Tuesday 29 December 2015

PES 2016 Tattoo Mod Patcher V0.3

CREDITS: sxsxsx

Password : evowebonly

Quick tutorial for Tattoo Makers :

0- just once time apply the mod with patcher tool
1- put the skin file into "custom_skin" folder
2- for enable custom_skin; search id then change 38th byte to "07" in PlayerAppearance.bin file.
3- put the parameters in the "character_config.xml"
4- build new cpk and import to game
5- edit-mode then load defaults in player-appearance menu.

quick tutorial for Default Users :
- copy tm_patcher.exe to pes2016 installation folder, the apply it
- pack tattoo.cpk, paste to download folder & add it to dpfilelist.bin

if tattoo not work you need is just go to the edit player in game and set appearence to default!!!

Credits : tattoo textures by Tunizizou

Download PES 2016 Tattoo Mod Patcher v0.3
Download Base textures + blender model for tattoo makers

Download Tattoo Pack 1
Download Tattoo Pack 2

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