Monday 20 May 2019

PES 2017 SMoKE Patch Update 17.0.5

what is new:
It is very important to read the information of this update.
do not use the stadiums we previously released for SP17, new versions coming soon.

this update also includes fixes from older updates.
we have made big changes in the stadiums system, please read the below note:

1. this update will reset the stadiums to default game stadiums only (16 original game stadiums), the patch will run normally with all game versions now

2. DO NOT use the stadiums we previously released, we are making new compatible stadium versions for stadium pack and for stadium server, to remove or deactivate the current stadium server in sider: rename the (stadium-server) folder (Sider SP17\content\stadium-server) or delete to remove and wait for the new stadium server.

3. the update installs the new edit file in the save folder, but there are no database changes in this update, so you can use the previous edit file from (17.0.3) if you wish, back up the edit file before installing the update.

4. this update will reset the (SMK_Addturf.cpk) which was used for various fixes for stadium server, , do not replace this file with any fixes as it is not needed and might conflict with the update and the upcoming new stadium pack and stadium server.

Main Changes:
of all SP17 updates

- Fixed Competitions
reworked competitions system file to fix reported issues about master league and other relative issues, created extra team in serie B to complete the minimum required of 20 teams to correct the bug in the Italian cup.

- Fixed kits
some files are added to fix some kits when playing at medium or low quality settings, we test the patch on high quality so this did not appear in our tests before, this update will fix the kits and now works correctly on all game quality settings.
kits of ACL teams are now all activated and shows the real kits, some missing textures are now included too.

- Fixed Classics in game modes
an error in the database caused classic players to appear in game modes even if the option is not on, we have reworked some files we imported from SP19 to be compatible with SP17, now everything is correct and classic players will appear only if the option is turned on.

- Other fixes and enhancements:
many reported bugs related to faces and graphics and others are all fixed with other small corrections and added compatibility files.

1- be sure you installed SmokePatch17
2- extract and run installer (select game and game folder)

Official Links:
* update size: 320 MB


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