics (Seedorf, Pirlo, Platini, Van Basten, Henry, Recoba, Adriano, Zanetti, Pele, Zico, Milito, Crespo)
Added realistic stadium settings updated to current season for all stadiums of all world championships.
Added detailed settings (rivalries, banners, stadium name) for all teams of all world championships (Asian no banners for obvious linguistic reasons)
Renamed Trainers for all teams in the game
Created the B Series, with HD uniforms, detailed settings and real players, with hundreds of realistic faces recreated with the internal editor.
Upgraded the major transfers of the AFC Champions League teams .
Added realistic exultations to hundreds of players.
Inserted third uniform in HD at Chelsea
Assigned royal boots to most Serie A teams
Added hundreds of faces done via internal editor, especially for Serie A. (List inside the downloadable folder)

PES 2019 Multiverse v4.0 Option File



Datapack 3.0 compatible

What is included you ask?
- Premier League teams all 100% complete - all badges, kits, managers, rivalries and game plans done.
- La Liga teams all 100% complete - all badges, kits, managers, rivalries and game plans done.
- Seria A teams all 100% complete - all badges, kits, managers, rivalries and game plans done.
- Eredivisie teams all 100% complete - all badges, kits, managers, rivalries and game plans done.
- Ligue 1 teams all 100% complete - all badges, kits, managers, rivalries and game plans done.
- Bundesliga – All teams, players, kits, badges, managers, rivalries and stadiums all done.
- Liga MX 100% completed – All teams, players, kits, badges, managers, stadiums, rivalries, again all fixed
- J-League 100% completed - All teams, players, kits, badges, managers, stadiums and rivalries all done.
- Brazilian league fixed - Player names all fixed.
- All international teams are fixed with real players and real kits
- Partizan Belgrade, Red Star Belgrade, RB Salzburg and Mol Vidi FC (Videoton before) added to Other European Leagues clubs
- Bali, Ha Noi, Johor, Minerva, Amrokkang, April 25, Hwaebul, Kigwancha, Pyongyang City and Rimyongsu added to Extra Asian clubs.
- All South American club teams finished.
- Thai League and Chinese Super League added from Datapack 2.0
- Stadiums from Datapack 2.0 and 3.0 included
- Classic team players names fixed

PES 2019 PESGalaxy Patch 2019 Bundesliga Faces Addon v1.2


Big facepack for PESGalaxy 2019 Patch, includes some new collection for Bundesliga Players. Thanks to xTC0  & all facemakers.

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

PES 2019 Professionals Patch V1 + Fix RELEASED


Compatible with Data Pack 3
Add Bundesliga Full (kits, faces, logos, minifaces)
Licence all European players and nationals
Unlock all My Club classics and add more
Fix Konami bug, Champions League matches will always play on night
Add Evo-Switcher, thanks to evo-web community and more


Credits: Hawke, zlac, Cesc Fabregas, Mohamed Jana, FuNZoTiK, Ginda, Tisera09, Juce, Stels, Geo-Craig, 4N63L_77, Txak, 1002MB, Sho9_6

PES 2019 PabloTube Mix Patch v2


- Compatible with Datapack 3.00
- Licensed Premier League ( Kits, Emblem, Logo, Etc )
- Licensed LaLiga ( Kits, Emblem, Logo, Etc )
- Licensed Championship ( Kits, Emblem, Logo, Etc )
- Licensed Serie A ( Kits, Emblem, Logo, Etc )
- Added Bundesliga ( Kits, Emblem, Logo, Etc )
- Updated Serie A Brasilerao
- Added MLS
- Added J1 League
- Added Liga MX
- Updated Classic League
- Added UCL & UEL Mode
- Updated Liga MX
- Added New facepack
- Added New Ballpack
- Added StadiumPack by MjTs-140914
- Added TattooPack
- Added Legends Teams
- Added Classic National Teams