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24 Disciplines
400 programs
53 Nationalities
28,000 Students
94,000 Alumni
3,500 Faculty
10 Campuses
5 Countries

Name: Dr Ramdas M pai
Manipal university, in its journey during the last six decades towards seeking empowerment of the younger generation, has been able to provide value based education and mold the character of the younger generation through the synthesis of science and technology so that their earnest endeavor to achieve progress and prosperity in life is marked by the ardent desire to serve mankind. It has been relentless effort to develop Manipal University and all its campuses as centers of excellence for providing quality education relevant to modern times through various streams of professional knowledge. With professional education taking rapid strides and getting diversified, Manipal University is well tuned to take up these challenges, affording all the required facilities to its students.

Name: K Ramnarayan
Manipal Institutions have long been distinguished foe excellence in education. This has been defined by the high quality of teaching, meaningful research opportunities, the multi-cultural university experience and the extracurricular opportunities intellectual, cultural, social and recreational. Our comparative advantages lie in our multiple international campuses, emphasis on diverse courses of education and possibilities for excellence across the range of human knowledge and endeavor. We take pride in the great distinction already achieved in just over half a century and expect that the next fifty years hold an even greater promise. You are invited to the Manipal University, Dubai experience.

Name: Dr H Vinod Bhat
Manipal University has set up a relentless pace in higher education in growth and expansion. There are new programmers offered every year, curricula being revised for existing programmers and new international linkages. An entrant to Manipal University has the access to the best of class academic and recreational infrastructure. The selection system for the various programmers is fair and open.

Name: Dr B Ramjee
It is with great pleasure that i welcome you to our new state-of-the -art campus at Dubai International Academic City, heralding the future of higher education in the UAE and the Middle East. Our team of dedicated faculty across disciplines is committed to making your learning experience more rewarding and fruitful. I invite you to come and experience Manipal University, Dubai's multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary education experience.


In 1953, it was a barren plateau. Today, it is an oasis of verdant and vibrant life. The change at Manipal is deeply metaphorical. The dust hilltop was where doctor and philanthropist Dr. TMA Pai decided to create a learning ground that would be second to none in the world. Sixty years since the establishment of Kasturba Medical College, Dr Pai's dream has been realized many times over. The barren Plateau was destined to turn into oasis. After all, it was nourished by a river of knowledge.

Today, Manipal, located in the South Indian state of Karnataka, is an international university town. Its roots may still be here, but this tree of wisdom has branched out throughout India and the world. Apart from Manipal, the group has five Universities and ten campuses spread across BANGALORE, MANGALORE, JAIPUR, and SIKKIM in India and in MALAYSIA, NEPAL, UAE and ANTIGUA in the CARIBBEAN ISLANDS.
What began as a medical college six decades ago has now diversified into 24 varied fields as dental, engineering, architecture, nursing, allied health, pharmacy, management, communication, information science, hotel management, biotechnology, regenerative medicine and even the country's only jewelry management and design institute. There are as many as 400 courses in which students can secure Bachelor's, Master's or Doctoral degrees with various specializations.

Over all these years, Manipal University has earned the trust of hundreds of thousand, not just in India, but across the globe. This has only been possible because of its obsession for education that is world -class, value based, inspired and empowering. No wonder then, that it was one of the first institutions in the private sector to be given Deemed University status in 1993. Today, Manipal University's degrees are recognized the world over. Its constituent institutes have made it a habit to secure top ranks in various surveys.
Actualizing Dr.Pai's vision every day is a dedicated 3,500-strong faculty and committed staffs of about 8,200 Manipal Group institutions is located on scenic campuses, which provide high quality lifestyle and ideal environment for study. All campuses have excellent infrastructure such as air-conditioned lecture halls, world-class labs, air -conditioned hostels, multi-cuisine food courts, sports & recreation facilities and so on.


Manipal University has 94,000 strong alumni all over the world. That's 94,000 success stories. Every day, uphold those values and we try to add value to wisdom. Manipal make use of the dynamic industry -inspired curriculum, a proprietary process of Manipal University. They incorporate industry experts as part of our faculty. They collaborate with 80 universities in the US, UK, AUSTRALIA and many other countries as part of twinning programs, student exchange, projects and so on. They award merits and scholarships to deserving candidates. And they boast of high placement rates.


Thirteen years ago, Manipal was already a respected name in India and the world. It was only natural that the group would make its mark in a region that has one of the highest numbers of Indian expatriates. With a vision to dispense the kind of top quality and globally relevant education that a progressive country like UAE deserves, a branch campus of the Manipal University was opened in Dubai in the year 2000.

Every epic journey starts with a small step. Manipal , Dubai, too , had humble beginnings with just 63 students in its first year. Since then, however, the student strength grew exponentially, as the university proved its worth and merit. The campus shifted to Dubai knowledge village in 2003 and later to the glitzy Dubai International Academic City in 2006. In May 2010, work on the university's new campus commenced. The very next year, the 750,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art campus was ready.

Wherever they go, they make a mark for their self. Even in the Middle-East, Manipal is the only Indian multi-disciplinary university in the region. At present, it offers 24 programs in six disciplines, offering Bachelor's and Master's degrees, and, Certificate and foundation courses. The disciplines include Engineering, Management, Media and Communication, Interior Design and Architecture, Biotechnology and Information Technology. At present Manipal University, Dubai has over 1,500 students from across 30 nationalities.

Manipal Dubai's new campus is among the largest and most advanced campuses in UAE. Matching the international status of Dubai, the campus boasts cutting edge laboratories in disciplines such as Engineering, Biotechnology and Information Technology and is also home to some of the region's best studios and workshops for programs in Media and Communication and Interior Design. The campus also houses a sprawling library, cafeteria and abundant indoor and outdoor sporting facilities. The alumni base of over 2,600 has excelled at workplaces around the world, bringing laurels to their alma mater.


SI NO Institute/ Discipline:                                                                                       Rank:
1. Manipal University                                                                            Most Trusted Brand (Gold                                                                                                                          status) in Private Universities in India

2. Kasturba Medical College Manipal                                                          7 the among all Medical                                                                                                                                   Colleges

3. Manipal college of Allied Health Sciences                                            Top 3 Allied Health Sciences                                                                                                                        Colleges in India

4. Manipal Life Science Centre                                                                  3rd Best Biotech School in                                                                                                                          India and Best in Karnataka

5. Manipal Institute of Technology                                                               5th Best Private Engineering                                                                                                                        College in India and the Best                                                                                                                         in  Karnataka

6. Manipal School of Architecture and Planning                                        10th Best Architecture School in                                                                                                                  the Country

7. Manipal Institute of Management                                                             Top 10 Management School in                                                                                                                     the Country among emerging                                                                                                                         B-schools

8. Manipal Institute of Communication                                                         Best Communication School in                                                                                                                     the Country

9. Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences                                       3rd Best School in of                                                                                                                                   Pharmaceutical Sciences in India

10. Manipal College of Dental Sciences                                                    2nd Best Dental School in India

11. Welcome Group School of Hotel Administration                                 Best Hotel Management Institute                                                                                                                   in India

12. Manipal School of Nursing                                                                    Top 3 Nursing College in India

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