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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

PES 2017 Patch Tuga Vicio 0.3 - RELEASED

Primeiras European Leagues Licensees.
Second Leagues (English complete kits).
New balls.
Licensed stadiums and corrected.
New Adboards laliga and Premier League.
Replay (Liga NOS).
Referee Kits (League NOS).
Scoreboards (Logo Sport TV 1 HD) League NOS and CL.
Correct logos.
128 Added Faces.
Chants added.
Stadium Names (Comments ACCURATE).
Comments correct for the teams.
Added badges for all leagues (except Serie B and Bundesliga)
New names correct competitions (srt)
New Menu Flags (Alemnha, Mexico and Japan)
Immense improved kits.
Some New Fixed Skins.
New Scoreboard Sport TV 1 to the Premier League and others.




Copy the download folder for the site where you have your game installed.
Place Konami folder in your documents.

Team Tuga Vicio

Estica, Neto22, G-Style, mb_force, Tuga2771

Special thanks:

Estarlen Silva,, Kruptsev, Vlad_R, Steet, Lucas, Bono10, Andrey_Pol, Rednik, bahty, Lagun-2, Wygno, L.G.R, GONDURAS2012, saviogoncalves1995, Sameh Momen, Znovik_S ,Mo Ha, PESLogos, Pro Evolution Soccer | Faces VK, pes-stars faces, Akel Emad, Boris, Nemanja, smeagol75, Angeltorero (facebook kits), edwin, 4N63L, erzo77, SXSXSX, and all Sites and People which has contributed to PES.

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